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Personal Values Activity

Personal values are an expression for what’s most important to you. They allow you to live an authentic, happy personal

The Coach as a Leader

Australian Boomers Assistant Coach Luc Longley was aggrieved, probably still angry and bitterly disappointed. 

Why great leaders consistently achieve their goals

Goal setting is universally seen as an effective approach to development — regardless of what that development might be.

9 key areas to measure organisation culture

What is culture?
Simply put ‘it’s the way we do things around here’.

Need help navigating tricky conversations?

Those who lead have to have challenging conversations often. The reasons for having these conversations vary but what remains true is that these conversations often lead to better results.

The Final Reflection – One Month of Learning in the U.S. of A.

The gruelling 15-hour flight from LAX to Tullamarine provides plenty of time for reflection, albeit in a cramped (even for me at 165cm!) and uncomfortable reflective learning environment. 

5 things I learnt at Syracuse University

It’s not often you get the backstage pass.  No lines, preferential treatment and access to a world that most of us only ever discover through a behind the scenes doco.

LoE Connect – April 2017

This LoE Connect welcomes a new member to our team, amazing drone footage from the remote community of Areyonga.

LoE Connect – October 2016

Our inaugural e-newsletter features Irymple South South PS program, Student Leadership Council at McClelland College

LoE Connect – December 2017

Jon and Damian discuss the culmination to 2017 including the updating of footage for the Young Leaders in Schools

LoE Connect – February/March 2017

This month’s LoE Connect focuses on the great projects Leaders of Evolution have been working on with their clients so far in 2017

LoE Connect – June 2017

This LoE Connect gives an up-date across all sectors, including launch dates of out Young Leaders in Schools e-learning course

Sarah & Jess Hosking – LoE TV

AFL Women’s Carlton FC players Sarah and Jess Hosking dropped in to Maribyrnong Sports Academy in December, 2016

Tai Wesley – LoE TV

Melbourne United’s Tai Wesley has a captivating story.

Ian Stacker – LoE TV

Ian Stacker has a long and illustrious career as a basketball coach in Australia.

How do I develop leadership? Olympic Gold Medallist, Katie Allen

Katie Allen is an Olympic Gold Medallist, coach and teacher.

Time to celebrate failure

As we all lament the fact the Olympics have finished up for another four years and our athletes return to the fame

Want the bad news? The odds are against our emerging athletes

Of more than 480 thousand National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) athletes

Reflective Practice – Why we should all be doing this

Reflective practice is a skill that can be developed.

Social media do’s, don’ts and tips for emerging athletes

Have you ever had an experience where your social media post has had an impact on someone else?

5 Powerful Quotes & How To Use Them

This resource explores five exceptional quotes and the way in which you can apply them to your leadership environment.

Mentoring Agreement

Mentoring is a mutually beneficial relationship which involves a more experienced person helping a less experienced person to achieve their goals.

Self-reflection Mentoring Profile

Reflection can lead to greater self-awareness, which in turn is a first step to positive change.

SMART Goal Setting

Goal setting is universally seen as an effective approach to development — regardless of what that development might be.

Professional Learning Plan Guidelines

A professional learning plan is imperative to drive and focus a learner on the identified areas of their role

8 Steps to Optimise Your LinkedIn Professional Brand

LinkedIn is a game changer in the professional space, whether you’re a shoe salesman

How the horse racing industry develops high performing teams

Even if you’re not a fan of horse racing, if you had the pleasure of watching Winx scorch the soggy turf beneath

11 Qualities of highly successful coaches

Gavin is a globally experienced sports management professional specializing in club management, sports marketing, team leadership and coaching.

How Iceland made us laugh and the English helped us learn…

A funny thing happened last week.  The Iceland football team took on the might (ha!) of the English in the Euro 2016 Round of 16 – and won!  Funny, right?

Lessons I learnt from NOT having a mentor

By definition from Cambridge Dictionary a mentor is a person who ‘gives a younger or less experienced person help

Self Reflection – Leaders of Evolution

Self reflection is a development tool that can lead to resolving inner conflict

7 engaging reasons to use infographic videos

As we continue to build a knowledge bank of content for both online and blended learning programs the use of bespoke infographics continues to be a key element to our curriculum.

Do you appreciate the A-Team?

A strange phenomenon occurred recently. In the space of four hours our business Leaders of Evolution had contact points

From drowning to leading. Organisation culture lessons from community sport

Imagine your home away from home being destroyed.  Years of memories, hard work and success gone in the blink of an eye. 

The game tape doesn’t lie – How to develop yourself – for FREE!

Over the past 20 years, I’ve worked and competed along side many high performance athletes and coaches.

What we can learn from Australia’s best sporting coaches

Towards the back end of last year Richard Hinds wrote a piece in the Daily Telegraph analysing some of Australia’s top sporting coaches and their reasons for success.

How safe is your environment?

As a former educator I’ve been brought up on the importance of developing safe environments.

Ongoing Development. Always?

As the new year greets us all and we slowly transition from the holiday malaise to the routine

Partnering with a goose is all it’s ‘quacked’ up to be!

It’s no secret that establishing and fostering partnerships in business goes a long way to helping companies of all sizes create and sustain networks,


Young Leaders in School
eLearning Course

These courses have been designed to introduce and strengthen the concept of “leadership” for year 5 & 6 students in a fun and engaging way.

