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Athletics Administration Magazine is the official publication of the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA), which is the largest association of collegiate athletics administrators in the world. Its members include conference commissioners, affiliate individuals and corporations, and athletics directors at Division I, II, and III schools. 

Athletics Administration Magazine

Athletics Administration Magazine | Leaders of Evolution

Athletics Administration Magazine is written by and for those members, and it arrives in the mailboxes of 17,000 college athletics decision-makers at schools in the US and Canada four times a year. According to the organization’s website, “Athletics Administration reaches each institution’s athletics department, from the athletics director to the marketing director to the sports information director to the equipment manager to the various head coaches in both the men’s and women’s arena. It focuses on athletics facilities, new ideas in promotions, marketing and development, legal ramifications and other current issues in collegiate athletics administration.”

While Athletics Administration Magazine and Athletics Administration programs help its readers keep up to date with industry trends, navigate purchasing decisions, and discover new ways to build and maintain their programs, it also pays close attention to the most important people at the centre of those athletic programs: the students.

Through feature stories and personal testimonials, Athletics Administration Magazine embraces technology’s emerging role in the personal and professional development of student-athletes, and it encourages administrators to foster their students’ leadership skills too. 

At Leaders of Evolution, we offer a platform for our partners at NCAA schools to put those Athletics Administration Magazine values together and create a formative learning environment for their students entirely online.

How Leaders of Evolution Helps Athletic Departments

Leaders of Evolution offers e-learning partnerships to NCAA schools in order to create innovative education and development programs for athletic organizations throughout the United States. These programs fuel the growth of student-athletes and allow them to learn and engage with others on any device, anywhere in the world.

Leaders of Evolution has successfully partnered with clients who receive Athletics Administration Magazine or participate in Athletics Administration programs and understand the importance of cutting edge technology to their student-athletes’ growth, such as East Carolina University, Syracuse University, San Francisco State, and James Madison University.

At Leaders of Evolution, we specialize in preparing students with the skills necessary for a successful transition from classrooms to boardrooms. We work to harness technology that will help Alumni and experts deliver learning experiences through professional-grade videos and learning tools, and the resulting bespoke online courses empower student-athletes to excel both at their game and in their future careers. 

Each school that partners with Leaders of Evolution will receive a custom-tailored suite of online courses that fosters an inclusive learning and development environment. And through the e-learning hub, you’ll have access to data and analytics that will help you track your students’ progress to ensure they’re staying engaged and working toward success. The resulting platform and IP will be uniquely branded and owned by your school.

How the E-learning Hub Partnership Works

Athletics Administration Magazine | Leaders of Evolution

In the June 2020 issue of Athletics Administration Magazine, athletic departments across the United States weighed in on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the way they work. The overarching theme was clear: even in the sports realm, everyone is working online. Donnie Brookes, the director of athletics and physical education at Macalester College, told Athletics Administration Magazine, “Virtual campus visits, virtual recruiting events, virtual interviews, virtual practices, virtual chalk talks, virtual camps, virtual banquets…I admit I was resistant. I’m evolving and so are NCAA rules. Test your assumptions, fail fast, correct and repeat. It’s key to start-up success and it’s working for us, too…Funny how change can make you realize you were wrong the whole time.” 

With every aspect of your athletic department transitioning to digital operation, there’s never been a more opportune time to partner with Leaders of Evolution on a virtual learning platform for your students. We make it easy for you by breaking the process down into five distinct steps.

Step 1: Through online surveys, focus groups, and one-on-one interviews (all of which can be done virtually to accommodate social distancing), our team will work to understand your department’s unique needs and goals before establishing a preliminary road map for change.
Step 2: With data from step one, our team will collaborate to develop a three-month curriculum design project to meet your immediate goals while simultaneously building a fully-customized e-learning platform in just four to six weeks.
Step 3: Our team will deliver quality videos and learning content featuring our 4 C’s Leadership Framework & learning pedagogy to engage your students.
Step 4: Your first roll-out of bespoke learning units will launch three to six months after our first consultation. We encourage launching 20 or more courses each year.
Step 5: We’ll meet with you bi-annually to adapt your platform based on data and analytics your platform collects, such as completion rates, time spent on the platform, and student-athlete feedback. 

To learn more about how you can partner with Leaders of Evolution to harness e-learning for your athletes, click here to schedule a 30-minute phone call.

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