Gratitude Diary 2020 & Leaders of Evolution: What’s the Similarity?

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking over 2020, it has been a difficult time for many people across the world. The effects of this global pandemic can be seen in many different aspects, including mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. However, the theme for this year has been finding ways to see the positive side and overcoming challenges. There are many different resources available to accomplish this.

Gratitude Diary 2020 | Leaders of Evolution

Gratitude After Skill Development Programs

For one, Leaders of Evolution is an e-learning platform that can educate students and athletes about the importance of leadership and self-improvement. We offer many personal development courses and skill development programs for students of all ages. We also have identified external resources that can also develop these important skills. One resource that can help build confidence and inspire people is the Gratitude Diary 2020.

Gratitude Diary 2020

The purpose of a Gratitude Diary is for people to physically write down their thoughts. These thoughts can be reflecting on a certain time that you felt thankful for or gratitude towards something. These thoughts can also be something positive that has happened to you recently and keeping those happy thoughts in your mind. There is no one right way to use a Gratitude Diary; instead, the diary serves a unique purpose for every single person who uses it. 

Most Gratitude Diaries are designed with 365 pages, therefore it encourages you to write something at least once every day of the year. The physical entry can be something as short as a few words or as long as a few paragraphs. It can be in the form of bullet points or full sentences. 

Studies have shown that Gratitude Diaries can increase feelings of happiness and decrease depressive thoughts. In turn, when a person’s mental health and well-being is improved, other aspects such as physical and emotional factors are also likely to improve. Again, every single Gratitude Diary is different, but hopefully, all are adding a source of positivity and personal growth to someone’s day.

Experiences After Expressing Gratitude

The concept of this diary has existed prior to Gratitude Diary 2020 and prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. This diary can be used to express feelings related to any hardship that humans experience during their lives. Here are a few quotes from previous consumers of the Gratitude Diary 2020 and their improvement in their life as a result.

“I’m also aware of the time passing quickly in my busy life and to reflect on my week, in writing, gives depth to my life. The uplifting pictures connect me with the rest of the world. The information given with the turn of every phase of mood ground me and it’s like having an impartial friend looking out for me.”

Patt Gregory

“I bought this 2014 diary for work as I keep a diary every year. I have had a very sad last three years with the passing of my in-laws, my parents, our beloved family dog, and worst of all my darling husband. I saw this diary and instantly drew comfort from it. I am looking forward to starting it next year and because I keep all my diaries it will be lovely for my children to have one day. Will buy one every year now. Thank you.”

Adrienne Stevens

“I am using my Gratitude Diary for appointments and my To-Do List. In making brief notes of what I am grateful for I am becoming increasingly present to how wonderful life is in general and mine in particular. My attention is being directed to what IS as a part of my routine creation process.”

Catherine Sommers

“I just purchased the ‘Gratitude Diary’ from a wonderful local store ‘Inspire Me’ and I am absolutely thrilled with it. I can’t wait to start using it and will be purchasing one every year from now! Thank you for creating such a wonderful tool. “

Sarah Cowan

Leaders of Evolution

Gratitude Diary 2020 | Leaders of Evolution

You may be thinking, how does Leaders of Evolution relate to the Gratitude Diary 2020. Instead of being a physical resource, Leaders of Evolution serves as a digital resource for students and athletes to improve their skills. We provide many personal development courses and skill development programs that are designed to help students mentally and physically. Many of our skill development programs focus on sports and showing qualities of leadership on a sports team. We also provide personal development courses for all levels of students in order to build skills off the sports field or court.

Our personal development courses are our contributions to educating students and athletes about their self-awareness and self-confidence. Like the Gratitude Diary 2020, the well-being of students and athletes is our utmost priority. 

Overall, gratitude is an important life skill that can greatly improve one’s outlook on life. We, at Leaders of Evolution, hope to instil this thankfulness steeped in self-reflection in every single one of our courses. Every course involves multiple self-assessments that give learners an opportunity to look inward, allowing for positive reflection on their strengths. 

To learn more about the values like gratitude that are important to us at Leaders of Evolution, click here.

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