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Jobs today are a lot different than they used to be. Instead of requiring multiple levels of degrees, they value experience and autonomy. Some positions do not require degrees at all! I think this is partly due to the new age of technology.  

When I think of technology and courseware development, my mind goes to the multitude of platforms and mediums of spreading information. Many careers utilize technology in some way, shape, or form. For example, websites are an easy tool for businesses to use to connect with their consumers. Social media is a very convenient way to increase engagement and embrace creativity in the workplace.  

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Technology and Courseware Development In Business 

You don’t need a degree to use the platforms around you to gain a creative edge in the workplace. One of my absolute favourite ways that companies use social media and creativity is through their hilarious tweets.

Wendy’s went viral for going on a brutal roasting spree of other companies – and it was magical. The fiery tweets from @Wendys left no company unscathed. This is the perfect example of using social media to their advantage. They boosted their notoriety, upped overall sales, and appealed to an entire generation. Gen Z and Millennials religiously look forward to #NationalRoastDay each year since Wendy’s has taken over the hashtag.  

Now I have to pose the question: is the social media team behind Wendy’s creative geniuses, or are they creative and savvy workers who used their knowledge base of social media and modern trends to captivate their audience?  

Transferrable Skills for the Future Workforce 

The ability to use what you have at your fingertips, paired with a transferrable skillset is just as marketable to future employers as getting a degree. Schools can only teach students so much and not all of those skills are transferrable from one career path to the next.  

In fact, a 2020 Education Report showed that 52.44% of school principals say that equipping students with the skills of the future is one of the most pressing challenges for their school. That’s why Leaders of Evolution teach students a transferable skillset so that young workers are prepared to tackle the unexpected in their future careers! We do this through our e-learning courseware development which over 400 schools have benefitted by.  

Future Skills of the Workforce Course 

Leaders of Evolution offers several courses with this exact goal in mind. Those courses are: 

Course #1: Building the Mindset of Workplace Excellence 

Course #2: Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow 

Our young people need to be aware, informed and ready for the workforce they will confront in their futures. Preparing them now for the skills they will need in an ever-changing and globalised workforce is a non-negotiable for schools, and our Future Skills of the Workforce suite of courses does exactly this. Leaders of Evolution uses our 4 C’s Learning Framework, experienced virtual facilitators, engaging learning videos, and peer to peer learning.  

All of our courses are aligned with the Australian curriculum and have a strategic vision using a proven student leadership framework. Many schools have positive reviews of the courseware development of LoE courses.  

The Leading Teacher at Mildura Senior College, Kim Bath, says, “After piloting the e-learning course in 2018 we found the content and learning outcomes so effective that our entire Year 11 and 12 cohort will take advantage of both the Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow and Building the Mindset for Workplace Excellence course in 2020. We have a responsibility to set all of our students up for success in the future, and this course will help us to deliver on this vision, providing students with critical information and teachers with a resource they can leverage to enhance the learning experience.”  

Start Preparing for Your Future Today! 

The workforce is all about job skills. Apple, IMB, and Google all offer well-paying jobs that no longer require a degree. So why wait? Use our courseware development to prepare your students for the ever-changing workforce they will enter. Allow them to build skills of leadership, self-reflection, and become fully autonomous workers.

Visit the Future Skills of the Workforce page for more information!

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