Australian EdTech launches new initiative to prepare students for tomorrows workforce

Australian EdTech firm Leaders of Evolution (LoE) officially launched a new initiative yesterday with the world’s largest cloud computing provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support educators in harnessing the latest technology.

This initiative is designed to provide educators insights into how they can better design curriculum that effectively leverages off digital tools to enhance learning and student outcomes.

Job ready program

The starting point for this collaboration saw a panel featuring educators and tech leaders (incl. the AWS Head of Education – ANZ, Don Carlson), providing education sector representatives tips and tools on how they can assist the country in developing 6.5 million digital workers by 2025 – an increase of over 65% on today.

According to LoE cofounder Damian Hecker, this initiative will see the EdTech roll-out its offering across the country (and world), for the purpose of addressing vital skills and developmental gaps among young-people.

“This program we are implementing alongside AWS is designed for the sole purpose of building social and emotional skills, adaptability and the skills required for success in the future of work” said Mr Hecker.

“Where we fit within the education eco-system is as a vital partner for educators – whether they be in the public or private system – as we provision them with highly accessible and tailored e-learning programs. This turnkey approach to e-learning is a result of six-years of sustained research and development in the sector, allowing us to deliver courses that address skills and knowledge gaps among educators and students to enhance their learning outcomes.”

Joining Damian and AWS Head of Education – ANZ, Don Carlson, were Assistant Principal Mildura Senior College Ben Milsom and Su Reddy Deputy Teacher at the Ark Greenwich Free School, London United Kingdom.

For Damian Hecker, this panel represents the starting point in the companies aim to empower educators to amplify the life-skills of students through EdTech.

“There is no-doubt, that COVID-19 is acting as an accelerant for e-learning and our focus is now working with our partners like AWS and educators on how we can create online learning experiences that are engaging and meaningful for students,”

Damian Hecker, Co-founder at Leaders of Evolution

“This webinar marks the starting point for our initiative where we will utilise AWS technology to deliver a positive impact for the education sector at scale. Our programs fulfil a vital need in allowing educators to easily access e-learning tools that amplify the life-skills of students – an element that has been identified as the single biggest area that teachers need assistance with to better prepare today’s youth for the digital workforce of the future.”

student leadership for schools
E-learning Hub –

LoE specialises in the creation of digital pedagogy – the delivery of educational curriculum utilising technology – via online courses focusing across a diverse array of areas designed to give schools everything they need to amplify the life skills of students.

The Australian headquartered firm reported significant revenue growth over the course of the past 12 months as the platform was adopted by 400 + schools globally.

Domestically, Australian Rules Football (AFL) teams the Gold Coast SUNS, Essendon Football Club, NBL team the South East Melbourne Phoenix and Special Olympics Australia – to name but a few – are partnering with LoE to deliver personal and professional development programs for their students, players, coaches, and executives.

Educators eager to take advantage of free online leadership and life skills materials click here

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