How Leaders of Evolution Can Help Your Students Understand Fixed vs Growth Mindset

According to Carol Dweck, a researcher at Stanford University who studies human motivation, there are two different mindsets that can impact people’s performance in all aspects of life: fixed vs growth mindset. She once said, “In a fixed mindset students believe their basic abilities, their intelligence, their talents, are just fixed traits.

They have a certain amount and that’s that, and then their goal becomes to look smart all the time and never look dumb.

In a growth mindset, students understand that their talents and abilities can be developed through effort, good teaching and persistence. They don’t necessarily think everyone’s the same or anyone can be Einstein, but they believe everyone can get smarter if they work at it.” 

Fixed vs growth mindset

In other words, in a fixed mindset, people believe their intelligence is static, and that belief leads them to desire to look smart at all costs. By focusing on that desire, they have a tendency to avoid challenges, give up easily, see their efforts as worthless, ignore important negative feedback, and feel threatened by the success of others. Because of these tendencies, they may never reach their full potential. 

But with a growth mindset, people believe their intelligence can be developed, and that belief leads them to desire to learn more. By having this thirst for knowledge, they’re more likely to embrace challenges, persist through setbacks, view their efforts as a path to mastery, learn from constructive criticism, and feel inspired by the success of others. People with growth mindsets are better equipped to reach higher levels of achievement. 

At Leaders of Evolution, our student leadership development courses help your students confront the idea of the fixed vs growth mindset and encourage them to choose a growth mindset in every aspect of their life. Leaders of Evolution’s “Emerging Leaders in Sport” course is designed to give student-athletes all information and tools they need in order to challenge their fixed vs growth mindset and achieve new levels of leadership performance both on and off the field.

Throughout Leaders of Evolution’s student leadership development course, student-athletes will hear from internationally renowned coaches and athletes that have performed at the elite and semi-elite level for decades. By the end of the student leadership development course, your students will be feeling more confident in their abilities and means to improve the performance of those around them, effectively developing their understanding of a fixed vs growth mindset.

Fixed Vs Growth Mindset | Growth Mindset | Leaders of Evolution

Read on to get a taste of the concepts students of Leaders of Evolution’s leadership development courses to teach and how those concepts relate to the idea of a fixed vs growth mindset.

Fixed vs growth mindset and leadership

Throughout Leaders of Evolution’s student leadership development course and beyond, student-athletes will be encouraged to think about leadership as being “effective.” Effective leadership is about delivering outcomes that have been identified by yourself, teammates or coaches as being positive outcomes. By using this type of language, it takes the perception of what a leader should or should not be out of the equation, thereby eliminating the fixed mindset, and focuses on the results they actually achieve, putting the leader in a growth mindset. 

A person who we consider to be an ineffective leader may just be a person who was ineffective at a certain point in time, perhaps in the face of extraordinary circumstances, particularly challenging situations that they weren’t prepared to handle, or for reasons that were outside of their control. That does not make them a “bad” leader, it just means they were not an effective one at that moment. 

Leadership is challenging, and it is not reasonable or possible to expect everyone to get it right every time. When student-athletes analyse their own and others’ leadership performance during this student leadership development course, it is important for them to keep this in mind. By applying this understanding to the concept of a fixed vs growth mindset, student-athletes will be well equipped to choose a growth mindset and learn from challenges, setbacks, criticism, and the successes of others, rather than be disappointed and defeated by their failures. 

Fixed vs growth mindset and self-awareness

Self-awareness is the ability to look inward and develop an understanding of your personal make-up, and it is a skill that must be constantly worked on and tested for your entire life. This concept can include your strengths and areas you seek to develop, how you develop relationships, the impact your behaviour has on others and recognising your emotions, motivations, and many other personality traits. When considering the fixed vs growth mindset, it is important for students in Leaders of Evolution’s student leadership development courses to understand that maintaining a sense of self-awareness will help them achieve a growth mindset, rather than a fixed one. 

Fixed Vs Growth Mindset | Growth Mindset | Leaders of Evolution

In this student leadership development course, students will be challenged to self-reflect at various times to help them establish and develop their levels of self-awareness and consider their fixed vs growth mindset. They will also be given the opportunity to ask others to help them develop their self-awareness by seeking their feedback at various times. 

Self-reflecting and seeking feedback from others can often be challenging because we may not be prepared for criticism we may receive. Challenges to improve from a teacher, mentor, or peer can be motivating for some people and hard to swallow for others. Being open to this feedback is critical and means that students are on the right side of the fixed vs growth mindset equation.

If students in Leaders of Evolution’s student leadership development course are prepared to honestly reflect on their actions and behaviours, and to seek and listen to feedback from other sources, it will assist in their ability to be effective leaders and harness a growth mindset for greater success. 

Here are five simple steps you can take to get your students on track to leadership and growth mindset success:

Step 1:

Fixed Vs Growth Mindset | Growth Mindset | Leaders of Evolution

As an educator, you can click here to select either the “On-field” or “Off-field” course, depending on what aspect of student leadership development you’re in the market for, and take advantage of our “Online Teacher Introduction” course, where you’ll find advice from well-versed teachers and the Leaders of Evolution team. With that step-by-step guide, you’ll be prepared to deliver an engaging experience and transition your students to the launch of the leadership development course. Upon completion of the “Online Teacher Introduction” course, you’ll be rewarded with a certificate of completion in recognition of one hour of Professional Learning.

Step 2:

With a “Customer Success Toolkit” from Leaders of Evolution, you’ll feel supported in your implementation of this student leadership development course. It will provide you with helpful tips, a breakdown of the curriculum, and a 12-month timeline for delivery. You’ll also have access to a Goal Setting and Self-reflection framework, which will equip you in your endeavour to achieve your school’s unique priorities for leadership development as you promote your students to apply their new leadership skills.

Step 3:

As students progress in their student leadership development course, they’ll self-regulate their journey. But as their teacher, Leaders of Evolution will empower you to connect with them through lesson plans, an assessment matrix, and learning tools.

Step 4:

Leaders of Evolution will check in with you each term and continue to provide you with tools to make sure your school maximises its student leadership development goals and stays on a productive path of leadership development. You’ll also have access to online reports which will help you track the progress of your students throughout their leadership development course.

Step 5:

Upon completion of the student leadership development course, Leaders of Evolution will reward your individual students and school with personalised 4 C’s Certified Certificates. Your school will also have the opportunity to win recognition as a State and National finalist or a winner of our Leadership School of the Year Award. 

To get a sense of what Leaders of Evolution has to offer, try our free taster course.

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