Do you appreciate the A-Team?

A strange phenomenon occurred recently. In the space of four hours our business Leaders of Evolution had contact points with almost every member of what we call ‘The A-team’, the people who support and help drive our business with their expert knowledge.

Similar to the heroic misfits of the cult 80’s TV show our people are all experts in their field, prepared to go over and above the call of duty and are in it much less for their personal gain and much more to support our start up business. Ok, the original A-Team may not have been motivated by the innovation boom or start up ecosystems but you know what I’m getting at!

This may not seem such a strange phenomena to you, simply a meeting of the minds – an every day occurrence in larger organisations. At the time it didn’t seem such a big deal to me either. This was until I reflected on the unusual proximity of engagement and to a much larger extent the support these experts extend and the impact it has for our business.

This got me thinking further and more deeply about my experiences as both a leader and team member. Had I shown enough appreciation for the work of my team in the past? Did my leaders acknowledge the contributions I had made?

Anyone in a team can acknowledge the contribution of others – it doesn’t have to be the leader (wouldn’t it be great if they set the standard though?). This not only motivates your people, it permeates the culture and this can influence a much longer legacy.

So how can you acknowledge your A-Team? Here’s four simple ways to nail it:

Say thanks – Yep. That simple. Really.

Acknowledge in the appropriate environment – anything from a one on one catch-up, to staff meetings to awards nights all provide opportunity to acknowledge the contributions of your team.

Articulate the why – it’s great to say ‘well done’, but why was it well done? Being specific adds context and meaning to the feedback- ‘the way you collaborated with stakeholders and managed the project internally was first rate. As a result the project has already had impact across the business and will continue to well into the future. Well done.’ It’s purposeful, timely and means something.

Understand motivation – reward and recognition doesn’t have to be about pay increments. A Price Waterhouse Cooper study found younger workers prefer career development to bonuses by a ratio of 3:1. Investing in your people acknowledges this motivation and has a significant benefit back to your business as well. It is important to understand what motivates the individual and tailor the recognition accordingly.

Your people are your biggest asset. By acknowledging the great things they do you will grow this asset and your organisation culture. Ignore it however at your peril, people like to feel appreciated and I think you’d agree everyone can have an impact in this area.

So to David Ryan (Change Management Solutions), Pat Tyers (Racket Agency), Adrian Pante (In10tion), Dean Gordon (VMG Accounting) and Mathew Burchett (HLB Media) we acknowledge and appreciate the impact your support has on growing our business. Thank you.

For more information about organisation culture and leadership or to refer you on to our A-Team, contact [email protected]

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