The Direct Benefits of Life Skills Classes for High School Students

As a high school student, it can be overwhelming to think about what you want to do post-grad, whether going to college, trade school or working right away. It’s even more difficult to decide what life skills in school you need and how you can better prepare yourself for a career that feels years away. As professionals already in the workforce experience career jump now more than ever, it’s apparent the life skills necessary to succeed in the ever-changing future of work.  As a young leader, how can you better prepare yourself for your future, and why do non-traditional educational routes with Leaders of Evolution take you there? Further discussion of the work landscape today can allow us to better plan and prepare for a student’s future. 

Benefits of Life Skills Class for High School Students | Leaders of Evolution

Benefits of a Life Skills Class for High School Students

According to Deloitte’s Millennial Survey 2016, 44% of millennials stated that they would like to leave their current employers in the next two years. That’s almost half of the largest portion of the U.S. workforce seeking out better and more fitting job opportunities. When looking at college students, which many high school students are only a few years away from becoming, only 27% of college graduates work in a job related to what they majored in. So with all this life uncertainty, the question is, how are high school students supposed to prepare? By cultivating essential skills with Leaders of Evolution and planning for a future based on current strengths and opportunities, high school students can begin developing their careers simply by analyzing, planning and finding purpose.

Utilizing the Four C’s Throughout Life 

Benefits of Life Skills Class for High School Students | Leaders of Evolution

When learning through Leaders of Education’s Future Skills of the Workforce program, students will notice the coursework is framed by the 4 C’s. The 4 C’s stand for Competence, Confidence, Character and Connectedness. Throughout the program, it becomes clear which of these four are being discussed and practised, and how implementing the 4 C’s in your training can make you a more viable candidate in any industry.


Being self-aware is a necessary life skill for high school students inside the classroom and for extra-curricular activities as well. Harnessing on self-awareness as a skill will become even more beneficial later in life at work. Being self-aware means having a really strong knowledge of yourself. 

Analyze your:

  1. Motivations: What motivates you in life besides being a student in school, and how do your motivations drive your sense of purpose? Powerful motivations include a passion for learning, making an impact on your community and improving your skills to become a better leader. We’ll discuss this more when discussing the importance of finding a purpose. 
  2. Character: Are you resilient when faced with life challenges? How consistent is your work ethic?
  3. Skills: What professional and life skills do you have and how can they translate to specific jobs and industries?
  4. Strengths and weaknesses: What are they, and how do they affect your behaviours?
  5. Influence: What impact do you have on those around you? Do you develop strong interpersonal relationships with those in your life?

Overall, it’s important to remain truthful with yourself so that you can work towards a career that you are passionate about. Being self-aware will also make you a better learner not just in high school, but throughout your life. You’ll be capable of responding to criticism better, growing and improving your strengths and weaknesses that you’ve already assessed. 


Once you have a better understanding of your motivations, character, skills, strengths and weaknesses and influence, you can plan for your future even in high school by cultivating the “New Work Smarts.” The New Work Smarts are the three areas that we are going to be more common by 2030. These life skills for high school students can translate into their out-of-classroom activities and into their post-graduate goals. 

New Work Smarts:

  1. Smart Learner – Learn quickly and enthusiastically at work
  2. Smart Thinker – Solve problems and work well with your team members
  3. Smart Doer – Be someone who can get on with a task without a lot of supervision

How can high school students learn to be all three of these? How can they plan ahead to have these “New World Smarts” by 2030? Educators and high school students can work on life skills related to:

  1. Technology
  2. Working with people
  3. Math and science
  4. Critical thinking

Another way young leaders and high school students can plan for their careers is by seeking feedback and mentorship. Receiving constructive criticism and feedback may be difficult at first, but it will educate you in the ways you can improve as a young leader. Finding a mentor to help you develop your skills and confidence is an effective way to plan for your career.

Finding Purpose

Your values serve as an important part of your character. As organizations have vision and mission statements, individuals and young leaders should reflect on their own values and goals to know how they align with those organizations, and how these values can grow in their lifetimes. Even in high school, learning what values and missions you want in your future work will help you find an organization you greatly align with, and a place you can find meaningful work. 

At Leaders of Evolution, we encourage high school students to reflect on themselves and their relationships with others in order to become stronger leaders. Whether it’s in the classroom, or in outside activities, through analyzing, planning and finding purpose, high school students can cultivate the right life skills to lead for the future. Click here to learn more about our Future Skills of the Workforce course.

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