The Importance of Online Skill-Building Resources for Australians of All Ages and Skill Levels

Leaders of Evolution is one of hundreds and thousands of online learning resources for young student-athletes. In particular, Leaders of Evolution recognizes the success and work of Fiftysix Creations, an e-learning program that provides skill-building programs and personal development courses for Australians of all ages. Fiftysix Creations has courses that are specifically made for senior citizens and also for young students. 

Fiftysix Creations | Leaders of Evolution

These skill-building programs and personal development courses from Fiftysix Creations are similar to those of Leaders of Evolution. Here at Leaders of Evolution, we are also dedicated to the personal development of students and athletes. Our courses build student’s interpersonal skills and have helped students and athletes of all ages. For students who want to gain more insight, specifically on improving their digital and financial literacy skills, Fiftysix Creations can be a perfect partnership for them.

Skill-Building Programs: Fiftysix Creations and Leaders of Evolution

Founded by Taj Pabari in 2014, Fiftysix Creations aims to help Australians of all ages through their skill-building programs. Pabari’s primary goal was to educate students by selling electronic tablets to kids in Australia. Since then, Fiftysix Creations has developed into a cross country online platform that creates programs for indigenous students around Australia. Along with Fiftysix Creations, Pabari is not the Chief Executive Officer for the Australian School of Entrepreneurship, one of Fiftysix Creations partners. 

Now headquartered in Brisbane City in Queensland, Australia, the organization has expanded its capacities and ability to affect Australians. Fiftysix Creations has also partnered with the local, state, and federal governments of Australia to create programs for students in schools. These skill-building programs, personal development courses, and workshops are designed to develop their creativity and financial literacy. However, Fiftysix Creations’ largest and most influential partnership is with the Australian School of Entrepreneurship. 

Australian School of Entrepreneurship

Fiftysix Creations | Leaders of Evolution

The partnership between Fiftysix Creations and the Australian School of Entrepreneurship was designed to create skill-building programs for young Australian students. Between workshops, online courses and skill-building programs, young Australians will learn lots of valuable information and skills that they can apply to their education and everyday lives. These skills-building programs have also been developed in collaboration with entrepreneurs and teachers. Therefore, students are able to gain insightful and useful knowledge.

Like Leaders of Evolution, Fiftysix Creations has allowed these skill-building programs to be customizable to fit an organization’s specific learning objectives and budget. The overall goal of these skill-building programs is to help prepare young Australians to enter the workforce. Skills and traits such as adaptability, employability, and competitiveness will all be developed when students participate in these programs. Any student aged 5 to 21 years old with a passion for innovation is suggested to learn more about the partnership.

Young Australian Skill Building Programs

The partnership with Fiftysix Creations is one of many that the Australian School of Entrepreneurship engages in. One of their skill-building programs includes the  “Leadership” workshop. Students enrolled in this program will learn skills such as public speaking, sales, negotiation, vision and strategy, and team building. This program costs $1,600 per day which is equivalent to around 30 students doing three 2-hour workshops. 

The Australian School of Entrepreneurship employs over 40 qualified teachers and educators that facilitate the workshops. Each skill-building program will be led by a program facilitator who has completed at least 200 hours of workshop supervision and has their Working With Children Checks. 

Senior Australians Skill Building Programs

Another partnership that Fiftysix Creations participates in is with The Good Things Foundation and the Australian Government. Together, the Senior Startup Program was created and aims to develop older Australians’ skills and confidence using technology. Senior Australians will learn the importance of e-safety, understand social media, and learn the basics of new technology. 

This program is specifically designed for Australians aged 50 and older. These online programs are free to those who qualify and will help Australians better understand the increasingly digital world that we live in. Fiftysix Creations is so dedicated to educating seniors that they will provide an iPad or a Chromebook to participants of the program if needed. 

Leaders of Evolution

As an organization dedicated to the education of student-athletes across the world, Leaders of Evolution acknowledges the success of Fiftysix Creations. Leaders of Evolution is based out of Australia and has created skill-building programs specifically to help students to understand the Australian structure and rules of sport and education. Therefore, both organizations are great resources for students.

Leaders of Evolution also creates programs for students based on their skill level or age group. For example, we have unique skill-building programs for students in year 5 & 6, years 9 & 10, and also years 11 & 12. Our e-learning courses and hub partnership programs allow students and other athletic and educational organizations to create their own personalized programs. Want to find the program right for you?

Click here to visit our website to learn more about Leaders of Evolutions personal development and skills courses.

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