Young Leaders in Sport
eLearning Course

 Courses have been designed to develop the skills young athletes require to be effective leaders in the sporting environment. It will raise their awareness of leadership skills and principles, challenge them to apply these into their sporting environment and encourage ongoing reflection and learning from their experiences.

We've proudly worked with

“We have worked with Leaders of Evolution to develop learning materials for our coaches and the Play NRL website. They have a high level of understanding as it relates to contemporary coaching methodology and coach education and we thoroughly enjoy working with them.”

Brad Levy
Education Training and Research Manager

“Leaders of Evolution has supported Kilmore Racing Club to establish the values and behaviours that are important for the growth of our people and organisation. Jon and Damian have developed successful working relationships at all levels of the business and their engagement of staff has led to a more positive organisation culture, even at the very early stages of the program. We look forward to our continued relationship and the impact this will have.”

Ben Murphy
Chief Executive

”After researching the market, partnering with Leaders of Evolution was that much easier knowing they offered a perpetual licence that protected our IP whilst showcasing our brand. Our first course has exceeded expectations and we are excited to plan and deliver more learning for our community’’

Terry Visscher
General Manager

“Leaders of Evolution delivered a diverse program to our year 10 boys, with a focus on aligning content to the leadership characteristics we wish to see from King’s leaders. The program brought together the future skills of the workforce, emotional intelligence and the unique Q & A session with senior staff to provide context to the leadership behaviours we seek from students at our school.”

Brendan Stewart Former
Head of Student Leadership

“Using technology to enhance excellent and engaging content is an innovative learning approach delivered by Leaders of Evolution. The opportunity to collaborate with a progressive and professional leadership organisation has added an extra dimension to our student leaders voice and we look forward to the partnership continuing.”

Ben Milsom
Assistant Principal

“The eLearning Hub allows SSA to educate coaches across the country and ensures school aged children can engage in our flagship junior participation program, Little Shredders. We’re looking forward to providing more learning opportunities for our community into the future.”

Steve Nelson
Sport Development and Partnership Manager

”Our Better Coach Project greatly benefited from Leaders Of Evolution's learning design expertise. The program was the first of its kind with a blended learning model having a powerful impact on coaches and participants. The coaches especially loved the learning community aspect to this approach.”

Gavin Mahony
Football Development Manager (Former)

‘’Leaders of Evolution expertise in curriculum design and development has brought a greater depth and impact to our Healthy Living Program. Furthermore, Damian and Jon’s professional approach and knowledge working in remote communities makes them a perfect organisation for us to work with. We look forward to our continued relationship with their team.’’

Scott Stirling
Chief Executive Officer

“Jon delivered a valuable pre-season program on team identity, values and culture to further develop our NCAA student athletes. As a result, the athletes took direct responsibility and kept themselves accountable for the entire season. His knowledge, professionalism and ability to create a strong rapport was second to none. We look forward to Jon continuing his work with our athletes.”

Vince Anglia
Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach

“I’ve found the resources Leaders of Evolution have provided to be really helpful in terms of mapping out what influence leaders have in our school community and helping the students own their leadership responsibilities.”

Jack Blythman
Year 5/6 teacher

“Our Learning and Development Partnership with Leaders of Evolution has proved valuable for our emerging athletes as they worked through a leadership and self-awareness development session leading in to the Under 17’s Nationals tournament. We look forward to the Leaders of Evolution team collaborating with our coaches in 2019 to enhance their development also. We’re rapt that we can call on the unique skill set the Leaders of Evolution team possess to impact the learning of many of our stakeholders.”

Nick Frayne

‘’The Leaders of Evolution team facilitated a tailored program for our entire Year 10 cohort, the content was engaging, relevant and challenged our students to apply their newly developed leadership skills as part of their immersion and beyond. By reviewing the Student leadership Guidebook Gregory Terrace staff were able monitor and review behavioural improvements in student leadership as a result of this program’’

Damien Cuddihy
Dean of Students St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace

”Using the Leaders of Evolution platform and expertise we developed an online company induction, welcoming new staff to our team using a fun, innovative eLearning course. Staff across the country immediately feel a connection to the organisation and this, along with other courses Leaders of Evolution have developed for us continues to be a critical part of our business.’’

Jeremy Djurovich
Managing Director

“Leaders of Evolution have a unique ability to tailor learning programs specific to where our student leaders are and the structures we have in place. In 2018 we are working with a newly minted student leadership program with both year 5 and year 6 student and Damian was able to deliver a session that allowed the students to make sense of their new roles. With the eLearning to assist the ongoing growth of these young leaders we are confident of this new student leadership structure lasting well into the future.”

Mathew Montebello
Assistant Principal

‘’The Leaders of Evolution (LoE) team facilitated tailored a program for our entire Year 10 cohort, the content was engaging, relevant and challenged our students to apply their newly developed leadership skills as part of their immersion and beyond. By reviewing the Student leadership Guidebook Gregory Terrace staff were able monitor and review behavioural improvements in student leadership as a result of this program’’

Damien Cuddihy, Dean of Students
St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace

“The blended learning program is helping Ranfurly Primary School build a long term approach to our student leadership program. We consider all Year 6 students leaders and with the e-learning course we can ensure every student has an opportunity to learn these important life skills. The face to face development sessions also engages each student in year 6 as well as our identified student leadership group. We have seen immediate school community impact from our collaboration.”

Toby Carew
Year 5/6 Teacher & Student Leadership Co-ordinator