How Student-Athletes Can Benefit from Free Sports Online With Leaders of Evolution?

Oftentimes, student-athletes are very busy with practice and competition for their respective sport. This can ultimately leave them with no time to develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed on the field as well as off the field. Leaders of Evolution understands the time commitment that student-athletes must give to their sport and wants to help these athletic leaders off the field. 

Free Sports Online | Leaders of Evolution

We have created courses that are focused on free sports online and are available through our E-learning courses or Hub Partnership programs. These sporting courses will help student-athletes develop the necessary skills they need to lead their team to victory. But first, it is important to understand what free sports online look like?

Free Sports Online

We understand that participating in a sport costs a lot of money and time for student-athletes. Therefore, we have created sporting courses that are free for students and can be taken online at the student’s luxury. 

We offer a variety of sporting courses for a variety of age and competition levels. We encourage that student-athletes read the description and try the free taster course for all of our different sporting courses. Therefore, student-athletes can choose the right sporting course for the type of information or competition level they believe is best for them.

For student-athletes who are thoroughly enjoying and benefiting from our free sports online programs, they can choose to continue their partnership with Leaders of Evolution and enrol in our further classes. For example, for students enrolled in our free taster of the Emerging Leaders in Sport – Year 9 & 10 sporting course and try our Emerging Leaders in Sport – On Field Course or Off Field course for $29.90.

These courses are also designed to be taken whenever the student-athlete has free time in their day. If students are halfway through the “On-Field Year 9 &10” sporting courses, but need to take a break, they can save their progress and pick up right where they left off later in the day. Leaders of Evolution’s free sports online courses are fully equipped to teach students the information they need with no extra materials. Students don’t need to purchase textbooks or watch external videos in order to better understand the information as our courses will provide students with all the resources they need. 

Who Can They Benefit?

Free Sports Online | Leaders of Evolution

Primary, these free sports online programs are designed to benefit students and give them the information they need to win sporting games. However, Leaders of Evolution also wants to help parents of athletes and coaches/teachers benefit too. 

For every free sports online course that Leaders of Evolution created for students, there is also a course specifically designed for coaches or teachers of the said student enrolled in our sporting courses. We believe that coaches and teachers also have the right to be fully educated and knowledgeable in order to lead their team or classroom to success. For example, there is a “Teacher Introduction Course” for the “Emerging Leaders in Sport” sporting courses that will give instructors the ability to apply these techniques that student-athletes are learning both on the field and in the classroom. 

Also, parents of these student-athletes should start to see an improvement in their student’s leadership and development skills. Not only is Leaders of Evolution dedicated to building strong athletes, but we also want student-athletes to apply this information during challenges that arise in their everyday lives. We want to build future leaders that their parents will be proud of. 

What Can Be Learned?

Depending on what level of free sports online course that student-athletes are enrolled in, Leaders of Evolution guarantees that they will learn skills and the ability to apply them in the real world as well as on the sports field. One key take-away that all student-athletes will learn through our courses, no matter what level the student is enrolled in, is our 4 C’s Leadership Learning Framework

After taking these courses, student-athletes will have a better understanding of how these 4 C’s can impact their performance on and off the field: competence, confidence, character, and connectedness


We guarantee that all students will walk away with the competence, or the ability to apply these skills to the real world. By understanding these techniques, student-athletes should see a noticeable improvement in their performance outcomes.


Now that the student-athletes are aware and qualified of the skills needed to be a leader in sports, they will have confidence in their ability to influence themselves and others. Our free sports online courses will help develop a student’s sense of positive self-worth and ability. 


From these online sporting courses, student-athletes will develop a sense of self-awareness and build a strong character. They will develop stronger senses of empathy, integrity, and responsibility within themselves and walk away as a better human. 


Finally, student-athletes will have a better understanding of their connectedness and realize that their actions affect everyone around them. Our free sports online courses will teach them the importance of building positive working relationships with all parties involved in sports.

How to Start Your Partnership with Leaders of Evolution? 

With our many free sports online courses, there is at least one guaranteed to work for every student-athlete. We believe that all student-athletes can be successful sport leaders and believe that our online sporting courses are just the first steps in the right direction. 

First, student-athletes or athletic organizations as a whole should create profiles through our website. From there, students and administrators can view a wide variety of free sports online courses that we offer. Athletic organizations are also encouraged to build a partnership with Leaders of Evolution. Organizations can create their fully customized online sporting courses to meet their specific goals and objectives through our Hub Partnership Program. 

Visit our Emerging Leaders in Sport page and see how Leaders of Evolution can benefit you!

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