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65+ Contemporary E-learning Courses to Succesfully Transition from Backpacks to Boardrooms

16 Core Topics Intertwined Using our 4 C's Learning Framework

How Do We Help Your Athletic Departments?

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Student-athlete development

 From backpacks to boardroom, we specialise in preparing student-athletes with the skills, frameworks and confidence to successfully transition into their professional "9 to 5" career.  

Alumni Engagement & Mentorship

Life Skills curriculum

 Harness digital to engage Alumni and subject matter experts to deliver a purposeful, longitudinal learning experience using professional video content and learning tools. 

More Than Compliance

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Our learning methodologies ensure your institution leverage bespoke online courses that empower student-athletes both on and off the field of play through their entire athletic journey. 

Holistic Development

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From #1 Draft picks to freshman walk-ons a tailored suite of online courses ensures institutions are fostering an inclusive learning & development environment for long-term success. 

Data & Analytics

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Leveraging data and analytics to track student-athlete online progress and engagement provides real time feedback and accurate reporting to effectively map, measure and track results. 

Enhance Commercial Capacity

Collegiate sports athletes online leadership and career transition

The digital world provides an exciting footprint to attract new and enhance existing donor and sponsorship opportunities by leveraging your fully-branded online learning platform. 

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Student athlete meme, Student athlete, Student-athlete development jobs
Student life Center, Athlete leadership Development programs, Student athlete development,Student athlete, Student-athlete development jobs
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Training for athlete, Student-athlete development

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We’ll Show You How To Harness E-learning And Drive Results For Your Student-Athletes.

Athlete development online course

Jon Shepherd

Co-founder, Leaders of Evolution

How It Works

Student-athlete development

Step 1: Consult & Collaborate

The first step to success is understanding what your Athletic Department needs, the issues you’re facing and the goals you wish to achieve.

This session will establish the preliminary road map, which will be implemented to inspire positive change and development within your organisation. We can conduct this session virtually or face-to-face.

Online-surveys, focus groups and one-on-one interviews are important deliverables in this step.

Step 2: Customise & Engage

Utilising the data generated in Step 1, we’ll collaborate with team members to develop a 3 month curriculum design project to achieve your immediate goals.

Simultaneously, our highly experienced development and IT team will build your full-customised E-learning Platform. This is typically a 4-6 week project.

Understanding branding elements, stress testing IT functionality and seeking feedback is an important deliverable in this step.


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NCAA E-learning for student-athletes transitioning from college sport
Coaching courses, Learning management systems, Leadership training topics

Step 3: Design & Develop

Quality content is critical in order to engage online learners, and behind quality content sits our robust 4 C’s Leadership Framework & learning pedagogy.

Our collaborative approach will undoubtedly unleash your institutions IP using subject matter expertise to truly empower a purposeful learning journey.

Filming & audio sessions is an important deliverable in this step, inclusive of storyboards, Alumni & talent engagement.

Step 4: Deliver & Educate

We typically launch your first roll out of tailored online units 3-6 months following our first consultation (Step 1).

The deployment of your first suite of identified online lessons is an exciting achievement in executing our 3-year E-learning Hub Partnership.

It is reasonably expected & encouraged to launch 20+ courses every year.

Coordinating a launch strategy, inclusive of marketing and communications is an important deliverable in this step.

Futuer skills of the workforce Student-athlete leadership & career transition and readiness
Leadership development, Corporate training program, Learning management systems

Step 5: Observe & Adapt

Live data & analytics help us measure success and prepare us for future online lessons.

Completion rates, time on platform and student-athlete feedback are among some of the important areas to review.

We meet in person with you bi-annually, with these strategy sessions continuing to provide a strong foundation for the future developments.


of NCAA student-athletes WILL NOT TRANSITION to the Professional or Olympic level.

What People Are Saying

Student-athlete should be paid, Student athlete development, Athlete Motivation quotes

Chiefy Ugbaja, Men's Basketball Captain at San Francisco State University

Leaders of Evolution helped me substantially in my ability to lead effectively on and off the court. The combination of online and face-to-face topics allowed me to take my time and not rush through the course material.

Jon's background as a NCAA Student-athlete and pro also meant the information was relevant for our group of guys. I highly recommend to other programmes looking to take their leadership to the next level.

