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As educators and mentors, we want to encourage children to take on leadership roles and build confidence in and out of the classroom. Building the confidence and character necessary to become a leader is made possible through the online Professional Development Program for young students at Leaders of Evolution. 

Free Education Professional Development

What does leadership mean to students enrolled in the Professional Development Program? Young leaders have described leadership as setting a good example and being approachable, confident and kind. At Leaders of Evolution, we’ve designed a curriculum focused on working on the 4 C’s, Competence, Confidence, Character and Connectedness.

Through a two-part Young Leaders in School course, educators and students can get a snapshot of the topics and courses available that will enhance students’ 4 C’s.

The Foundation, first-part of the coursework focuses on learning about and understanding the skills necessary to be an efficient leader. The Advanced, or second-part of the coursework teaches students to apply, reflect, set goals and make an overall positive impact on their community utilizing their 4 C’s. 

Let’s dive into the Free Education Professional Development tester course further, and learn how Leaders of Evolution can enhance your students’ lifelong future skills. 

Free Education Professional Development

The Foundation course in the Free Education Professional Development first discusses with students what being an efficient leader is and the skills that make up one. To be an efficient leader, students must be self-aware, form interpersonal relationships, and understand how to listen. By building off the 4 C’s, students can recognize the necessary skillsets to gain internal confidence, and lead others to believe in you as well. 

Self-awareness: To have a very deep knowledge of yourself as an individual. This means knowing things like: 

  • Your personal values
  • Your strengths and areas to improve
  • How you learn best
  • How your behaviour impacts other people
  • Whether you work better alone or in groups
  • How you react emotionally to different situations

Strong interpersonal relationships:

Every leader is defined by the followers that surround the leader. Students must learn how to first understand and reflect on themselves, and then have strong emotional intelligence in regards to those around them. At Leaders of Evolution, we know that regardless of badge or title, leadership is reflected through your behaviour, actions and ability to draw others to your cause.


Listening is a crucial way to build strong interpersonal relationships and move people towards your cause. It is a critical skill because:

  • People feel valued when they are listened to
  • Listening is about taking in new information which will help you make effective decisions
  • Being a good listener will encourage people in your teams to do the same – it builds respect and rapport
To be a good listener, you should:
  • Take notes
  • Make eye contact
  • Give the speaker attention
  • Minimize distractions 
Free Education Professional Development | Leaders of Evolution

Implementing These Skills

The second half of the Free Education Professional Development coursework involves implementing the skills in real-life scenarios by reflecting on past experiences, yourself/your strengths, assessing work in teams and more.

Be sure to keep in mind the 4 C’s: Competence, Confidence, Character and Connectedness throughout the Professional Development Program and throughout all lessons at Leaders of Evolution. They have been designed to make sense of the lessons taught in the Professional Development Program, and shape the way we look at our leadership progress and skill development. 

Self-awareness and self-assessment: Through self-awareness, we learn ourselves inside and out. Through self-assessment, we can decide our working style in groups, strengths in our teamwork and areas to improve. While self-assessing, Leaders of Evolution encourages educators and students to remain honest with themselves.

Remaining honest with yourself allows you to gain the most out of the exercises provided in the Free Education Professional Development courses, specifically the ones where you have the opportunity to reflect your ability to work with others. Honesty in self-assessment will also provide you with a motivation for progress and help later on when it comes to goal-setting and finding purpose. 

Interpersonal relationships: How can we make sure that we are engaging with the stakeholders in our lives, and providing meaningful relationships to those we surround ourselves with? At Leaders of Education, we recognize the importance of these stakeholders and how necessary it is to know their needs. To work better with and understand the stakeholders in your life:

  • Practice listening. 
  • Communicate properly: whether through an email, phone call or in-person, practice being comfortable with open and honest communication. This will make a large difference in the professional world as we move online more. 
  • Watch this video to understand the proper communication technique with each stakeholder.

These are important steps emphasized in the Professional Development Program, and in many lessons throughout the Leaders of Evolution’s curriculum.

Finding Purpose and Measuring Progress with the Professional Development Program

Purpose: Leaders must find purpose in order to drive themselves towards a cause and encourage others to move towards the cause as well. It will help leaders overcome any challenges and build resilience not just in the professional world, but in a young leader’s life experiences. 

Measure: Setting goals and finding purpose is a great first step, but next, students and educators must decide how to measure the progress made with the Free Education Professional Development courses. While taking the Professional Development Program coursework and any other lessons with Leaders of Evolution, we ask students and educators to ask:

  • Why are we doing this? (Find purpose)
  • What are we trying to achieve (Plan for outcomes)
  • How will we know if we have been successful (Decide on measures)

Leadership does not begin nor end with the Professional Development Courses at Leaders of Evolution. However, the Free Education Professional Development coursework can encourage educators and students to get a head start on practising leadership skills, which can then be transferred to success in the classroom, in sports or activities and later in students’ careers.

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