School Online in Nesa | Leaders of Evolution

Why Enroll in High School Online in NESA?

By Rachel Richards / February 13, 2021

Right now, it’s hard to imagine everyday life without Zoom calls, emails, and virtual interactions. And due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it does not look like this reality will change anytime soon. As a college student at Syracuse University, I have learned first-hand what virtual and online education looks like. I’ve found that online learning has many benefits…

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Sports Jobs in Australia | Leaders of Evolution

The Secret To Get the Best Sports Jobs in Australia

By Rachel Richards / February 11, 2021

As the sports industry continues to grow, this leads to an increase in jobs in the industry. With a diverse amount of sports and thousands of athletes across the country, Australia is an example of a country with great opportunities. Professional athletics, student-athletes, sports management, and coaching are all parts of Australia’s one-of-a-kind sports industry.…

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Formative and Summative Assessment | Leaders of Evolution

Explained: Formative and Summative Assessment Importance For Students Growth

By Julia O'Leary / February 11, 2021

Learn About The Importance of Formative and Summative Assessments From Leaders of Evolution  When teachers say “your time starts now” at the beginning of an exam, does your heart drop as mine does? I get this sinking feeling that I’ll forget all the information I spent days learning. I’ll be the first to admit that…

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NESA Students Online | Leaders of Evolution

Helpful Facts You Must Know About Student Online NESA

By Julia O'Leary / February 11, 2021

Leaders of Evolution Aligns with NESA Students Online Requirements Preparing students for their future feels like a massive task…and it’s a big stressor for parents. As a student, I’ve seen my parents stress over providing me with the best education. They want me to be well-rounded in my education and be completely prepared for my…

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Sports Management Courses | Leaders of Evolution

Where Can I Find The Best Sports Management Courses?

By Rachel Richards / February 10, 2021

Over the last few decades, sports have grown and become an integral part of daily life. The field of sport and sport management continues to find innovative ways of delivering messages and promoting the competition of sports. Even with the COVID-19 pandemic changing society’s way of life, the sports industry has found new ways to…

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Janison Solutions | Leaders of Evolution

Janison Solutions and Leaders of Evolution Build Skills for Success

By Julia O'Leary / February 9, 2021

E-Learning Organisations like Janison Solutions and Leaders of Evolution Teach from Home I feel like a broken record repeating that in the era of COVID-19, times have changed. Not only does everything feel different, but lots of aspects of life are vastly different from the way they once were. One of those aspects that are…

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Australian Curriculum Online Learning | Leaders of Evolution

Why Is It Important to Promote Australian Curriculum through Online Learning?

By Hannah Hunt / February 9, 2021

While the pandemic has taught each of us a variety of personal and professional lessons, one particular thing that has become increasingly unavoidable is the importance of technology. From months of working from home with online video chats to becoming dependent on streaming services for entertainment, technology has become a necessity in many areas of…

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School Leadership | Important Qualities | Leaders Of Evolution

Why Is Teaching Leadership Important?

By Hannah Hunt / February 9, 2021

“What is leadership?”  When you ask that question to ten people, you are likely to receive ten different answers. Amongst those answers are most common responses like, “It’s the ability to take charge and direct others” or “It’s the ability to manage others.” Sometimes when asked for a definition, someone will pause and instead think…

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School Online in Nesa | Leaders of Evolution

Why enrol your kids in a NESA compliant online high school in Australia?

By Arielle Cohen / February 9, 2021

This past year has put a new emphasis on the importance of online schooling. Before 2020, remote learning was rare. Now, it has become the norm. This quick transition may have been very difficult for students and teachers alike. That is why it is so vital for you to do your research on what school…

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Cyber Bullying In Australia | Leaders of Evolution

Four Important Tactics to Deal with Cyber Bullying in Australia

By Arielle Cohen / February 9, 2021

With a new high-tech society, an unfortunate reality brings forth a new way to bully. A recent study found that “About 37% of young people between the ages of 12 and 17 have been bullied online. 30% have had it happen more than once.” More often than not, students in Australia are not prepared to…

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