Gameplan, Athlete foot, Enhanced athlete, Athlete Motivation quotes

Mark Trumbo, Student-Athlete Engagement Coordinator at Syracuse University 

We had the pleasure of having Jon meeting with our student-athletes leaders from across all varsity sports at Syracuse this past March.

Leaders of Evolution is passionate about building leaders and developing unique, customized content to deliver programming that is applicable to each individual regardless of their role on the team or point in their college career. Jon is very thorough and professional and we would love to have him back in the future.

Student athlete meme, Student-athlete development jobs, Student-athlete development

Vince Inglima, Head Men's Basketball Coach at San Francisco State University

We have worked with Leaders of Evolution over the past four years. Most recently, Jon Shepherd delivered a tailored 2018/19 pre-season programme for our NCAA Student-athletes. As a result, the team took direct responsibility and kept themselves accountable for the entire season.

Leaders of Evolution proven athlete development approach together with Jon's professionalism and ability to create strong rapport is second to none.

Next College student athlete, Life Skills worksheets, Student life Center

Kristina  Navarro, Associate Athletic Director (Former) at University Wisconsin-Whitewater

Damian Hecker was a wonderful guest for our Warhawk Leadership Academy. He brought excellent questions and perspective to really understand as well as expand the curriculum model.

While on campus he met with our SAAC, coaches and faculty to share more about Leaders of Evolution and listen and learn. He is a data driven, pragmatic leader.

Our 4 C's Leadership Learning Framework

The 4 C’s transition smoothly across all areas of the e-learning courses we design and ultimately inspire learners to walk away with their COMPETENCE, CONFIDENCE, CHARACTER & CONNECTEDNESS enhanced.

Leadership training for high schools

Relates to the future skills of the workforce the learner is developing whether they be technical (what) or tactical (how) and is intrinsically linked to performance outcomes.

Resilience programs for schools

Relates to the development of positive self-worth and recognition that the learner can use the knowledge gained to influence themselves and others.

resilience project

Relates to how the learner develops a sense of self-awareness and behaviours such as empathy, integrity and responsibility within the communities they apply their learning.

Leadership program for students

Relates to how the learner is able to establish and foster positive working relationships within the environments they apply their learning.

Let's Us Show You How To Harness E-learning And Drive Results For Your Student-Athletes.

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Why Leaders of Evolution?

Peer to Peer Leadership

Our Learning Framework

Relevant Global Curriculum

Showcase Alumni & Ambassadors

What People Are Saying

Best leadership training programs

Student-Athlete at Syracuse University

Leaders of Evolution held a presentation at SU discussing the topics; Leadership, Self awareness and High-Performing Teams. I have experienced a numerous amount of workshops during my collegiate career regarding these topics. However, I have never experienced such a vivid and honest presentation like the one from Jon Shepherd.

Jon continues to be a tremendous mentor for me, having such a major impact helping me maximise my potential and life skills.

More than an athlete, Athlete leadership Development programs, Athlete leadership quotes

Todd Fraley, Associate Dean at East Carolina University Honors College

I met Jon four years ago when I co-lead a study abroad trip to Australia. Jon was an instant hit with our students due to his approachable and clear communication style, excellent presentation, and impressive professional experience.

I have been back to Australia three times and Jon remains a key part of the educational experience our student’s receive. Leaders of Evolution work on athlete development on a global scale comes at a critical time and his unique perspective is needed in this arena. I look forward to staying engaged with the work Jon is doing.

Life Skills, Life Skills curriculum, Next College student athlete

Ryne Williams, Men's Basketball at San Francisco State University

My time with Leaders of Evolution over the past few years has been extremely rewarding. The programme is interactive and brought our team together, especially as we continued the online topics and reviewed leadership sessions with our coaches.

I definitely feel more confident and self-aware as a leader and better prepared for life and work after college sport.

Athlete Motivation quotes, More than an athlete, Athlete leadership Development programs

Stacy Warner, Professor at East Carolina University

Jon Shepherd from Leaders of Evolution has always been an absolutely pleasure to work. His ability to engage students using technology, story-telling and collaborative questioning in line with identified learning outcomes has always been a highlight.

Students have always enjoyed Jon's company feeling at ease to learn during his sessions. I look forward to our continued relationship with Leaders of Evolution.

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Athlete development online course

Jon Shepherd

Co-founder, Leaders of Evolution