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Go paperless and save up to 90% of your company’s energy consumption with the implementation of an online learning management system. Not only will online e-learning courses greatly reduce your carbon footprint, but also help your company increase its efficiencies. Androgogic and Leaders of Evolution are two organisations that provide easy-to-use and technology-enhanced learning management systems. 


Androgogic | Leaders of Evolution

Established in 2005, Androgogic provides learning management systems for educational institutions in practical, functionally rich and cost-effective deployments in support of strategic business initiatives. Flexible, robust, and reliable, Androgogic’s cost-effective educational technology and services are backed by industry-leading expertise and dedicated support. To ensure high-performing and responsive learning environments, they work their clients to provide security, high availability, business continuity, and disaster recovery.

Leaders of Evolution’s Unique Learning Management System

Revolutionising content and delivery mechanisms, an e-learning hub partnership with Leaders of Evolution is an innovative new way to implement online e-learning courses and development programs into organisations. Unique to our competitors like Androgogic, we partner with organisations to drive greater levels of workforce development by fully-customising and branding your own e-learning Platform. Leaders of Evolution will enhance the performance of your people all the while developing efficient workplace practises, saving time and diversifying revenue streams by e-commerce functionality & leveraging sponsorship opportunities. 

So, How Do Leaders of Evolution’s Learning Management Systems Work?

In order to make the implementation of our online e-learning courses as easy and efficient as possible for you, we have created five simple steps to do so. This ensures that your organisation maximises its outcomes while saving valuable time. 

Step 1: Consult & Collaborate

  • The first step to success is understanding your organisations, the issues you’re facing and the goals you wish to achieve.
  • This session(s) will establish the preliminary road map, which will be implemented to inspire positive change and development within your organisation.

Step 2: Customise & Engage

  • Utilising the data generated in Step 1, we’ll collaborate with team members to develop a 3-6 month course design to achieve your immediate goals.

Step 3: Design & Develop

  • We specialise in both, and together with your industry-specific expertise, we can truly take your audience on a purposeful learning journey.

Step 4: Deliver & Educate

  • We typically launch your first course 3-6 months following our first consultation (Step 1).
  • The deployment of your first e-learning courses is an exciting achievement in executing your 3-year e-learning Hub Partnership.
  • Organisations typically launch 2-4 courses every year.

Step 5: Review & Scale

  • Live data & analytics help us measure success and prepare us for future e-learning courses.
  • Completion rates, time on platform and participant feedback are among some of the important areas to review.
  • We meet in person with you bi-annually, with these strategy sessions continuing to provide a strong foundation for the future development of online e-learning courses.

What More Are You Waiting For?

Excited about the innovations to come, Leaders of Evolution believes that the future in the industry of online e-learning courses presents untapped possibilities for growth and improved human performance. Relentless in our pursuit of knowledge and sharing this with our clients, we challenge current thinking to drive improvement. At Leaders of Evolution, we are committed to helping our clients in achieving their evolution through innovative approaches and sound communication. We are so confident in our learning management system’s ability to help your company grow, that we even offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 

Click here to join us in our journey to change the paradigm of typical learning, and exceed your expectations of employee performance!

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Leaders of Evolution are passionate about education. We expertly design and deliver technology enhanced e-learning courses focused on leadership, social and emotional learning, career readiness and sports coaching for students, teachers, athletes, coaches and the wider community.

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