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Benefits of Life Skills Class for High School Students | Leaders of Evolution

The Direct Benefits of Life Skills Classes for High School Students

By Isabella Grella / August 7, 2020

As a high school student, it can be overwhelming to think about what you want to do post-grad, whether going to college, trade school or working right away. It’s even more difficult to decide what life skills in school you need and how you can better prepare yourself for a career that feels years away.…

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Online Life Skill Courses & Programs | Leaders of Evolution

How Young Leaders in Schools Program Helps Students Gain Confidence from Within

By Isabella Grella / August 7, 2020

As a recent graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, I’ve spent time reflecting on my education and the skills I acquired in my courses and in clubs on campus. There’s no doubt that my degree and my communications courses will help me land a stable job, that over time…

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| Job Ready Australia | Leaders of Evolution

How Developing the Right Skills Can Help Students on the Field and in Their Future Careers

By Isabella Grella / August 7, 2020

Leaders of Evolution’s Job Ready Program (JRP) focuses on future skills students should develop to grow as eligible candidates in the coming job markets, which are continuously alternated by emerging technologies, so they can be job-ready Australia. Cultivating specific future skills with Leaders of Evolution’s job-ready program encourage young leaders to develop not only as…

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Australian Curriculum Lessons | Curriculum Development

Learn About The Australian Curriculum Lessons

By Hannah Hunt / August 7, 2020

Preparing our youth to be successful in our ever-changing world is no easy task. Especially when we consider that educators may be designing a curriculum to prepare children for jobs they have never heard of. In 2018, The World Economic Forum predicted that 65% of children entering primary school will end up in a job…

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learning management system


By Jon Shepherd / July 23, 2020

Imagine being at school and learning all about the life of an athlete.  Imagine being at school and learning all about the life of an athlete… and it’s actually a part of the school curriculum! The brand new ‘Train Like a Bomber’ course being offered to schools all over Australia is a dream for sports loving students. …

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Snow Academy: The one-stop shop for coaching and online learning

By Damian Hecker / July 22, 2020

Leaders of Evolution (LoE) are excited to re-launch Snow Australia’s Snow Academy online learning portal with the release of the Fundamentals suite of courses for their new coach education framework. The Snow Academy portal will be an innovative home for coach development and education, leading to a stronger pathway for snow sports in Australia. The launch of the Fundamentals 1 online…

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Primary School Online Courses Leaders of Evolution

Primary School Leadership Courses Online Made Easy

By Guest Blogger / July 18, 2020

Online courses have become mainstays in many educational systems. They are the preferred mode of education for those who do not thrive in traditional classroom settings or those who are in situations that prevent them from attending traditional classes.  Leaders of Evolution offers a long list of online courses, including primary school courses online and primary teacher resources that help educators and…

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Micro-Learning Course | Adult Learning | Custom eLearning | Leaders of Evolution

Take Leaders to the Next Level with Microlearning Programmes

By Guest Blogger / July 18, 2020

Microlearning programs such as adult learning training courses and custom e-learning curriculums are among the areas that Leaders of Evolution specialises in.  Considered as one of the most effective ways of acquiring skills and knowledge, microlearning involves breaking down of data and information into bite-sized, subject/topic-based chunks. It is characterised by bursts of learning on highly targeted topics so that lessons and subjects become…

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Social And Emotional Learning | Transformative Learning | Leaders of Evolution

What Is Social and Emotional Learning and How Can You Improve It?

By Guest Blogger / July 18, 2020

Social and Emotional Learning or SEL is the process through which individuals (children and adults alike):  understand, manage, and control emotions feel and embody empathy for others set and achieve goals build and maintain relationships, and  make convictions and responsible decisions. Social and emotional learning can be subdivided into core competencies for transformative learning, which includes:  self-awareness self-management …

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Life Skills Curriculum | Life Skills Class | Leaders of Evolution

Life Skills Curriculum at Leaders of Evolution

By Emma Henzes / July 18, 2020

The modern workforce is primarily about job and life skills, with the most prominent companies of today offering well-paying jobs that don’t require a degree. The life skills curriculum at Leaders of Evolution empowers students in life skills classes and life skills groups with career-readiness to succeed in today’s workforce. Educators nowadays recognize that corporations and organizations look for life skills on…

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