How To Building Team Captains and Athletic Leaders Through Leadership Activities and Courses

Without athletic leaders, there can be no success and no teamwork. Team captains and other forms of athletic leaders are very important and must take responsibility for their team, especially in high-school.

As Leaders of Evolution is dedicated to developing student-athletes leadership skills, we are also dedicated to building athletic leaders. In order to create athletic leaders, first, we need to understand their roles and responsibilities. 

Athletic Leaders & Team Captain

Athletic Leaders | Team Captain | Leaders of Evolution

Athletic leaders are critical to a team for every single sport and at every single level of competition. There needs to be a power dynamic between coaches, players, and leaders in order for decisions to be made. When deciding a captain, there are many factors that must be taken into consideration.

Team Captain Roles & Responsibilities

Here are some personality traits that Leaders of Evolution believes would make for a successful athletic leader in high-school.


Often athletic leaders are looked to solve problems that arise from the team. If there is a dispute between players or important tasks that need to be taken care of, a trustworthy individual will be able to analyze the situation without letting bias cloud their judgement. 


While all players on a team should be hardworking, the team captain should be going above and beyond to better their game. This athlete should be the first player at practice and the last to leave after a high-school game. An athletic leader should always be working to improve their skills and their relationships with their teammates. 


Leaders of Evolution understands that one of the main responsibilities of a high-school team captain is to keep the team’s spirits high and continue to encourage the team even after a tough loss. A captain realizes that not every game will end in a win and not every game goes the way that they want to. Being aware of the team’s challenges and finding ways to overcome them are qualities of an athletic leader. 


Whether you are a player in high school or a professional sport, a successful player will be passionate about their sport. Having such a strong love for the game will also bring out the other important qualities that a team captain should possess. An athletic leader’s passion will be contagious and spread to the rest of the team players.

A Natural Leader

One of the most important qualities to become an athletic leader is one that cannot be taught. Players are either born a natural leader or not. High-school team captains should have such a strong desire to lead their team to victory or help the team get to that position. If a player naturally creates positive relationships with their teammates and coaching staff, they will most likely be a successful captain. 

First-Hand Experience

Athletic Leaders | Team Captain | Leaders of Evolution

In high school, I was the team captain for my field hockey team. I played field hockey for 6 years at East Pennsboro Area School District in Enola, Pennsylvania. During my senior year of high school, I was voted Varsity Team Captain by my teammates. However, my journey to captain started earlier in my field hockey career. 

During my sophomore year of high school, I was one of the youngest players on the Varsity field hockey team. I was playing alongside seniors and juniors who had developed a team bond and had great field hockey skills. At first, I was nervous about being thrown into a higher competition of field hockey than I was used to. However, when I stepped onto the field, I became very relaxed and focused on playing the game I love. 

Going into my junior year, I had built up my confidence and began to create positive relationships with my teammates, both older and younger than me. I also started to become a playmaker on the field and made decisions that lead to goals. Once junior year came to an end, I knew that I wanted to be a team captain my senior year. So the next summer, I made sure to come to every practice, made more relationships with the freshmen that were joining our team, and started to prove myself as an athletic leader. 

I was very excited to be voted team captain and begin to take the responsibility of the team. I knew that accepting this position would come with tough decisions but also rewarding opportunities. I successfully led my team to the Mid-Penn Championship game and the Pennsylvania State Tournament. Being trustworthy, working hard, giving encouragement, being passionate and being a natural leader are some of the few traits that allowed me to be a team captain in high-school.

For students who want to learn more about becoming a captain, Leaders of Evolution is the perfect place to start. 

Leaders of Evolution

All of the E-learning courses created by Leaders of Evolution are focused on building student-athletes skills and encouraging them to become athletic leaders. We have many activities and e-learning courses that offer student-athletes useful information and the ability to apply these skills on the field.

While Leaders of Evolution’s courses are designed for students primarily in high-school, our activities can be beneficial to all competition levels and age groups, including high-school. 

To learn more about our High Performing Teams course and activities to build athletic leaders, click here. 

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