Three Characteristics of Sport That Make Successful Leaders

Beyond the thrill of scoring a point, hearing the cheer of fans, and winning a match, there are several characteristics of a sport that make it so worth playing. All the hard work that you put into helping your team achieve success inevitably helps you become a more successful individual.

One could argue that the greatest athletes are born with innate abilities and that their skills come naturally on the field. But not everyone is a born athlete or leader, and to assume so would be to embrace a fixed mindset, rather than a growth one.

Many athletes and leaders grow into their abilities throughout a lifetime, and their experiences in their sports of choice are part of what makes them who they are. At Leaders of Evolution, we design student leadership development courses to help students identify and harness the characteristics of a sport that will help them thrive both on and off the field, today and for years to come.

With Leaders of Evolution’s “Emerging Leaders in Sport” student leadership development course, student-athletes will have all the information and tools they need in order to recognize crucial characteristics of a sport and achieve new levels of leadership performance.

Throughout the student leadership development course, student-athletes will hear from internationally renowned coaches and athletes that have performed at the elite and semi-elite level for decades. By the end of the student leadership development course, your students will be feeling more confident in their abilities and means to improve the performance of those around them.

Here are three of the most important characteristics of sport that your students will discover with help from Leaders of Evolution’s student leadership development courses.

Characteristics of sport:

Characteristics of A Sport| Leaders of Evolution

1. Consistency

Characteristics are part of a student’s makeup and trademark as an individual and as a leader. Often, these come naturally to students, but you can also develop these over time so they are part of your leadership DNA.

One of the characteristics of a sport that takes time to develop is consistency. Being consistent means that whether a student is showing up to practice or coming into the biggest game of the season in its final minutes, they will be able to deliver the same level of results.

2. Impact

The characteristics of sport and skills of leaders build the foundation of the most critical aspect of leadership in competition – having an impact. This impact is about influencing the contest in a positive fashion, and it can vary in what it looks like. It may be a small moment in a game when a risk is taken or a decision is made that changes the course of the game.

It could be something that a player does week in and week out, like encouraging their teammates or working as hard as they can – no matter what. Like any effective leader, their behavior is all about making others better and helping them rise to the occasion.

The characteristics of sport and skills of all leaders will mean that they influence the contest in different ways and this is why it is important to have a spread of leaders in your team.  Having a diverse range of leadership skills and styles will mean the team has many strings to its bow.

3. Discipline

Being able to recognise one’s own emotions in a heated furnace of competition is a skill students will learn over many years of playing.  Recognising their emotions allows them to make decisions based on what is best for the team, rather than for how they feel in that moment.

Some leaders are more accomplished at this than others. Being disciplined in competition often comes down to playing a role and not letting emotions cloud your judgement and decision making. It can also differentiate between the selfless leader, prepared to do anything for the team, and the selfish player who would prefer to do things for themselves. Discipline is a characteristic of a sport that can make or break the success of a team.

Here are five simple steps you can take to get your students on track to leadership success:

Step 1:

As an educator, you can click here to select either the “On-field” or “Off-field” course, depending on what aspect of student leadership development you’re in the market for, and take advantage of our “Online Teacher Introduction” course, where you’ll find advice from well-versed teachers and the Leaders of Evolution team. With that step-by-step guide, you’ll be prepared to deliver an engaging experience and transition your students to the launch of the leadership development course. Upon completion of the “Online Teacher Introduction” course, you’ll be rewarded with a certificate of completion in recognition of one hour of Professional Learning.

Step 2:

With a “Customer Success Toolkit” from Leaders of Evolution, you’ll feel supported in your implementation of this student leadership development course. It will provide you with helpful tips, a breakdown of the curriculum, and a 12-month timeline for delivery. You’ll also have access to a Goal Setting and Self-reflection framework, which will equip you in your endeavour to achieve your school’s unique priorities for leadership development as you promote your students to apply their new leadership skills.

Step 3:

As students progress in their student leadership development course and learn more about the characteristics of sport, they’ll self-regulate their journey. But as their teacher, Leaders of Evolution will empower you to connect with them through lesson plans, an assessment matrix, and learning tools.

Step 4:

Leaders of Evolution will check in with you each term and continue to provide you with tools to make sure your school maximises its student leadership development goals and stays on a productive path of leadership development. You’ll also have access to online reports which will help you track the progress of your students throughout their leadership development course.

Step 5:

Upon completion of the student leadership development course, Leaders of Evolution will reward your individual students and school with personalised 4 C’s Certified Certificates. Your school will also have the opportunity to win recognition as a State and National finalist or a winner of our Leadership School of the Year Award.

To get a sense of what Leaders of Evolution has to offer, try our free taster course.

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