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Learning & Development Partnership

We live in a fast-paced world with high expectations on results and less time to achieve them. eLearning enhances the performance of your people – developing efficient practices, confident leaders and improves motivation while increasing productivity and your bottom line.

Leaders of Evolution are passionate about curriculum development, transforming traditional learning resources for the digital age and engaging a community of learners. Not only can we build bespoke courses for your individual needs, but we’ll also provide the expertise to ensure your learning and development strategy is effective from the beginning.

The most important aspect of eLearning – is LEARNING. Let us develop a solution for your organisation that drives higher levels of performance, innovation and teamwork.

Did you Know?

Developing mastery in a chosen field has been proven to be a motivating factor for employee engagement and retention. We design contemporary learning and development strategies for organisations in order to help your people achieve mastery and deliver results.

Talk to us about how we can improve motivation, leadership and productivity in your organisation through our eLearning courses.

Client Journey

Our learning and development partnerships are designed in collaboration with you. We work together to
address your needs and help your people and organisation reach their goals and full potential.
Ask us how we can plan and deliver an eLearning course to motivate your team and increase performance in your organisation.



The first step to success is understanding your organisation, the issues you’re facing and the goals you wish to achieve. This process can take place online or face-to-face and takes into consideration the needs of your entire team.

These sessions will establish the preliminary roadmap, which will be implemented to inspire positive development and change within your organisation.



Utilising the data generated in Phase 1, we’ll collaborate with selected team members to develop a short-term (3 – 6 month) program designed to achieve your immediate goals.

Examples of these development sessions include workplace culture and values, establishing an ongoing learning and development strategy, in addition to leadership, teamwork, performance and coaching tools.



The short-term program in Phase 2 provides the opportunity to reflect on the success of progress to date and highlight areas for review. We then work with your team to refine the learning and development strategy and set medium to long-term goals, specific your organisation and its individual needs for the next 1-3 years.



In Phase 4 the learning and development strategy is deployed with clear roles and responsibilities for all parties. Mastery and autonomy are the focus of this phase as staff at all levels select the appropriate learning option for them.

This could consist of developing an eLearning platform specific to your business, internal face-to-face development sessions, external courses or a combination of these options depending on your organisation’s unique requirements.



This phase operates in parallel with Phase 4. As staff undertake their education, senior staff and management are able to observe the impact of the program and adapt where necessary.

The learning and development strategy is reviewed and continues to serve as a key indicator, guiding future decision making, development and continued growth.

Case Study

As a truly national organisation, Special Olympics Australia believed it was necessary to invest in a platform that would provide engaging education and consistent messaging to everyone within the SOA community. Starting with a focus on coaching, the longer-term vision is to provide education to volunteers, officials and athletes in order to support their journey within the SOA sporting experience. As the relationship develops and grows, introducing free resources and forum discussions are also part of the vision for the platform.

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