24/7 Accessible Corporate LMS In The Age Of COVID-19

Corporate LMS at Leaders of Evolution 

Are you interested in learning the ‘behind the scenes’ of e-learning courses? We value our schools, students, and corporate teams and want to be clear about the way we deliver coursework. Without further ado, let me introduce you to corporate Learning Management Systems (LMS)!  

What is an LMS? 

Leaders of Evolution uses a Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver e-learning courses to your students or team. What is a corporate LMS? It is software for delivering online courses and other learning content to employees and consumers. It works well for schools, colleges, universities, and corporate teams. The goals of a corporate LMS are to help onboard new employees and get them the knowledge and skills required to perform their roles in the company. This helps employees advance faster in their careers and provides a unique opportunity for corporate teams and students to build new skills.  

corporate lms | Leaders of Evolution

Benefits of Corporate LMS 

The corporate LMS infrastructure of Leaders of Evolution holds many benefits for users. It allows us to deliver our information in a comprehensive and engaging manner. An LMS is used for documentation, administration, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of education courses. LoE’s corporate LMS utilizes all types of multi-dimensional content such as videos, interactive courses, and documents. It is an efficient platform to build leadership skills for employees and students alike. One single platform with an easy-to-use interface allows for all materials to be streamlined. The portal to access these materials can be accessed from anywhere and at any-time. I cannot stress enough how beneficial that is for any student or team member.  

24/7 Access from Anywhere 

The portal can be accessed from school, home, your favourite coffee shop, or across the world. This maximizes performance because you can work and study from anywhere and at any time! Leaders of Evolution has employees from the United States, the Netherlands, Australia, etc. We value the ability to remain connected and communicate regardless of time differences and distance. I tend to do work in the evening because I’m a night owl; meanwhile, Australians are at the beginning of their workday. The freedom to complete learning modules and at-home training and development at your own pace is so important.  

Accessible Learning in the age of COVID-19 

If we’ve learned anything from the coronavirus pandemic, it’s that we need to make learning accessible. Students all over the globe were unable to attend classes in person as schools shut down. This sent many schools into chaos, as they never dreamt of moving their entire curriculum online. I cannot imagine how difficult and stressful this past year has been for teachers. Not only did they have to convert their lesson plans to make them “zoom friendly,” but they also had to figure out how to make them fun and engaging. The goal is to get every student back in the classroom in person as soon as possible, but I do think the pandemic will affect learning for the foreseeable future. Every school will have to be prepared to shift online at any given time, as well as, accommodate students who do not wish to return in person due to health concerns.  

Leaders of Evolution’s web-based corporate LMS tracks the progress of students so that teachers or corporate leaders can receive real-time updates to optimise development best. This way, whether we’re together or apart, students and teams can optimize their e-learning abilities to become the leaders of tomorrow, today.  

Corporate LMS Partners 

Leaders of Evolution has supported Kilmore Racing Club, Red Dust Role Models, Proactivity, and more in their quest for the growth of their organizations. Your organization or school could be next!  

“Using the Leaders of Evolution’s Learning Management System and expertise, we developed an online company induction, welcoming new staff to our team using a fun, innovative eLearning course. Staff across the country immediately feel a connection to the organisation through our LMS, and this along with other courses Leaders of Evolution has developed for us, continues to be a critical part of our business.” 

Jeremy Djurovich, Managing Director at Proactivity
e-learning Companies | Life Skills Program | Leaders of Evolution

Set Up a Demo Today! 

To see how your corporate team or students can benefit from a customized Learning Management System, book an online demo with Jon Sheperd, Director of Business Operations and Development. Please feel free to contact us with any questions! 

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