Leaders of Evolution’s E-learning Hub Partnership for Special Olympics Australia Coaches

Leaders of Evolution’s E-learning Hub Partnership aims to develop the skills of Special Olympics coaches through online coaching courses and more. Leaders of Evolution recognizes the importance and valuable impact of Special Olympics Australia, as it encourages equality in sport and provides open opportunities for those with intellectual disabilities. 

Equality in Sport

Special Olympics Australia began in 1976, advocating for and working with those that have an intellectual disability. While people with intellectual disabilities were shut out from playing sports, Special Olympics Australia works towards equality in sport, encouraging personal achievement and celebrating inclusion for underrepresented communities. Special Olympics is a year-round multi-sports program for people with an intellectual disability – of all capabilities. 

Special Olympics by the Numbers

Today, there are over 6,000 participants, over 1,000 volunteers and over 260 coaches. There are 49 Special Olympic clubs and 66 school programs for a wide variety of athletes with intellectual disabilities participating. With 711,000 Australians living with an intellectual disability, programs like Special Olympics Australia remain influential in providing so many Australians with equal opportunity in over 19 official sports and programs. Knowing that coaches pave the way for a positive experience for many participants, Leaders of Evolution has designed e-learning coursework for coaches to maximize the leadership potential. 

Leaders of Evolution’s E-Learning Hub Partnership

Equality in Sport | Leaders of Evolution

The Special Olympics Australia e-learning platform – SOA Learn is used to educate coaches, athletes and volunteers, including a special coach-education coach “Improving Sport for People with an Intellectual Disability.” Leaders of Evolution felt it was necessary to bring consistent and clear messaging to coaches of the sporting organization, starting with and focusing on educating and communicating with Special Olympics coaches.

Leaders of Evolution paired up with the sporting organization Special Olympics Australia, making sure to abide by SOA corporate style guides. 

“This course is an important step in equipping coaches with the appropriate knowledge and skills to be able to provide a quality sporting experience for people with an intellectual disability, both within Special Olympics Australia and the wider sporting community.”

Special Olympics Australia CEO Corene Strauss speaks of Leaders of Evolution’s first online coaching courses.

Leaders of Evolution utilized videos, case studies and questions from Special Olympics Australia participants to build a knowledgable program to advocate for equality in sport in every sporting organization. So how do Leaders of Evolution’s e-learning hub partnership aid equality in sport and benefit the coaches and participants for Special Olympics Australia? 

Equality in Sport Through Thorough Education

Sporting organizations involved in Special Olympics Australia can benefit from the e-learning hub partnership through a specially designed course for coaches. The mechanics of the program include:

  • A collaborative approach to design e-learning platform functionality and alignment to corporate style guide
  • Collaborative planning to ensure the developed curriculum would resonate with the learner in an online environment as well as shaping learning intentions for each lesson
  • Research in order to better understand the intellectual disability sport space and sport organization
  • Long term e-learning strategy planning 
  • Two days of filming
  • Six animated pieces designed exclusively by Leaders of Evolution as part of the course build
  • A collaborative approach to the design of Coach Workbook resource

The first-ever online course education course for coaches of athletes with intellectual disability was created, working towards equality in sport within every sporting organization and more. Within the first three3 months of the release of the first course, 500 people registered to learn through the e-learning hub partnership, excited to learn how to fight for equality in sport and make the experience of those with intellectual abilities as positive as possible. 

How to Work with Leaders of Evolution and Work Towards Equality in Sport

Equality in Sport | Leaders of Evolution

Collaborating and learning through Leaders of Evolution, whether you are a sporting organization or group of coaching individuals looking to make a positive impact on equality in sport, is easy with just a few simple steps.

  1. The first step is understanding your sporting organization, the issues you are facing and how you wish to improve. As a sporting organization and as a coach, what are your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement for the next Special Olympics Australia? 
  2. Based on the data generated on your needs and goals discussed in the first step, Leaders of Evolution will work with your sporting organization to identify the necessary courses and other learning elements that would be beneficial to you. 
  3. Leaders of Evolution will cultivate and develop a curriculum personal to your sporting organization and can take the coaches on a purposeful learning journey. 
  4. The course is usually launched within 3-6 months following the first consultation in step one. The deployment of the first e-learning course is an exciting achievement in maximizing our 3-year E-learning hub partnership.
  5. Finally, Leaders of Evolution careful analyzes your progress as an organization and measures the goals originally set with our programs. We meet in person bi-annually, with strategy sessions tracking progress to continue to provide a strong foundation for future courses. 

Through Leaders of Evolution’s e-learning hub partnership, specially developed for coaches aiding in Special Olympics Australia, volunteers and coaches can become more equipped to create a positive and uplifting experience for participants with an intellectual disability. With in-depth research and strategic curriculum development, coaches can progress as leaders and work for equity in sport in the next Special Olympics Australia. With now over 2000 registered users of SOA Learn, Leaders of Evolution continues to work to make a positive impact on the community and those working for equity in sport. 

Learn more about working with Leaders of Evolution and our e-learning hub partnership program here. 

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