Gameplan Learning Strategies for Student-Athletes of All Ages and All Competition Levels

Leader of Evolution is determined to bring helpful information to student-athletes in an easy way. We have created game plans for each grade level, including primary school, secondary school, and elite athletes. Through our E-Learning Educate Hub, your organization or sports team can start your partnership with  Leaders of Evolution and begin to develop your gameplan learning today!

Gameplan Learning

Primary Students

Gameplan | Gameplan Learning | Leaders of Evolution

Student-athletes start to develop their leadership skills from a very early age. This is why Leaders of Evolution has created a game plan for students who are enrolled in primary school.

In Australia, primary school consists of students from Kindergarten or Preparatory and runs through Year 6 or Year 7. Our Young Leaders in School and gameplan learning courses are designed for student-athletes in Year 5 or Year 6. We believe that this is the perfect age when students should begin to develop key skills and talents.

For our Young Leaders in School gameplan learning, we offer four different courses: a free taster course, a foundation course, an advanced course, and a teacher introduction course. We provide these four game plans so that all participants involved are able to find a course that accurately reflects their ability and position.

For students and programs who are interested in partnering with Leaders of Evolution, we suggest that you take our free taster course with us.

This free course will provide you with an overview of information related to leadership in young athletes. Also, this course describes our gameplan learning agenda, which includes learning the 4 C’s Learning Framework and other learning videos. From there you can gauge whether our Gameplan learning techniques match with your organization’s goals.

For organizations who are interested in enhancing their partnership with Leaders of Evolution, our Foundation Course and Advanced Course are available for $22.90 and $29.90, respectively and per student. Designed as a two-year program, students will learn the basic skills and concept of leadership in the foundation course and build upon that information in the advanced course. 

Also, there is a Teacher Introduction course for the Young Leaders in School gameplan learning. This course, designed specifically for teachers and facilitators, is taught by experienced teachers at Leaders of Evolution. After going through this course, teachers will effectively be able to help their students through their own courses and be knowledgeable about how to apply these skills in their classroom. The teacher introduction course is $15.95 per facilitator and is suggested to be completed before letting students navigate their own game plan. 

Secondary Students

Gameplan | Gameplan Learning | Leaders of Evolution

Leaders of Evolution also has developed gameplan learning programs for Years 9 &10. In Australia, Year 9 &10 are in secondary school, as those schools typically teach Years 7-10 or Years 8-10. For this age group, Leaders of Evolution offers our “Emerging Leaders in Sport” e-learning game plan. This game plan learning strategy has two different e-learning courses that are both relevant and will help students develop leadership skills. 

Firstly, Leaders of Evolution offers an “On-Field Course” for students in Year 9 & 10. This course is specifically designed to strengthen student’s leadership skills within their respective sport. The gameplan learning puts an emphasis on teamwork, cooperation, self-awareness and leadership capacity. However, this course is not all about winning and being a leader during a team’s success.

Through this game plan, student-athletes will learn about the challenges they will face during losses and how to be a leader through obstacles. Because we focus on all levels of competition, this course can help students succeed in their school’s program, regional and metro sports academies and local club teams.

Our “Off-Field Course: Young Leaders in Schools” gameplan learning also has many benefits that will improve a student-athlete’s leadership abilities. Through this learning game plan, students will discover how to apply the topics they’ve learned in the first course into everyday life and outside of sports.

Leaders of Evolution suggests that the two courses for Young Leaders in School should be taken together as students will gain the most information and understand how to apply their knowledge on and off the field. 

Both our “On-Field Course” and “Off-Field Course” cost $29.90 per student while the “Teacher Introduction Course” for this age level is $15.95 per teacher. As always, Leaders of Evolution offers a free taster course so organizations can decide if that game plan suits their needs.  

For organizations who want to continue their partnership with Leaders of Evolution after secondary school, we also offer gameplan learning opportunities for students in Year 11 and 12 or programs for a college-level level or professional athletes.  

Elite Athletes

Gameplan | Gameplan Learning | Leaders of Evolution

Leaders of Evolution has proven to be a reliable resource for leadership skills not only for younger student-athletes but also athletes at the college or professional level. While there are no specific gameplan learning courses for higher-level athletes, we are willing to work with your organization to create a fully customized program. In just five easy steps, Leaders of Evolution will help to develop a course for college or professional sports organizations. 

In 2018, Jon Shepherd, Co-founder of Leaders of Evolution, partnered with San Francisco State University’s Men’s Basketball Team. Working with their coach, Vince Inglima, Jon was able to develop a specific gameplan learning workshop that taught leadership and teamwork skills to the players.

This is just one of the many ways that Leaders of Evolution is dedicated to the continuation of educating students on leadership skills. 

Leaders of Evolution

With so many unique programs for various age groups and competition levels, Leaders of Evolution is sure to have at least one gameplan learning course that can benefit every sports organization.

Whether we are working with students from secondary school or a college-level team, Leaders of Evolution will continue our efforts to educate students in a unique way through our e-learning game plans.

Want to learn more about our gameplan learning strategies or try one of our free taster courses? Visit our NCAA page and start your partnership with us today!

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