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At Leaders of Evolution, we believe that developing meaningful leadership skills begins with understanding oneself, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement. Moving beyond traditional learning methods, our e-learning courses help students, teachers, athletes, coaches and more discover opportunities for better leadership for the future. Leaders of Evolution recognizes 4 Highly Effective Leadership Styles, and how to find your style and work towards the right skills.

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4 Highly Effective Leadership Styles

1. Pacesetting Leader

This leader role models high standards, and also sets that bar high for teammates as well. 

2. Authoritative Leader

This leader focuses on the goals they are seeking to achieve.

3. Affiliative Leader

The affiliative leader seeks to create a strong team where everyone feels welcome and comfortable.

4. Coaching Leader

This leader aims to build the skills of the team and focuses on achieving the goals of the team and individual members.

It’s important to reflect as a student-athlete and understand what leadership style works best for you in various situations. Learn more about these leadership styles Leaders of Evolution focuses on with this short video below.

360 Leadership Development and the Leadership Myths

Leaders of Evolution’s Leadership Development Courses online are designed to make students and teachers a “360 Degree Leader,” as written in John C. Maxwell’s book “The 360 Degree Leader: Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization.” Throughout the book, Maxwell discusses how middle managers can leverage their unique positions of having access to the higher-level executives, the employees that they lead and a number of people that hold various positions.

These middle managers, Maxwell explains, and Leaders of Evolution believe, have a number of opportunities of leveraging their position and a number of skillsets to lead from within. Below we’ll discuss the seven myths about leadership, and how Leaders of Evolution’s Leadership Development Course online essential skills can relate to these myths. 

The Myths of Leading According to John C. Maxwell

The Position Myth:

  • This myth focuses on the idea that one cannot lead if they aren’t at the top of the organization. At Leaders of Evolution, we agree with Maxwell that leadership is more about the influence you have on those around you, not so much your position or title in an organization. 
  • Working on building strong interpersonal relationships with those around you through our Leadership Development Course can allow you to exert a positive influence on your employees and peers without being at the top of the organization. This is especially true since executing 360 Leadership means utilizing your unique position and closeness with certain employees to be a more effective leader and communicator.

The Destination Myth:

  • This describes when leaders believe that once they get to the top of a certain position, then they will learn how to lead those below them. In reality, to practice 360 Leadership means practising your essential skills and progressing as a leader no matter the position you’re in. Leaders develop every single day and need to practice being one before expecting to be seen as one.

The Influence Myth:

  • The influence myth incorrectly makes leaders believe that if they had a top position at an organization, then people would follow their direction. In reality, you must earn the trust and have strong relationships with your employees in order to lead them. People don’t just follow those with leadership positions, but instead, those that have essential skills that can be developed from Leaders of Evolution’s Leadership Development Courses.
  • Strong verbal and non-verbal communication skills are necessary for influencing people, even if you’ve already attained a high position. Open communication is a part of 360 leadership, where team members regardless of their experience or position at an organization know they can come to you and other team members with questions, ideas, concerns and more. Learn more about strong communication skills with our Leadership Development Courses on the site.

The Inexperience Myth:

  • This myth falsely convinces people that once they get to the top, they will be in full control. In reality, even once you are at a top position in an organization, influence succeeds beyond your authority. People listen to their peers and gain lessons and advice from employees that work “under” them as well. This showcases the importance of 360 Leadership and presents an opportunity to influence at all stages of your career. 
  • Learn to be a leader, not a boss. A leader has grit and does the dirty work, not just glamorous work in the organization. With Leaders of Evolution’s Leadership Development Courses, we help students reflect on times that they’ve needed to lead their peers, and envision themselves as the leaders they can be with some practice. Being a leader doesn’t always mean the large efforts and dramatic moments, but instead, the little moments students help out and practice 360 Leadership.

The Freedom Myth:

  • This myth relates to the false idea that once you get to the top of a position of leadership, you are no longer limited to your time and possibilities. While there are benefits to reaching the “top,” responsibilities also increase as your position does. It’s important to stay grounded, practice 360 Leadership and continue learning as a leader for the right reasons.
  • Goal setting will also help student-athletes stay grounded while also seeing the progress that comes with hard work. Through our Leadership Development Courses, students and faculty will learn the importance of setting purposeful goals so that students’ hard work is guided by personal aspirations.

The Potential Myth

  • The Potential Myth says that you can not reach your potential unless you’re the top leader. In reality, many people don’t take up the top position in an organization, yet still, create waves of influence within their peers through 360 Leadership.
  • Through self-awareness, developed in the Leadership Development Courses at Leaders of Evolution, students can recognize the influence they have on their peers at all levels of the organization. Goal setting and reflection is one of the domains of effective student leadership and 360 Leadership.

The All-or-Nothing Myth

  • This myth says that if you cannot get to the top position of an organization, then there is no reason to lead. In reality, through the Leadership Development Courses at Leaders of Evolution, students can develop the skills necessary to make a positive impact on peers and those around them regardless of the position they hold at an organization.
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