Why Is It Important to Promote Australian Curriculum through Online Learning?

While the pandemic has taught each of us a variety of personal and professional lessons, one particular thing that has become increasingly unavoidable is the importance of technology.

From months of working from home with online video chats to becoming dependent on streaming services for entertainment, technology has become a necessity in many areas of our lives – including education.

Educators around the globe have been tested during the COVID-19 pandemic to see just how quickly they can turn their traditional classroom lessons into digestible online content. While not inherently easy for educators to create, these online lessons can have immense value for students.

The Australian Curriculum & Technology

Australian Curriculum Online Learning | Leaders of Evolution

The Australian Curriculum is designed to help all students from the Foundation to Year 10 become successful learners who are prepared to enter society. The curriculum describes what topics are going to be taught across eight learning areas (subjects) and seven general capabilities to teachers, parents, and students. 

General capabilities outline the overarching knowledge, skills and behaviours that are necessary to live and work successfully in the twenty-first century.

One capability that has recently received extra attention is the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability. This capability emphasises the importance for students to learn how to use ICT effectively to “create and communicate their ideas, solve problems, and work collaboratively” with others both inside and outside of school.

The ICT capability explicitly recognises that our society is “technologically sophisticated” and in order to be successful students must have the confidence to make ICT work for them now and in the future. It also details the importance of using the internet safely and how to best minimise risk.

In summary, the Australian curriculum does a great job of acknowledging the importance of technology in the current and future lives of students.

The Australian Curriculum – Online Learning

Many of the organising elements of the ICT capability can be practised and improved through implementing Australian curriculum online learning programs – learning the lessons of the Australian curriculum online.

Australian Curriculum Online Learning | Leaders of Evolution

The ICT capability is organised into five interrelated elements, each one directly relating to Australian curriculum online learning. To demonstrate this, we will step through each element one by one, in no particular order.

1. Investigating with ICT – search primary and secondary sources and organise and evaluate information

Online learning programs can introduce students to a particular subject and prompt them to learn more by exploring online resources. This is especially useful for the Humanities and Social Sciences learning area.

2. Creating with ICT – generate ideas and develop solutions to challenges

An Australian curriculum online learning program can assist students in developing this competency through step-by-step or unguided problem-solving exercises.

3. Communicating with ICT– using ICT to share ideas and understandings. This includes understanding how to use computer-mediated communications.

This organising element is wonderfully introduced to students through group projects for any learning area. 

4. Managing and Operating ICT – having the skills to use and troubleshoot both hardware and software operations.

By implementing an Australian curriculum online learning program students are inherently practising these skills. Students are learning the primary learning area content while also improving their computer/device skills. 

5. Applying social and ethical protocols and practices when using ICT helps students understand and apply the appropriate internet use practices. This includes intellectual property and personal security measures.

This element is the first necessary step when beginning an Australian curriculum online learning program. It is essential for students to understand how to safely navigate online resources and practice online security.

Australian Curriculum Online Learning & Leaders of Evolution

At Leaders of Evolution, we embrace the importance of Australian curriculum online learning programs to help prepare students for the future of education and technology use in the workplace.

Through our online leadership development programs, students enhance their understanding of each of the five elements of the ICT capability as well as learn various other skills that are aligned to other areas of the Australian curriculum including the Personal and Social Capability and Self-management and Social Awareness elements.

We make it easy for teachers to implement our programs in order to provide maximum benefits to students and teachers.

To learn more about how Leaders of Evolution can help you accomplish your online learning goals schedule a 15-minute call with us here.

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