Top Five Reasons to Boost Your Gratitude, Empathy, and Mindfulness

There’s no debate: 2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. For many of you like myself, it may have been hard to find light on the situation. My year started off so promising: my grades were strong, new friendships were being made, and I was having more fun than ever at school. Once the pandemic hit, it felt like my life had done a full 180. Being stuck inside my chaotic house and not being able to finish what should have been a perfect semester was something I had a really tough time coping with.

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How Gratitude, Empathy, and Mindfulness Have Helped Me

Now, as the year comes to an end, I can confidently say that I am extremely grateful for the challenges I’ve overcome in order to achieve the positive mindset that I have now. Something that really helped me was working on my gratitude, empathy, and mindfulness. Expressing gratitude allowed me to recognise all the good that was in my life. At first, I hadn’t realised how lucky I was to have such a loving family and strong support system to be quarantined with. Showing empathy to those around me helped me spread my positivity to those who needed it most and reciprocate the love and support I had been given. Practicing mindfulness enhanced my overall well-being and greatly stabilized my mental health.

Boosting Your Gratitude, Empathy, and Mindfulness with the Help of Leaders of Evolution

You may be wondering, how do I start my journey to enhancing my gratitude, empathy, and mindfulness? At Leaders of Evolution, this process is made fun and effortless. Leaders of Evolution is an online learning company with courses that specialises in personal development, leadership, and career-ready skills. Our team is fiercely passionate about the power of education and the importance of social-emotional learning. With our help, you can expect to gain a concrete understanding of how to put gratitude, empathy, and mindfulness into practice from the very beginning of the course and for the remainder of your life. Through the virtue of mateship, we guarantee an inclusive learning experience helping students and teachers alike achieve new avenues of success!

What Are the Top Reasons to Work on Your Gratitude, Empathy, and Mindfulness

The benefits of boosting your gratitude, empathy, and mindfulness are truly endless. These practices will aid you in exploring outside your comfort zone and in becoming the best version of yourself! At Leaders of Evolution, our courses are strategically curated to provide you with skills that are useful in any future workforce and in your everyday life. Below, I’ve listed just a few reasons that gratitude, empathy, and mindfulness can benefit you.

1. Increased Self-Awareness

At Leaders of Evolution, we define self-awareness as one’s ability to recognise their strengths and weaknesses through self-reflection and introspection. Our Future Skills of the Workforce course aids students in confidently defining self-awareness and using it better themselves. With a better understanding of themselves, students are prepared to take on challenges that they never knew they were capable of.

2. Reduced Stress Levels

Multiple studies have found that gratitude, empathy, and mindfulness are intrinsically linked to reduced stress levels. The American Psychological Association found that “Researchers reviewed more than 200 studies of mindfulness among healthy people and found mindfulness-based therapy was especially effective for reducing stress, anxiety and depression” (2019). With 2020 being such a chaotic year, reduced stress levels are something we can all benefit from.

3. Heightened Emotional Intelligence

Our team at Leaders of Evolution feels strongly about the importance of emotional intelligence. Heightened emotional intelligence prepares students to comprehend better their own needs, as well as those around them. Social and emotional knowledge is instrumental in any given environment and is sure to help students achieve success throughout the rest of their lives.

4. Improved Interpersonal Skills

With the future of the workforce being so unpredictable, interpersonal skills have more value than ever. As opposed to a focus on routine, manual tasks in the past, jobs now focus on problem-solving skills and leadership abilities. With improved interpersonal skills, problems become easier to solve, and leadership roles become easier to attain.

5. An Enhancement of the 4 C’s (Competence, Confidence, Character, and Connectedness)

Each of our courses at Leaders of Evolution follows our 4 C’s Learning Curriculum, so you can expect your students to leave each lesson with their Competence, Confidence, Character, and Connectedness enhanced. Practising gratitude, empathy, and mindfulness is a great way to master each of these traits as they go hand-in-hand with one another.

There’s no question that gratitude, empathy, and mindfulness will lead you towards achieving your greatest evolution. Now it’s time to begin your journey to a new and improved you! With Leaders of Evolution, you can look forward to accomplishing that and more. Click here to learn more about Leaders of Evolution and all that we can do for you.

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