How Developing the Right Skills Can Help Students on the Field and in Their Future Careers

Leaders of Evolution’s Job Ready Program (JRP) focuses on future skills students should develop to grow as eligible candidates in the coming job markets, which are continuously alternated by emerging technologies, so they can be job-ready Australia. Cultivating specific future skills with Leaders of Evolution’s job-ready program encourage young leaders to develop not only as future professionals but also as strong student-athletes and leaders within their teams. As we look closer at these specific skills, it becomes clearer how learning and growing within the job ready program and job-ready Australia can translate to students’ current athletic practices.

Job Ready Australia | Leaders of Evolution

The Foundation for Young Australians researched how the job market is shifting. What they found was that routine tasks will decrease as tasks focused on people and problem-solving will be emphasized. The job-ready program and job-ready Australia uses the research found from the Foundation for Young Australians as its foundation for growth.

According to World of Labor, new technology is allowing for the automation of simple and predictable work tasks, while other tasks and skills become more essential. World of Labor poses this example: while many simple nursing tasks have been replaced by autonomous machines that monitor patients’ bedsides, the human-to-human connection and interaction between a nurse and patient cannot be replicated nor replaced. This is an example of interpersonal relationship building, just one of the five essential skills Leaders of Evolution focuses on in the job ready program.

Leaders of Evolution’s Essential Skills

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1. Autonomy

Establishing yourself as an autonomous worker means learning independently, without having to be watched and overseen at all times in the workplace. This skill is strong in leaders that think for themselves and adapt to new work environments with minimal guidance, making them job-ready in Australia. 

As a team member on any sports team, effective sports leaders have to take initiative while maintaining connections to other team members. Developing a sense of work autonomy will push students from athletes to sports leaders, and encourage them to take initiative in practices and games. The job-ready program and job-ready Australia push beyond just the classroom and the workplace.

2. Creativity

As seen from our nursing example, some skills cannot be replaced by simple machines. Leaders of Evolution values creativity as a skill that should not diminish as young leaders get older, but instead grow and be celebrated. Creativity, a main focus in the job ready program also goes hand-in-hand with other essential skills, overall helping students maintain a sense of well-roundedness.

Whether in practice or in a game, creativity can be utilized to keep up the momentum and positive energy within a team. At practice, creative sports leaders maintain a sense of authenticity and transparency with peers. Additionally, a heightened sense of creativity can enhance young leaders’ problem-solving skills, which leads us to the next Leaders of Evolution essential skill for job-ready Australia. 

3. Problem-solving

The job-ready program pushes students to develop strong problem-solving skills, necessary in every aspect of one’s life and can especially be translated to athletics. When students become stronger problem solvers, they learn to think critically and balance both detail-oriented solutions and big picture impacts. 

Problem-solving takes self-awareness and connectedness to your team, as well as analytical skills when assessing the situation. Leaders of Evolution encourages students to take unique approaches when looking for solutions, on and off the field. 

4. Interpersonal relationships

Interpersonal relationships are connections or affiliations between two or more people, varying in relationship type but centered around a common goal, interest or topic. Learning to build interpersonal relationships in an online world can set young leaders apart from the rest at school and in their future careers, showcasing emotional intelligence and the ability to connect with others. 

Student-athletes clearly need strong interpersonal relationships with their team members, but it’s important to be capable of building these relationships with coaches, mentors and even opponents as well. Leaders of Evolution believes finding a common ground or understanding with those around you can allow sports leaders to ground themselves and focus on progressing as a player and become job-ready Australia.

5. Effective communication

Having strong emotional intelligence and effective communication skills is a necessity in any workplace, especially one where machinery and technology will be taking over mundane and repetitive tasks. As communicators, students can learn how to work with others while adapting to different working styles. 

On the field, strong communication skills allow sports leaders to provide constructive criticism or praise to their peers. There should always be open communication and a feeling of approachability between yourself and other team members. In addition to these essential skills focused on in the job ready program, read more about what ten qualities Leaders of Evolution see in sports leaders.

How Leaders of Evolution’s Job Ready Program Gets Students Ready For Their Career and More

Becoming job-ready Australia to Leaders of Evolution means developing as a Smart Leader, Smart Thinker and Smart Doer. 

Smart Learner – The ability to invest in your learning in the workplace and show the capacity to be engaged and adaptive learner. 

Smart Thinker – The ability to solve problems, engage with people and use maths and science to your advantage in the workplace. 

Smart Doer – The ability to work independently on work tasks and to have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Leaders of Evolution’s job-ready program and job-ready Australia pushes students to assess themselves and their behaviours, skillsets and work habits to further understand how they can improve as young leaders. Once students have a better understanding of to what extent they are a Smart Learner, Smart Thinker and Smart Doer, Leaders of Evolution hones in on the specific essential skills first mentioned and what it means to carry out those skills. Courses in the job ready program teach students how to practice purposeful autonomy, develop as a lifelong learner, cultivate grit, set career goals and manage time effectively. 

Leaders of Evolution know that focusing on these skills as students emerge into an ever-changing job market makes the job ready program and job-ready Australia efficient for all types of students. Until then, students should practise the lessons taught in the job ready program in sports and extra-curricular activities in order to grow as a young leader. 

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