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Are you tired of the same old coaching models?

At Leaders of Evolution, we specialise in innovative school education. Our optimised learning platform allows users to learn on any device, any-time, and anywhere. Through the use of an outcome-based curriculum, our unique approach to coaching models allows students to maximise learning opportunities whilst saving teachers time. With constant access to the courses, coaches are able to watch activities on their device as they teach. This allows them to ensure that the activity is delivered properly allowing for effective feedback and questioning to be implemented.

Why Leaders of Evolution?

A study by Optimum Direct states that “5x more material can be retained through e-learning as opposed to traditional coaching models.” With that in mind, Leaders of Evolution is fiercely passionate about our ability to make school education both fun and engaging. We know that students learn faster and more efficiently when they have a smile on their face. Our simple to follow coaching models allow for easy implementation and an extremely smooth transition for students and teachers alike.

With the Help of Leaders of Evolution’s Coaching Models:

Coaching Models | Leaders of Evolution

Students will…

  • Develop their self-awareness and leadership effectiveness
  • Investigate, research and deliver projects to positively impact others
  • Enhance and apply the 4 C’s – Competence, Confidence, Character & Connectedness in their environment both in and out of school education

Teachers will…

  • Gain more outcomes in less time through our one-of-a-kind coaching models
  • Establish and implement an effective student leadership framework
  • Leverage course resources, evaluate student progression and acknowledge the application of tangible leadership

Schools will…

  • Develop and embrace student voice and agency
  • Encourage, challenge, and celebrate the leadership learning of students
  • Recognise the achievements of student growth and the delivery of school community projects

Our 4 C’s Learning Framework

Each of our coaching models is aimed at enhancing students across the 4 C’s as mentioned before. This approach to school education places emphasis on long-lasting life skills that will be useful in any and every aspect of life.

Competence: We define competence as relating to the skills the learner is developing whether they be technical (what) or tactical (how) and how they are intrinsically linked to performance outcomes. Our coaching models believe that a competent learner knows what and how things need to be done to achieve success.  

Confidence: At Leaders of Evolution, we believe that confidence relates to the development of positive self-worth and recognition that the learner can use the knowledge gained from our coaching models to positively influence themselves and others. A confident learner is one who is able to take pride and acknowledge all that they have accomplished and is eager to act upon their newfound knowledge. 

Character: This trait has to do with how the learner develops a sense of self-awareness and behaviours such as empathy, integrity and responsibility within the communities that they apply their learning to. Our team at Leaders of Evolution believes that one with good character has a positive impact on those around them, constantly influencing the same positive behaviours in their peers. 

Connectedness: This relates to how the learner is able to establish and foster positive working relationships within the environments that they apply their learning. A connected learner is one who makes a constant effort to make others feel included and valued.

Our Learning Framework

The 4 C’s act as a pillar of school education throughout each of our coaching models. Learners are encouraged to explore opportunities to put their learning into action and gain experience to further enhance their knowledge base. Depending on the course the learner is completing they could apply their newfound skills through large tasks like planning and presenting a project or smaller tasks such as keeping a reflective journal

The final step in our learning framework encourages students to reflect upon what they have learned from our coaching models. Our courses challenge students to engage with a support mechanism – teacher, coach, mentor, peer, employer, etc. and discuss how they have already applied their learning and what the experience has taught them. This encourages learners to maintain the application of these skills and inspires new levels of performance for each student involved. 

Need more convincing?

Check out some of our raving customer reviews to see how our coaching models have already benefited like-minded schools. We are humbled by the positive feedback we have received from our partners and hope that you too consider taking the next steps towards a new and improved school community. 

“Our first course has been exceeding all expectations and we are excited to launch more courses for our community. We have seen over 900 registrations and over 200 hundred coaches complete the first course – Improving Sport for People With Intellectual Disability Course – with a satisfaction rate of over 97%.”

Simon Rodder, Sports Development Partnership Manager (Former) at Special Olympics Australia

“Knowing we needed to connect with our wider Rugby community and provide purposeful and engaging learning resources to them it was an easy choice to engage Leaders of Evolution as a learning and development partner. Their deep knowledge of sport from community to elite is a massive value add to their skill set in education and technology.”

James Godfrey, General Manager (Former) at NSW Positive Rugby Foundation
School Sport in Australia | Sports Coaching Courses | Sports Culture

So, what are you waiting for?

Begin your journey to a changed and improved school-community today with our help. We guarantee a visible change in your students’ leadership capabilities. Inspire the leaders of tomorrow, today with Leaders of Evolution.

We highly encourage you to try out our Free Taster Course to experience a sample of all that we have to offer your organisation!

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