Future Skills of the Workforce

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Leaders of Evolution to map out the future of education

By Sean Braybrook / February 16, 2021

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Australian EdTech firm Leaders of Evolution to provide educators insights in how they can harness the online education revolution The starting point for this initiative will feature a webinar available nationally at 4pm (AEDT) Thursday 4th March, that will conduct a deep-dive into how EdTech and cloud-based learning can amplify the global career skills needed for the 2030…

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Enhancing the Experience of Athletes with Autism in Gymnastics

By Damian Hecker / February 8, 2021

A unique sporting collaboration between Gymnastics Victoria and Special Olympics Australia is bound to uplift coaching performance and the participation experience of athletes with autism in gymnastics.  Creating a Positive Experience in Gymnastics for Participants with Autism is a brand new online learning experience for coaches and physical education teachers delivered via Special Olympics learning portal – SOA Learn.  Off the back of…

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AWS EdStart Accelerator program Visibility Sprint

A Match Made in EdTech Heaven

By Emma Henzes / February 2, 2021

Building learning management systems powered by world-leading technology is a priority of an EdTech company with the goal of preparing over 100,000 young people with the life skills to be effective in an ever-changing global landscape.  EdTech Powered by AWS Leaders of Evolution’s (LoE) courses that are developing the next generation of leaders aren’t just powered by Amazon Web…

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Best Social-Emotional Curriculum | Australian Curriculum Lessons | Leaders of Evolution

COVID-19 drives growth for Australian EdTech business Leaders of Evolution

By Sean Braybrook / December 15, 2020

Covid-19 is acting as an accelerant for Australian EdTech business, Leaders of Evolution, with remote learning fuelling subscriber growth globally for its digitally based educational courses. This growth comes off the back of significant partnership announcements with teams from the AFL, NBL and Special Olympics Australia, along with a key US-based appointment as it seeks…

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AFL Online learning

SUNS Partner with Gold Coast EdTech Innovators Leaders of Evolution

By Emma Henzes / December 11, 2020

With a club motto of ‘Challenge Accepted’, it should come as no surprise that the Gold Coast SUNS are about to embark on an innovative approach to learning, fan engagement and brand building on the Gold Coast/Northern Rivers, North Queensland and the Northern Territory.   In partnership with Gold Coast-based educational technology company Leaders of…

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Emma Henzes

Uplifting Women Leaders in EdTech: The Reflection Continues

By Emma Henzes / December 9, 2020

Leaders of Evolution continues to expand its team in the North American region, officially adding me, Emma Henzes, to their full-time roster as the Communications and Marketing Coordinator.   In the spring of 2020 when I was just a part-time contractor for Leaders of Evolution, I wrote a three-part series reflecting on my skillset as a young…

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Andy Dolich | Leaders of Evolution

50 Years of Wisdom Set to Land at LoE

By Damian Hecker / November 24, 2020

Andy Dolich is bringing over five decades of leadership in the North American sports industry to the Leaders of Evolution team with a vision to build their market presence in the United States. Dolich has held executive positions with organizations in the Big Four (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL) and collegiate athletics in a career that has touched every corner of sport in the…

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First NBL E-learning Partnership | Leaders of Evolution

EdTech Set to Revolutionise Learning in the Heartland

By Emma Henzes / November 9, 2020

South East Melbourne Phoenix is rising up and making their name heard partnering with Leaders of Evolution, an e-learning company that combines sports, education and technology for optimal learning.  As the first National Basketball League (NBL) team to partner with Leaders of Evolution, learners will get a personalised experience into the world of the NBL.…

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AWS EDStart member | Leaders of Evolution

Australian based e-Learning Company Accepted into Global EdTech Program

By Emma Henzes / October 7, 2020

Leaders of Evolution has been accepted into the AWS EdStart program, the AWS educational technology (EdTech) startup accelerator, designed to help entrepreneurs build the next generation of online learning, analytics, and campus management solutions on the AWS Cloud. The accelerator is designed to help entrepreneurs build the next generation of online learning, analytics, and campus management…

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Minnowbrook Summit 2020

Leaders of Evolution Co-founder Spearheads Keynote Presenters at NCAA Minnowbrook IV Summit, New York

By Emma Henzes / October 2, 2020

We are proud to announce Leaders of Evolution Co-founder and Director, Jon Shepherd, will be speaking as a keynote presenter at the 4th Annual Minnowbrook Summit for National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) faculty athletic representatives and academic directors hosted by Syracuse University.  Shepherd’s presentation ‘Backpacks to Boardrooms: Amplifying Global Workforce Skills’ will explore the global impacts of COVID-19 on the education sector and showcase…

