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Let’s talk about something that many people spend all their life savings to pay for but doesn’t guarantee employment in the future: college. The opportunity to attend college or university is a massive privilege that not every student has. People work hard and save up lots of money to afford college, which is overwhelmingly expensive. Education is a privilege – even though it shouldn’t be so hard to obtain.  

Not to mention, colleges expect perfection from their students. I remember when I was applying because I felt like a massive underachiever. Universities are looking for a student with a perfect 4.0 GPA, 5 sport athlete, a member of 25 clubs, the school president, started a nonprofit, and volunteers 30 hours a week. Where do those students exist? The answer is simple: they don’t. I know I’m massively exaggerating but not by much. It is impossible for students to stand out with such unrealistic expectations.  

So this all leads to the question – is attending college worth it?  

I think the answer is different for everyone and very circumstantial. College is a great experience and beneficial for certain career paths. In occupations that are more experience-based such as trade school, however, it’s not as necessary. It costs a ton of money, and it’s not for everyone. What matters more is making sure that your employability and abilities are ready for the workforce.  

How to Build Skills for the Workforce 

The Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment outlines employability skills training to help young people become job-ready by providing intensive pre-employment training. It gives young people the opportunity to enhance their work readiness and sharpen their skill set in order to be successful. The training helps young people in two massive ways: it allows them to understand the expectations of employers in the recruitment process and as a new employee.  

What Do the Courses Do? 

There are two courses available through the Australian Government’s program that are intended to build upon two different skillsets. They are 75 hours of face-to-face training over a three week time period. These employability skills training courses are available so that students can increase their chances of getting a job or internship.  

The First Course: 

The first type of course offered by the government is geared toward: 

  • Helping young people develop their resume 
  • Improving interview techniques  
  • Focusing on job preparation 
  • Job-hunting skills 
  • The opportunity to participate in Industry Awareness Experiences  

The Second Course: 

The second type of course focuses more on: 

  • Workplace skills 
  • Workplace knowledge 
  • Developing IT 
  • Problem solving 
  • Communication abilities  

Both employability skills trainings are intended to help young people meet the expectations of their employers. These goals sound like music to our ears, here at Leaders of Evolution.  

Leaders of Evolution Preps Students for the Future 

Employability skills training is just as important for Leaders of Evolution. In fact, it’s a huge part of our mission – we seek to prepare tomorrows leaders, today! We offer several courses at LoE that aim to prepare young leaders to excel in the workforce and increase their marketability.  

Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum | Leaders of Evolution

The Future Skills of the Workforce suite of courses challenges students to develop a stronger sense of self-awareness and explore how their skills can be used in employability skills training and beyond. Another course called The New Work Smarts is defined by three areas that will be commonplace in the workplace by 2030. Those areas are: being a smart learner, smart thinker, and smart doer. The future workforce will demand fluidity and autonomy to succeed. It is constantly changing in ways that we can barely predict. It is essential to be prepared for anything.  

The 4 C’s  

Leaders of Evolution courses are taught on the backbone of the 4 C’s, which are Competence, Confidence, Character, and Connectedness. These characteristics are attributes that successful leaders possess but must continue to build throughout their professional careers. Our Future Skills of the Workforce suite inspires grit, goal setting, self-awareness, and workplace learning strategies.  

Why Wait? 

Why wait until tomorrow? Start preparing your students for their futures today! Click here to check out the Future Skills of the Workforce Free Taster course.

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