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Leaders of Evolution has developed online e-learning programs and partnerships that maximize the performances of your entire business in various ways. Our learning and development strategy is formed by our Competency Framework. Under the Competency Framework include the pillars of learning and performance: (1) compliance and operations, (2) personal and professional development, (3) business growth and (4) wellness, team and culture. Our online courses and corporate training courses are developed to support staff and grow the organisation efficiently.

At Leaders of Evolution, we believe that in order to move people towards the company vision, the employees must be invested in and supported through developmental corporate training courses and more. Let’s look deeper into the impact of online e-learning programs on employees and how Leaders of Evolution’s corporate training courses can benefit your organisation. 

The Data To Back Up Corporate Training Courses

In a study by researchers at Ashford University and Brown Mackie College – Cincinnati, corporate e-learning has a significant impact on employees. E-learning is on the rise as the need for non-traditional training methods continues to increase. After exploring the implications of online e-learning programs and online courses on corporations, researchers concluded a number of positive responses from the 341 participants surveyed:

Corporate Training Courses | Leaders of Evolution
  • Approximately 38% were satisfied with their jobs
  • 42% mentioned that the job responsibilities have become easier after e-learning corporate training courses
  • 48% saw improved job performance after these online courses
  • 42% saw an increase in productivity
  • 32.5% were more committed to their organisations because of the online e-learning programs and overall experience 

So how can Leaders of Evolution develop the right online courses and programs for your organisation’s needs to yield results similar to those found in the study?

Corporate Training Courses: E-Learning Hub Partnership

1. We build a culture of learning

2. Establish clear expectations of performance and behaviours 

These two things when learning with Leaders of Evolution never stop. Whether it is on-the-job learning, learning through others or formal learning, learning is continuous when utilizing our corporate training courses. Twice a year, every staff member will have the opportunity to have a formal performance and learning where you will discuss the performance, success, learning, challenges and purposeful goals set before taking the online courses. Let’s take a look back at the Competency Framework discussed earlier, and what every step of the framework means to us and our corporate training courses

The Competency Framework with Leaders of Evolution


How we think about learning as an organisation and whether we value learning and the impact this has on our people.

What We Do:

These pillars of learning cover (1) compliance and operations, (2) development both personal and professional, (3) business growth and (4) wellbeing team and culture. Every staff member will play a role in each pillar at some point in the organisation’s existence.

Compliance and Operations:

This is “day-to-day.” It is more focused on outstanding customer experience and relationships and accountability to actions and legal requirements. It is adaptable and open to change yet organized, efficient and creative.


This is “committed to growth and high standards of performance.” It means taking charge of your own learning while fostering a culture of learning and collaboration with others. This is open to feedback, making mistakes and learning from experience 

Business Growth:

This is “the future.” It’s about thinking strategically about your role while setting and achieving business goals. It is developing relationships with stakeholders while scanning the internal and external environments for opportunities. 

Wellbeing, Team and Culture:

“A safe, inclusive and supportive environment.” This is being mindful of the wellbeing of your team and of yourself. It cultivates positive, respectful relationships and celebrating your success. 

Learn more about the Competency Framework and the pillars of learning in our instructional video. 

Why choose Leaders of Evolution?

Leaders of Evolution’s corporate training courses aid in a variety of ways: 

  • Design Expertise: We utilize innovative technology to build e-learning courses and corporate training courses with interactive videos, infographics and lessons catered to various learning styles and types of employees.
  • Leverage IP: The corporate training courses and the organisations of IP are yours to keep as an organisation. 
  • Fully Customized: Leaders of Evolution has a number of partners to drive greater levels of workforce development by designing efficient lessons catered to your organisations’ needs and opportunities for growth. 
  • Optimise Revenue Streams: Leaders of Evolution works to enhance the performance of your people while effectively saving resources and time. Leverage sponsorship opportunities and utilize functional corporate training courses with our e-hub partnerships. 

How can you get started with Leaders of Evolution? 

  1. Consult and collaborate: The first step in your journey of utilizing corporate training courses with Leaders of Evolution is consulting and collaborating within your organisation, then with us at Leaders of Evolution. It is essential that you recognize your organisation’s goals so that we can further understand the journey and proper corporate training courses needed to get you to fulfil those goals. This will establish the preliminary road map, which will be implemented throughout your lessons. 
  2. Customise and engage: At Leaders of Evolution, we will utilize the data acquired in our original consultation to develop a 3-6 month course to achieve your goals. This will take around 4-6 weeks on our end of the creative and technical side. 
  3. Design and develop: Quality content is critical to engage online learners, and behind quality content sits a robust and engaging curriculum. Leaders of Evolution will develop both of those for your organisation. 
  4. Deliver and educate: Your course will typically be launched 3-6 months after the first consultation. This launch is an exciting part of the journey through the corporate training courses and e-hub partnership with Leaders of Evolution. 
  5. Review and scale: Data and analytics are utilized to track your progress in real-time. We will meet with you bi-annually to discuss the data and how improvements can be made when necessary. 

Click here to learn more about the corporate training courses with Leaders of Evolution. 

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