My Personal Experience with Athlete Transition from Life After Sports

Every story has a beginning and an end. A Chapter 1 and an Epilogue. A hello and a goodbye! This is also the case for athletes and their stories about participation in sports. The beginning of sports participation can happen because of a previous family member, a love for the game, or just an interest in trying something new. Whatever the case, the decision to participate in sports is a great one that has proven benefits in mental health, physical health, and many other aspects of one’s life! 

95.47% of NCAA student-athletes will not transition to the professional or Olympic level of their respective sport

However, at one point in time, every athlete will transition to life after sports. Around 95.47% of NCAA student-athletes will not transition to their respective sport’s professional or Olympic level. Therefore, many athletes transition to life after sports around the high school or collegiate level. The transition can be tough and requires personal development.  

For this reason, it’s important to support the athlete’s transition to life after sports and help them navigate their new normal. Leaders of Evolution understand this transition can be difficult and have partnered with high schools and universities to support their current and former athletes.  

My Personal Experience 

All throughout middle and high school, I participated in field hockey and loved every second of it. I saw many of my older friends play field hockey and they looked like they were having the best team. I was also persuaded by my mother, who played field hockey in high school too! Despite never having picked up a field hockey stick in my life, I decided to try something new and make some new friends. 

Athlete Transition From Life After Sports | Leaders of Evolution

After that moment, my life dramatically changed for the better as field hockey became a huge part of my life and a huge driver of my happiness. I loved improving my stick skills at team practice, winning games against local rivals, and celebrating our success with my teammates and coaches. However, as I looked to go to college, I wasn’t sure how my life would change without participating in field hockey every week. 

The first few weeks after my last game senior year was really difficult. I had so much free time on my hands, and I knew that I needed to keep exercising on my own time. When I came to college, I felt that a part of me was missing. I began to start my athlete transition of life after sports. I no longer identified as a student-athlete, and I needed to find my new “team”. However, finding new avenues for personal development and growth was really essential to my athlete transition to life after sports.  

Leaders of Evolution 

For athletes such as myself, Leaders of Evolution offers many resources and means of support! We believe that every athlete should have access to high-quality training that will help them succeed as athletes on the field, and later, employees in the workforce. Many of the skills used in sports, such as leadership, personal development, building healthy relationships, and self-confidence, can also be applied in the real world. Now, we are here to help students better understand these skills and transfer them into life skills.  

Leaders of Evolution has developed and launched online programs for not only middle school and high school students but also for university students and athletes. One of our partners is Syracuse University, a private research university in the middle of New York State. Together, SU and Leaders of Evolution created the goal to implement a four-year leadership development program for student-athletes. Lesson topics for this program included substance abuse, building healthy relationships, and other NCAA-mandated topics.  

As an organisation dedicated to educating students and student-athletes, Leaders of Evolution realises that learning does not stop after formal education ends. Instead, learning is an ongoing process and requires constant development and expansion. We hope that our E-learning Hub partnership and online courses will help student-athletes be ready to take on their transition to life after sports and be successful in their journey to self-exploration. 

Our website has over 65 contemporary e-Learning courses to help student-athletes successfully transition from backpacks to boardrooms. Join East Carolina University, Syracuse University, San Francisco State, and James Madison University to start your partnership with Leaders of Evolution today!  

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