From an Athletic Identity To Professional Workforce Skills

As professional athletes decide to step away from their respective sport, many struggle to find a different career path. As some athletes don’t finish college or put more emphasis on their athletic careers, it can be difficult to transition back into the professional workforce. One organization dedicated to making the transition from sports to the corporate world easier is Athletes to Careers

Leaders of Evolution also strives to help athletes in all stages of their athletic careers, including their endings. Leaders of Evolution and Athletes to Careers have opened the door to help athletes discover themselves past their athletic identity. By providing online skills courses and professional workshops, we guarantee that athletes will continue their careers. 

Athletic Identity

At one point or another, every single athlete will retire or quit playing their respective sport, whether that be after high school, after college, or after playing at the professional level. Breaking off from your athletic identity can be very challenging at any level. Because sports is so all-encompassing and requires a lot of dedication, the transition away from sports has proven to be tough for many athletes. Some athletes can struggle in a life without sports participation and therefore need to learn the skills and find support from others who are in the same position. 

While every athlete will always carry their athletic identity with them, after sports, that identity is pushed to the side. Former athletes now have to find another source of income or another career path. Athletes to Careers is one of many resources that help athletes find the next step outside of their athletic identity. 

Athletes to Careers

Founded by Howie Jacobson in 2005, Athletes to Careers has been helping connect athletes of all ages and sports to their next professional career. By partnering with educational institutions and companies like Leaders of Evolution, Athletes to Careers can help athletes develop the necessary skills. This partnership allows athletes to have the support and help in finding their future place of employment. 

However, Athletes to Careers also partners with employers and companies. They have great relationships with many organizations to help these athletes find jobs. UCLA, UC San Diego, University of Arizona, Butler University, University of Denver, and Loyola University Chicago are just a few universities that partner with Athletes to Careers and have helped provide direction and education to athletes. These institutions provide skills courses and help athletes see past their athletic identity.

One unique aspect of Athletes to Careers is that they work directly with the university’s athletic department to help connect student-athletes with employers. Athletes to Careers helps students in many ways, including teaching time management, helping build professional networks, creating brands, developing an effective resume, and training students in interview skills.

Athletes to Careers is led by skilled and knowledgeable individuals who have diverse backgrounds. Randy Blood serves as the Executive Vice President for Athletes to Careers and was a former player in the MLB for the Colorado Rockies. As a former professional athlete, Blood has the personal experience of leaving behind his athletic identity and can help other athletes. Also, John Doyle, who serves as the Vice President of Midwest Operations, has around 30 years of experience in the business executives field. He can help athletes find their perfect career path with his experience in sales, management, and marketing.

Leaders of Evolution

Similar to Athletes to Careers and known for their skills and leadership courses, Leaders of Evolution provides effective student-athlete development solutions. One of the most popular online courses is the “Future Skills of the Workforce” lesson, which is targeted towards student-athletes in years 11 & 12. Many of the skills needed to succeed in sports are similar to the ones needed to succeed off the field and in the professional workforce. Leaders of Evolution’s programs have helped thousands of students from hundreds of schools across the globe. 

Mildura Senior College in Australia is one proud partner of Leaders of Evolution and allowed their students to participate in the “Future Skills of the Workforce” course. The school feels that they “have a responsibility to set all of our students up for success in the future and this course will help us to deliver on this vision”. 

Are you an educational institution looking to employ former athletes? Are you a former athlete looking to find a job outside of your athletic identity? If the answer is yes to either, click here to check out Leaders of Evolution’s Education Hub today to learn more.

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