Qualities of a Strong Coaching Philosophy That Can Lead to Success for High School Sports Programs

One of the most important aspects to sports, apart from the individual players, is the role of the coaches and their coaching philosophy. Coaches serve as the primary instructor and mentor for student-athletes and high schools with sports programs. Therefore, it is extremely important for coaches to provide social and emotional support to the team and have an effective philosophy for going about their job.

Leaders of Evolution works with student-athletes and coaches to develop a strong coaching philosophy. As we are dedicated to the success of teams on and off the field, we have created many partnership programs and E-learning courses to help. But before creating a strategy for a coaching philosophy, find out why Leaders of Evolution thinks it’s important to understand the roles and responsibilities of being a sports coach.

Coaches Roles

Coaching Philosophy | Leaders of Evolution

In high schools with sports programs, coaches have a very important role in the success of the team. Most often, coaches are seen as the primary sport instructor. Their responsibilities can range from organizing a practice schedule, meeting with teammates and their families, creating plays and strategies for upcoming games, and encouraging their players throughout the game. All of these obligations are very important and the coach needs to have these skills to effectively run a sports team. 

However, a coach can also have many other responsibilities that are just as important as their athletic instruction, such as a mentor, an advisor, and a friend. Many coaches that work at high schools with sports programs have most likely played the sport that they are coaching. Some coaches may even work at the high school they went to. Others have even continued to play their respective sport at the collegiate or professional level. Whatever background and experience your coach has, they are most likely more knowledgeable and have more experience in the sport than the players. Therefore, they can serve as a mentor and advisor. 

Coaches work very hard and dedicate a lot of their time to help their student-athletes enrolled at a high school with sports programs. Whether a coach is running a practice drill or speaking one-on-one with a player on the team, that coach is working towards the success of the team. The perfect sports coach should also be a friend to their player and other sport administrators. Leaders of Evolution believes that without building a positive relationship between the coaches and the players, there will be no trust and the team will most likely not succeed. 

Coaching Philosophy

Coaching Philosophy | Leaders of Evolution

No two coaches are alike and this is because of their coaching philosophies. A coaching philosophy can be described as the justification for the coach’s values and beliefs. These philosophies guide the coach’s behaviour and dictate how they will approach developing their team. Each coach has their own philosophy which immensely changes the strategy and direction of the team. While there are many different philosophies, Leaders of Evolution has outlined a few important aspects that make for a successful coaching philosophy.

Organization Structure

Because the student-athlete to coaches ratio in high schools with sports programs is so unbalanced, with student-athletes outnumbering coaches, it is important for the head coach to be accompanied by assistant coaches who are experienced and educated in the respective sport. Depending on the sport, there can be different coaches for different positions or different skills. For example, in baseball and softball, it is important to have a specific hitting coach so student-athletes get in-depth and valuable information from an expert. For football, there are coordinators for both offence and defence because the strategy and skills are different for each position.

Also, designating a team captain will help build the organization structure of the team. These are all important decisions to be made by a head coach that will greatly impact the outcome of games.

Establishing Rules

Coaching Philosophy | Leaders of Evolution

As a coach, it is extremely important to give specific directions and establish rules for the rest of the season for high schools with sports programs. The number of rules and the severity of consequences are important to establish with the players and other coaching staff members. For example, coaches can make student-athletes participate in mandatory practices every day. This will establish a strict coaching philosophy, but can actually be very effective and will ensure that student-athletes must follow the rules to play. On the other hand, there are also coaches who do not make all practices and events mandatory for students. Instead, these coaches believe that students should have self-responsibility over their behaviours and their actions should determine their effort. 

While these strategies are different from each other, each coaching philosophy can be effective if the coach handles the situation correctly. There is no one way to run a sports team and this is why a good coach is important to success. 

Goal Orientation

Without setting goals and creating specific strategies to accomplish these goals, a team will not have any ambitions to work towards. Coaches have the responsibility of creating both long-term and short-term goals for their team to achieve. These goals can be something as simple as “score three goals next game” or as large as “winning the state championship match”. No matter what the target is, student-athletes will perform better when these goals are laid out at the beginning of their season for high schools with sports programs. 

With a strong organizational foundation, established rules for the team, and goals set, the coaching philosophy will be more effective and lead to more victories. So how can Leaders of Evolution help a sports organization or high school team develop their philosophy?

Leaders of Evolution

Because Leaders of Evolution is dedicated to helping student-athletes succeed, we are also interested in helping coaches establish their coaching philosophy. We have created coaching philosophy courses and project-based learning techniques that will help coaches develop their strategies.

Email us at info@leadersstaging.wpengine.com to see how we can help you develop your coaching philosophy.

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