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what is life skills

Level Up the Life Skills of Students to Unleash Workforce Success

By Emma Henzes / August 20, 2020

In unprecedented times during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Leaders of Evolution (LoE) steps up to the challenge and provides unprecedented learning opportunities for young people aged 16 and above. Leaders of Evolution today announce their new online learning course – Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow – as part of their Future Skills of the Workforce suite…

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learning management system


By Jon Shepherd / July 23, 2020

Imagine being at school and learning all about the life of an athlete.  Imagine being at school and learning all about the life of an athlete… and it’s actually a part of the school curriculum! The brand new ‘Train Like a Bomber’ course being offered to schools all over Australia is a dream for sports loving students. …

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Cyber Bullying in Australia | Leaders of Evolution

Four Meaningful Tactics to Overcome Cyberbullying in Australia

By Arielle Cohen / February 13, 2021

Parents and teachers alike might assume that the switch to online schooling means that their students and children are safe from the dangers of bullying. However, an unfortunate reality with an increase in ​cyberbullying in Australia shows that students​ are battling these bullies even from the comfort of their own home. For some, this may…

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Motorsport Australia | Leaders of Evolution

Rev-Up Your Leadership Skills with Motorsport Australia

By Julia O'Leary / February 13, 2021

Motorsport Australia Athletes Can Rise to the Top of their Game with Leaders of Evolution Courses  I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I tend to be a bit of a renaissance woman when it comes to playing sports. I’ve played soccer, basketball, swimming, skiing, and many more throughout my life – well, except Motorsport Australia. I suppose my secret ability was that I was seemingly average at every sport.…

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Nesa Teaching Standards | Leaders of Evolution

Get the Best Practises of the 7 NESA Teaching Standards

By Rachel Richards / February 13, 2021

While teachers might be leading the classroom, that doesn’t mean they still aren’t still learning! Whether physically in the classroom, or virtually online, the teacher plays an extremely important role in education. A good teacher can educate students in any and all environments, including during a global pandemic. But before becoming a teacher, they must act as students,…

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School Online in Nesa | Leaders of Evolution

Why Enroll in High School Online in NESA?

By Rachel Richards / February 13, 2021

Right now, it’s hard to imagine everyday life without Zoom calls, emails, and virtual interactions. And due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it does not look like this reality will change anytime soon. As a college student at Syracuse University, I have learned first-hand what virtual and online education looks like. I’ve found that online learning has many benefits…

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Sports Jobs in Australia | Leaders of Evolution

The Secret To Get the Best Sports Jobs in Australia

By Rachel Richards / February 11, 2021

As the sports industry continues to grow, this leads to an increase in jobs in the industry. With a diverse amount of sports and thousands of athletes across the country, Australia is an example of a country with great opportunities. Professional athletics, student-athletes, sports management, and coaching are all parts of Australia’s one-of-a-kind sports industry.…

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Formative and Summative Assessment | Leaders of Evolution

Explained: Formative and Summative Assessment Importance For Students Growth

By Julia O'Leary / February 11, 2021

Learn About The Importance of Formative and Summative Assessments From Leaders of Evolution  When teachers say “your time starts now” at the beginning of an exam, does your heart drop as mine does? I get this sinking feeling that I’ll forget all the information I spent days learning. I’ll be the first to admit that…

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NESA Students Online | Leaders of Evolution

Helpful Facts You Must Know About Student Online NESA

By Julia O'Leary / February 11, 2021

Leaders of Evolution Aligns with NESA Students Online Requirements Preparing students for their future feels like a massive task…and it’s a big stressor for parents. As a student, I’ve seen my parents stress over providing me with the best education. They want me to be well-rounded in my education and be completely prepared for my…

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Sports Management Courses | Leaders of Evolution

Where Can I Find The Best Sports Management Courses?

By Rachel Richards / February 10, 2021

Over the last few decades, sports have grown and become an integral part of daily life. The field of sport and sport management continues to find innovative ways of delivering messages and promoting the competition of sports. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic changing society’s way of life, the sports industry has found new ways to…

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Janison Solutions | Leaders of Evolution

Janison Solutions and Leaders of Evolution Build Skills for Success

By Julia O'Leary / February 9, 2021

E-Learning Organisations like Janison Solutions and Leaders of Evolution Teach from Home I feel like a broken record repeating that in the era of COVID-19, times have changed. Not only does everything feel different, but lots of aspects of life are vastly different from the way they once were. One of those aspects that are…

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student leadership, athlete development, Learning Management System

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