Leaders of Evolution’s Commitment to Building Emergent Leaders in Sport

Whether students are just starting their athletic career in high school or they have been playing sports since they could walk, they can be classified as emergent leaders in sport. Becoming a successful leader in sports takes practice and the right information to help students build those skills. At Leaders of Evolution, we are dedicated to creating online courses and workshops for emergent leaders in sports. Before partnering with Leaders of Evolution, all organizations and sports teams must understand the importance of educating these student-athletes and emergent leaders in sports.

Emergent Leaders in Sport

Emergent Leaders in Sport | Leaders of Evolution

Many students can say that they have played a specific sport since their childhood, and this is key in developing the leadership qualities of emergent leaders in sports. Many studies have shown the importance of children being involved in sports, both team and individual sports. Student-athletes build strong social skills with both their teammates, but also coaches and referees. Teamwork, overcoming adversity, self-confidence, and commitment are some of the many lessons that emergent leaders in sport can learn through their participation and competition. 


For students involved in team sports, they build strong relationships with their teammates and develop an understanding and respect for cooperation. In sports teams, everyone is working towards a shared goal or a task and therefore must work together to achieve success. Emergent leaders in sport will help initiate teamwork and make positive relationships.

Overcoming Adversity

When students agree to compete and participate in sports, they also realize that success is not guaranteed, but earned. In every single game, one team or individual wins and one loses. Overcoming the challenges and obstacles of sports is part of the learning process of athletes. 


Being successful in sports and winning games builds student-athletes courage and makes them interested in participating in extracurricular activities. Having the confidence in your work and your ability is an important quality to have for emergent leaders in sports. Without it, students would not reach their fullest potential.


Playing a sport takes a lot of effort and time management. Through sports, students will learn to make commitments to practising and also find time for school and academics. Students will also learn discipline and become emergent leaders in sports. 

How Can We Help?

As an online student-athlete development website, Leaders of Evolution has created specific e-learning courses for emergent leaders in sport. These courses are designed to be taken by student-athletes in year 9 and 10 and aim to develop their leadership skills. We have made it even easier for emergent leaders in sport to gain beneficial knowledge and experience from these courses by offering two unique course plans.

Firstly, student-athletes are encouraged to enrol in Leaders of Evolution’s “Emerging Leaders in Sport – On-field Course”. This e-learning course will help emergent leaders in sport understand basic leadership techniques and skills that can be applied directly on the field for whichever sport the student participates in. 

Following the “On-field Course”, we also offer the “Emerging Leaders in Sport – Off-field Course”. This program will help emergent leaders in sport apply the skills they have learned into all aspects of life and not just within their respective sport. Both courses cost $29.90 for each student taking the course.

Leaders of Evolution encourages sporting organizations and high schools with sports programs to offer these courses for these students. To help teachers administer and monitor these courses, we have also created the “Emerging Leaders in Sport – Teacher and Coach Intro” course. This course, which costs $15.95 will help the teacher or coach understand the material that they are administering to their students or athletes. 

What Student-Athletes Will Learn:

Each of our e-learning courses will help student-athletes develop unique skills and understand ways to apply them in different situations. For students interested in enrolling in our “Emerging Leaders in Sport” course, they will have access to the different lessons plans within each course. For example, emergent leaders in sport can take lessons like influencing performance and leadership

Through these courses and lessons, student-athletes will learn about Leaders of Evolution’s 4 C’s Leadership Learning Framework and will complete different activities such as listing characteristics that influence performance, reflecting on your own personal experiences as an athlete, and comparing the differences of a disciplined and non-disciplined leader. 

Within the “Emerging Leaders in Sport” e-learning course, there are Micro Courses for “Athlete Leadership” for years 9 & 10. Student-athletes will learn the techniques and skills for effective leadership such as vision, influence, effort, style of leadership, affect change, and address issues. For this course, students are also encouraged to participate in self-reflection and connect to leadership skills in their personal life. Leaders of Evolution also explains the different leadership styles that students can possess and when the appropriate time to use these leadership styles are. 

How To Start Your Partnership Today

Do you believe that your sports organization or athletic program can benefit from a partnership with Leaders of Evolution? If you are interested in helping your student-athletes become emergent leaders in sport, then the answer is probably yes. Leaders of Evolution will help students develop important leadership skills and enhance their performance on the field,

Check out our website today to explore our e-learning courses and hub partnership programs!

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