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Leaders of Evolution Co-founder Jon Shepherd coaching student-athletes.

Do you remember the days in high school when you would stare at the clock practically counting the minutes until the big game? When the final bell at the end of classes rang and everyone raced home, only to return that same night to cheer on their favourite team.  

High school seems like an eternity ago, which may be the most dramatic sentiment ever considering I’m 21 years old. I look back onto my high school years with a grateful heart…well, grateful that it’s over and I never have to go back. You know the saying if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?  

My high school was academically average, and the sports teams were subpar at best, but they treated the sports department like they were the Olympic trials. I just want to put this in perspective for you. The high school never paid to install air conditioning in the building, and kids passed out constantly during the warm months. We also wore uniforms that included knee-high socks and thick kilts, which weren’t exactly breathable. So, where did the money that could have been spent on air conditioning go? I’m glad you asked.  

The high school had the brilliant idea of building entirely new sports fields and happily spent $5 million in doing so. This came as a complete surprise, considering we didn’t have the best high school sports programs in our area at all. In fact, our records were quite terrible.  

A Future in Sports  

I often found myself poking fun at the high school athletes who treated sports like a life or death matter, considering our programs were awful. The harsh reality was that these athletes weren’t being recruited by Division 1 universities, nor were many of them scouted in the first place. I don’t say all this to be malicious, rather point out that going “big time” in a sport is not an easy thing. If student-athletes are looking to play sports at a higher level, such as at a university or professionally, they need to take steps to set themselves up for success. They need to do at least two things: 

1.    Make sure they are getting an education on and off the field 

2.    Participate in the best high school sports programs 

The Importance of On and Off Field Education 

Student athletes need to prepare themselves with studies that enhance their capabilities. One way to do this is through courses offered by Leaders of Evolution. Over 400 schools have benefited from LoE courses, which offer: 

  • Less time, more outcomes – educators enhance the leadership skills which saving instructors time by utilising LoE resources.  
  • Strategic vision – schools are able to use LoE’s proven student leadership framework 
  • Curriculum alignment – students can engage with their learning in a fun, exciting, tech-savvy environment while aligning with the Australian curriculum  

The Emerging Leaders in Sport E-Learning Course offers both an on-field and off-field option for Year 9 and 10 students. These courses, paired with participating in the best high school sports programs are the keys to success in the sports industry. 

Leaders of Evolution’s on-field course offers:

  • 30 minutes per week for 6 months 
  • 7 leadership lessons 
  • videos featuring professional athletes, Olympians, and elite coaches 
  • 54+ learning videos 
  • 50+ individual learning topics 
  • student leadership guidebook (available online) 
  • teacher lesson plans, assessment criteria and more 
  • certificate of completion – 4 C’s Certified 

Leaders of Evolution’s off-field course offers: 

  • 30 minutes per week for 6 months 
  • 8 leadership lessons 
  • videos featuring professional athletes, Olympians, and elite coaches 
  • 60+ learning videos 
  • 54+ individual learning topics 
  • student leadership guidebook (available online) 
  • teacher lesson plans, assessment criteria and more 
  • certificate of completion – 4 C’s Certified 

Both courses align with the Australian curriculum and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If your student-athlete is not completely satisfied with our classes, you will get your money back. We are confident in our classes.  

Why wait?  

Set your student-athlete up for success in their sport by enrolling them in the best high school sports programs and Leaders of Evolution courses today! Check out our website for more information or contact us if you have any questions. 

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