Best High School Sports Programs | Leaders Of Evolution

Building and Managing Best High School Sports Programs

By Julia O'Leary / March 6, 2021

Leaders of Evolution and the Best High School Sports Programs Prepare Students for a Future in Sports  Do you remember the days in high school when you would stare at the clock practically counting the minutes until the big game? When the final bell at the end of classes rang and everyone raced home, only…

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School Leadership | Important Qualities | Leaders Of Evolution

7 Important Qualities Critical for School Leadership

By Rachel Richards / March 6, 2021

When you hear the word “leader”, what do you think of? What qualities set a leader apart from their peers? What does it truly mean to be a leader? These are extremely broad questions because being a leader doesn’t entail just one quality or one trait. Being a leader doesn’t have to be limited in…

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Cyber Bullying In Australia | Leaders of Evolution

Long-Term Effects of Cyberbullying in Australia and How to Fix Them

By Arielle Cohen / March 6, 2021

How Leaders of Evolution Can Help Your Students Battle Cyberbullying in Australia  As we enter a new technological era, cyberbullying has drastically increased leaving students in Australia feeling alone and in search of a solution. This is most definitely a difficult situation for everyone involved: students, parents, and even school faculty. Well luckily for you, Leaders of Evolution…

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Janison Solutions | Leaders of Evolution

What Leaders of Evolution Has That Janison Solutions Lacks

By Arielle Cohen / March 6, 2021

What do you think is the most important quality in an athlete? If you said skill or talent, I have some news for you. Talent and skill will only help you land a spot on the team. It’s one’s leadership capabilities that make them a stand out player and shine both on and off the…

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Formative and Summative Assessments | Leaders of Evolution

The Importance of Formative and Summative Assessments

By Arielle Cohen / March 6, 2021

How Leaders of Evolutions Utilises Formative and Summative Assessments  Engaging in formative and summative assessments is the best way to ensure that students gain positive outcomes during their learning journeys. At Leaders of Evolution, we want our students to exceed all previous learning expectations and grow into the leaders we know they can become. Our team is committed to…

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Australian Curriculum Online Learning | Leaders of Evolution

The Best Australian Curriculum Online Learning

By Arielle Cohen / March 5, 2021

Leaders of Evolution’s Australian Curriculum Online Learning   It’s become increasingly apparent that online learning is the next big thing. This shift, although heavily motivated by the COVID-19 pandemic, is one that will have long-lasting effects on our education system. With Leaders of Evolution’s Australian curriculum online learning, you can expect the highest quality of e-learning there is.…

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Schools Online | Students Online Sace | Leaders of Evolution

Students Online SACE – Best Way to Get Updated with Online Teaching

By Arielle Cohen / March 5, 2021

Leaders of Evolution Helping Students Online with SACE  Like it or not, online learning has become the new normal. That’s why it’s best for you to take on this journey with an e-learning company that has already mastered the process. With the help of Leaders of Evolution, you can look forward to saving teachers valuable time while maximising online students’…

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life skills go

Australian EdTech launches new initiative to prepare students for tomorrows workforce

By Sean Braybrook / March 5, 2021

Australian EdTech firm Leaders of Evolution (LoE) officially launched a new initiative yesterday with the world’s largest cloud computing provider Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support educators in harnessing the latest technology. This initiative is designed to provide educators insights into how they can better design curriculum that effectively leverages off digital tools to enhance learning and…

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Courseware Development | Leaders of Evolution

Choose an Effortless Courseware Development in Australia

By Julia O'Leary / March 4, 2021

Top-Notch Courseware Development in Leaders of Evolution  Jobs today are a lot different than they used to be. Instead of requiring multiple levels of degrees, they value experience and autonomy. Some positions do not require degrees at all! I think this is partly due to the new age of technology.   When I think of technology and courseware development, my…

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Indigenous Traineeships | Leaders of Evolution

All You Need to Know about Leadership and Indigenous Traineeships

By Julia O'Leary / March 4, 2021

Leaders of Evolution Prepares Individuals for Indigenous Traineeships  Diversity and inclusion are massively important to a thriving and successful work environment. It is something that most organisations struggle with but ultimately holds the key to success in any industry.  We learn at a very young age that all people are different. We look different, sound…

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