Imagine being at school and learning all about the life of an athlete. 

Imagine being at school and learning all about the life of an athlete… and it’s actually a part of the school curriculum!

The brand new ‘Train Like a Bomber’ course being offered to schools all over Australia is a dream for sports loving students. 

“We’re thrilled to be working with one of Australia’s most professional sports organisations, the Essendon Football Club and providing a world first in learning for students all throughout the country.

“This groundbreaking new course falls in line with national and state curriculum standards. It really will provide incredible insight around what it takes to be an elite AFL footballer together with providing an understanding of the business of sport, which has never been taught before in Australia using contemporary online learning as the delivery mechanism”

“You don’t need to be a Bombers fan or even an AFL fan, but we know all students will learn lessons that will benefit them in their everyday life or their chosen sport”, said Jon Shepherd, Co-Founder, Leaders of Evolution. 

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The course has been designed by Leaders of Evolution, who are an Australian based educational technology company. Along with the Bombers, they have worked with Snow Australia, Special Olympics Australia, over 260 schools and more than 9,000 students throughout Australia, US and UK, providing learning programs that marryeducation, sport and business.

The Train Like a Bomber course has eight key lessons and the online portal will provide an indepth understanding of athletes and working in the sports environment, that hasn’t been taught in a school classroom before.

The eight lessons will provide insights on:

  1. Lifecycle of the elite athlete
  2. Physiological training
  3. Physiological testing
  4. Movement
  5. Performance psychology
  6. Nutrition
  7. Culture
  8. Game Day

“Train like a Bomber program provides students and teachers with an incredible behind the scenes look and feel to what it’s like to be an elite athlete at the highest level in their sport of choice. The way the course is designed allows teachers to combine their knowledge and required objectives with cutting edge content to facilitate a unique experience for their students. 

Only a small percentage of people get to experience being involved in a Football Department in a professional Australian Rules Football program. I congratulate the Essendon Football Club in creating this program, which enhances learning, supports student engagement and provides an opportunity for those involved to make a deeper connection to the Essendon players and staff”, said Wayne Shultz, Northern Metro Regional Coordinator, School Sport Victoria.

While the first online learning experience will take place on the August 3rd 2020, all schools in Australia are able to access the free taster course now.  

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