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5 Culture Lessons from Auckland Grammar School

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5 Culture Lessons from Auckland Grammar Often you sense it from your first experience. As I tried, with little clarity, to guide my taxi driver Jaspreet to my meeting location at Auckland Grammar we hit the ‘asking’ point. You know, the moment that pride is relegated to second on the podium and humility once again…

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The Lived Experience of Business Acumen

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The Lived Experience of Business Acumen ‘What’s your exit strategy?’ After months of planning of how to start our visionary business and discussing our passionate belief for thirty minutes, this question left us as “two deer in the headlights”, each hoping the other would be brave enough to nudge them out of the path of…

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The Coach as a Leader

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Australian Boomers Assistant Coach Luc Longley was aggrieved, probably still angry and bitterly disappointed.  Yet he spoke calmly in his observations that Philippines Head Coach, Chot Reyes, incited the violent brawl in the Boomers V Philippines match and laid the blame pretty closely at his feet. Whether this is true (and there is some evidence to…

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Why great leaders consistently achieve their goals

Author: Jon Shepherd, Director of Business Operations & Development at Leaders of Evolution (June 15 2018) Goal setting is universally seen as an effective approach to development — regardless of what that development might be. Goals provide an end point to progression and a road map to get there. There are different methods of goal…

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The Final Reflection – One Month of Learning in the U.S. of A.

Damian Hecker, Leaders of Evolution

The Final Reflection – One Month of Learning in the U.S. of A. The gruelling 15-hour flight from LAX to Tullamarine provides plenty of time for reflection, albeit in a cramped (even for me at 165cm!) and uncomfortable reflective learning environment.  The excitement of coming home from a month of learning in America was tempered…

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5 things I learnt at Syracuse University

By Damian Hecker, Director of Learning & Development at Leaders of Evolution It’s not often you get the backstage pass.  No lines, preferential treatment and access to a world that most of us only ever discover through a behind the scenes doco. To say I had the rockstar treatment during my time at Syracuse University…

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Sarah & Jess Hosking – LoE TV

Leaders of Evolution

Sarah & Jess Hosking – LoE TV AFL Women’s Carlton FC players Sarah and Jess Hosking dropped in to Maribyrnong Sports Academy in December, 2016 to chat leadership, the build up to the first ever AFL Women’s season and sport hopping, amongst other things.

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How do I develop leadership? Olympic Gold Medallist, Katie Allen

Katie Allen Olympic Gold Medallist

Katie Allen is an Olympic Gold Medallist, coach and teacher. Perhaps above all, Katie has shown herself to be an incredibly effective and inspiring leader through her professional sporting career with the Hockeyroos, as coach of the Victorian Institute of Sports Women’s Hockey program and most recently in her role leading the Camberwell Men’s Premier…

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