Prepare Student-Athletes For a Successful Transition into Professional Life

By Jon Shepherd / December 18, 2019

Collegiate athletes play out their sport in a short amount of time compared to their professional life following their university education. The NCAA states over 95% of NCAA student-athletes will NOT transition to the Professional or Olympic level. That means the overwhelming majority of college athletes will enter the workforce or go to graduate school.…

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Student effective lead school project

Client Success Story – Student Leadership in Action

By Damian Hecker / October 30, 2019

Student leadership projects continue to provide the perfect medium to apply key learnings from our Young Leaders in Schools suite of online student leadership courses.

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International led student leadership

International Student Leadership Takes Flight

By Damian Hecker / September 26, 2019

Students from two schools separated by 16,312km have put the tyranny of distance aside and embarked on a rewarding leadership learning journey.

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Leadership styles, Teaching resilience, Developing leadership skills, Online courses

10 Ways To Engage Student Voice

By Ben Milsom / August 20, 2019

Do you reflect upon your classroom and consistently think, is the learning deep enough? Have I provided enough opportunities to allow my students to transfer their learning?  All the work we do as teachers is for nothing if students fail to appropriately transfer their learning.  John Hattie, Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey all clearly outline…

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Leadership programs for high school students, Leadership training for students, Leadership programs in schools

Identifying Leadership Purpose – Sacred Heart Primary School

By Jon Shepherd / May 28, 2019

Identifying Leadership Purpose – Sacred Heart Primary School A critical area of leadership that we encourage teachers and students to focus on is purpose. Finding purpose as an individual and as a team helps guide leadership behaviour and assist in decision making. It also provides clarity to the why and helps us understand why we do…

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School leadership, Leadership training for students,Leadership programs in schools, Leadership programs in schools

5 Culture Lessons from Auckland Grammar School

By Damian Hecker / May 28, 2019

5 Culture Lessons from Auckland Grammar Often you sense it from your first experience. As I tried, with little clarity, to guide my taxi driver Jaspreet to my meeting location at Auckland Grammar we hit the ‘asking’ point. You know, the moment that pride is relegated to second on the podium and humility once again…

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Leadership courses, Leadership courses for high school students, Building resilience in children

The 4 C’s Learning Framework

By Jon Shepherd / May 17, 2019

The 4 C’s Learning Framework To provide guidance and clarity to learners across all of our programs, we have adopted the 4 C’s of Learning. The 4 C’s have been inspired by Jean Cote and Wade Gilbert’s research into effective sports coaching where they found coaches play a role in influencing their players Competence, Confidence,…

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Emerging leaders program, Management leadership program, Soft skills, Leadership development

The Lived Experience of Business Acumen

By Damian Hecker / March 18, 2019

The Lived Experience of Business Acumen ‘What’s your exit strategy?’ After months of planning of how to start our visionary business and discussing our passionate belief for thirty minutes, this question left us as “two deer in the headlights”, each hoping the other would be brave enough to nudge them out of the path of…

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philippines, basketball, selfie, coaching

The Coach as a Leader

By Damian Hecker / July 5, 2018

Australian Boomers Assistant Coach Luc Longley was aggrieved, probably still angry and bitterly disappointed.  Yet he spoke calmly in his observations that Philippines Head Coach, Chot Reyes, incited the violent brawl in the Boomers V Philippines match and laid the blame pretty closely at his feet. Whether this is true (and there is some evidence to…

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Why great leaders consistently achieve their goals

By Damian Hecker / June 16, 2018

Author: Jon Shepherd, Director of Business Operations & Development at Leaders of Evolution (June 15 2018) Goal setting is universally seen as an effective approach to development — regardless of what that development might be. Goals provide an end point to progression and a road map to get there. There are different methods of goal…

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