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athlete development professional certification program

Try Our Athlete Development Professional Certification Program for Stronger Leaders

By Emma Henzes / July 1, 2020

Our professional athlete development program focuses on sports-specific learning and leadership. We save teachers time enhancing leadership capacity and life skills. Our Emerging Leaders in Sport courses and tailored collegiate courses (as shown in the video below) have been designed to provide aspiring athletes with the knowledge and tools to be effective leaders on and…

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student athlete advisory committee

Understand the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

By Emma Henzes / June 24, 2020

The student-athlete advisory committee is made up for enhancing the student-athlete experience. The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) represents the student-athlete voice in governance structures. The mission is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity, protecting student-athlete welfare and fostering a positive student-athlete image. Through advisory committee at the campus, conference and national level,…

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College and Career Readiness Standards and Its Importance

Inspiring College and Career Readiness in Our Leaders of Tomorrow, Today

By Emma Henzes / June 24, 2020

There has never been a more important time for young people to consider how they can develop the mindset to be autonomous and independent in the workforce. The Coronavirus will change the standards of the work world moving into the future and the skills required to be proactive and adaptable will never be more important.…

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Sports development

How To Seek Improvement Using Self-Reflection

By Emma Henzes / June 22, 2020

This activity complements our Self-Reflection Profile activity and can be used following the completion of the profile. After you have put the time into creating a thought-provoking profile, turn those efforts into action using our worksheets to create a plan to improve.  This activity is designed to get you thinking about identifying areas to work…

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life skills activities for high school students

I Just Graduated College During a Pandemic, Now What? (Part 2 of 3)

By Emma Henzes / June 10, 2020

As I sit at my childhood desk with my family’s dog on my lap while I type, I have a heavy heart. My last semester of my senior year ended without graduation, without saying so long to my professors, without the last drinks at my favourite college bar, without the last good-byes, without the last…

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sports coaching course at Leaders of Evolution

I learned from working on SOA Learn. You will too.

By Damian Hecker / June 2, 2020

I feel fortunate to have worked with Special Olympics Australia (SOA) in recent years. Sprouting from a conversation over coffee in early 2017, Leaders of Evolution were engaged to design an ambitious e-learning and marketing strategy that would position SOA as a subject matter support for the sport, education and disability sectors.  I must admit,…

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Emma’s high school graduation from Abington Heights in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania in 2016

I’m a Young Professional, What Life Skills Do I Need to Enter the Workforce? (Part 1 of 3)

By Emma Henzes / May 19, 2020

Networking. It’s a life skill. I’ve heard this term at university, at work and in just about every professional sense. As I begin my transition to the professional world, just graduating virtually from college last week, I’ve come to realize, that my dad is the king of networking. That word ‘networking’ was never specifically used. My dad never…

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By Jon Shepherd / May 18, 2020

Leaders of Evolution (LoE), an Australian based educational technology company, announced today a partnership agreement with the AFL’s Essendon Football Club that would deliver The Flight Deck learning hub for athletes, coaches and students. This signing comes off the back of the work LoE have been doing in the Australian and US sport and education…

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Never Waste a Crisis – Learning Through COVID-19

Never Waste a Crisis – Learning Through COVID-19

By Damian Hecker / April 22, 2020

It feels like COVID-19 kind of crept up on us slowly like an unseen spectre wandering the globe and then proceeded to bash us all with a sledgehammer in the blink of an eye. I remember collaborating with my Leaders of Evolution business partner Jon Shepherd to make decisions for the business as we saw…

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Online Leadership Development Programs for New Leaders

The 6 Domains of Effective Student Leadership

By Damian Hecker / March 23, 2020

I remember the day well. It was late 2015 and Jon (my business partner) and I were on an early morning run up the Calder Freeway to Newstead Primary School, en route to Mildura. It was a magnificent summer morning, not a cloud in the sky and that early morning sting in the sun that…

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