Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum | Leaders of Evolution

Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum – A Valuable Resource for Students

By Arielle Cohen / March 31, 2021

I am not a math person. Biology and chemistry were never really my thing either. I always dreaded my STEM classes and rarely had any motivation to work hard. Even so, I had no choice but to take twelve whole years of a subject I had absolutely no interest in. Now, as a junior in college. I…

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Ted Talk Resilience | Leaders of Evolution

Ted Talk Resilience: 3 Strategies To Overcome Hardship

By Rachel Richards / March 31, 2021

As a college student amid a global pandemic, I’ve experienced my fair share of obstacles and setbacks. When I was accepted to Syracuse University almost three years ago, I thought I had a clear vision of what I thought my four years would look like! I was going to study abroad in London, England, I was going to attend…

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Sports Management Courses | Leaders of Evolution

Why Taking Sports Management Courses Is a Smart Career Move

By Rachel Richards / March 31, 2021

Around March of last year, we saw sports leagues and teams shut down their facilities and cancel the sports seasons due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our society changed significantly overnight as we were forced to stay home and limit our social interactions. Everyone had to change their ways of life and create new norms guided by…

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Projecting Emotions | Leaders of Evolution

The Problem with Projecting Emotions Onto Others

By Arielle Cohen / March 31, 2021

Without the proper social-emotional knowledge, it’s easy to engage in several defence mechanisms instead of actually confronting the actual issues at hand. Whether we have realised it or not, I’m sure every one of us has projected our own emotions onto someone else. Projecting emotions is one of the most common psychological defence mechanisms, and most people have no idea when they have…

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School Leadership | Important Qualities | Leaders Of Evolution

The Five Most Important Characteristics of School Leadership

By Rachel Richards / March 31, 2021

Being a leader doesn’t always come with a fancy title or higher pay. You don’t have to be a certain age or have a certain educational degree. In fact, anyone can be a leader in any situation as long as they are equipped with the skills and characteristics of one! And the best time to develop these…

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Athlete Transition From Life After Sports | Leaders of Evolution

My Personal Experience with Athlete Transition from Life After Sports

By Rachel Richards / March 31, 2021

Every story has a beginning and an end. A Chapter 1 and an Epilogue. A hello and a goodbye! This is also the case for athletes and their stories about participation in sports. The beginning of sports participation can happen because of a previous family member, a love for the game, or just an interest in…

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Motorsports Australia | Leaders of Evolution

Motorsport Australia Promotes Equality for Women

By Julia O'Leary / March 31, 2021

Motorsport Australia Works Toward Equality  I’ve written my fair share of blogs about Motorsport Australia, but I’ve yet to write any about women in Motorsport Australia. That’s probably due to the fact that motorsport is historically male-dominated. Competitive motorsport began in 1894, but women didn’t compete until 1949 – that was only 72 years ago! It blows my mind to think…

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Best High School Sports Programs | Leaders Of Evolution

How To Build and Manage the Best High School Sports Programs

By Rachel Richards / March 30, 2021

High school is a time for self-exploration and development. Unlike how it’s depicted in many media sources such as TV or movies, high school can be an extremely rewarding 4 years of your life. Students are at the unique age between becoming real-world professionals and leaving behind their childhood years. For this reason, high schools…

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Life Skills for High School Students | Leaders of Evolution

Gold Coast School Amplifies Life-Skills of Students with New Partnership

By Sean Braybrook / March 18, 2021

Palm Beach Currumbin State High School (PBC) are embracing the explosion in digital learning with the launch of its purpose-built PBC REDS e-learning platform.  In collaboration with Gold Coast-based educational technology company Leaders of Evolution (LoE), this three-year partnership is set to forge a new frontier for teaching and learning practice at PBC. The first roll-out of e-learning courses…

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Importance of Team Sportsmanship | Leaders of Evolution

The Importance of Team Sportsmanship for Championship-Level Teams

By Rachel Richards / March 6, 2021

In all different types and competition levels of sport, it is extremely important to incorporate team sportsmanship. The foundation of sports is based on principles and values such as competition, rule-following, and respect. Each of these is a part of team sportsmanship and can be seen in a variety of ways.  Sportsmanship doesn’t need to come directly from the…

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