The Many Benefits of Keeping a Gratitude Journal

There’s a powerful quote by G.K. Chesterton, an English writer known for his exuberant personality, that says, “I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought; and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.” Gratitude is a gift that allows us to appreciate the little things in life and greatly improve our overall well-being. In Australia, many have found that maintaining a gratitude journal helps them keep track of all the good in their life and in achieving a positive mindset. At Leaders of Evolution, we specialise in courses geared towards instilling positive self-worth and heightened emotional intelligence.

Gratitude Journal Australia | Leaders of Evolution

Maintaining a Gratitude Journal in Australia with Leaders of Evolution

Through the use of innovative approaches and our relentless pursuit of knowledge, Leaders of Evolution is devoted to helping our clients achieve their greatest evolution. We strongly believe that students in Australia benefit immensely from keeping a gratitude journal. Always ensuring an inclusive learning environment, Leaders of Evolution guarantees a fun and engaging experience for students and teachers alike. You can expect to equip your students with career-ready skills that will last a lifetime! Keeping gratitude journals in Australia is just one simple way that we have managed to make this learning experience an extremely meaningful and enjoyable process.

Enhancing the 4 C’s with Gratitude Journals in Australia

At Leaders of Evolution, each of our online learning courses follows our 4 C’s Learning Curriculum. With the help of a gratitude journal, students in Australia will greatly enhance their Competence, Confidence, Character, and Connectedness. Below, I will define each of these terms, explain their importance and how to apply each of these into your everyday life.


Our team at Leaders of Evolution believes that competence relates to the skills the learner is developing whether they be technical (what) or tactical (how) and is intrinsically linked to performance outcomes. Competence is extremely useful in approaching a task, like when maintaining a gratitude journal in Australia, as it helps students identify what and how things should be done in order to achieve the greatest outcome.


We believe this trait deals with the development of positive self-worth and recognition that the learner can use the knowledge gained to influence themselves and others. Confidence allows students to approach challenges with ease as they know they will either come out successful or prepared to learn from their mistakes. Gratitude journals aid students in recognising their strengths and positive attributes, significantly boosting their confidence.


Leaders of Evolution defines character as relating to how the learner develops a sense of self-awareness and behaviours such as empathy, integrity and responsibility within the communities they apply their learning. Having a positive character means that you are more than capable of being a good friend, helpful co-worker, and a strong leader. Students in Australia who keep gratitude journals are better prepared to identify the traits of a good character in both themselves and among others.


Connectedness relates to how the learner can establish and foster positive working relationships within the environments they apply their learning. This trait is a powerful tool in any given workforce as it is heavily connected to strong interpersonal communication skills. Maintaining a gratitude journal helps one uphold their positive relationships, allowing them to realise the importance others have on their lives.

How Has Leaders of Evolution Already Benefited Others?

If you aren’t already convinced about our courses’ ability to help your school community grow, check out what some of our valued clients are saying about their experience working with Leaders of Evolution:

“After piloting the e-learning course in 2018, we found the content and learning outcomes so effective that our entire Year 11 & 12 cohort will take advantage of both the Igniting the Leaders of Tomorrow & Building the Mindset for Workplace Excellence course in 2020. We have a responsibility to set all of our students up for success in the future, and this course will help us to deliver on this vision, providing students with critical information and teachers with a resource they can leverage to enhance the learning experience.”

Kim Bath, Leading Teacher at Mildura Senior College
Social-Emotional Curriculum | Australian Curriculum Lessons | Leaders of Evolution

“Leaders of Evolution consulted and planned with our school to tailor a program for 55 of our Student Representative Council leaders, preparing them for skills required to be effective in the future workforce. Their collaborative facilitation approach resulted in whole group contributions and had an immediate impact on the boys inspiring them to apply their learning.”

Pelissa Tsilimidos Assistant Principal at Melbourne High School
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What More Are You Waiting For?

See what keeping a gratitude journal can do for your students with the help of Australia’s best online learning company, Leaders of Evolution. Inspire your school community to enhance their 4 C’s and instil lifelong skills that will help that from the very start of the course and for the rest of their lives!

Click here to learn more about us our Future Skills of The Workforce Courses.

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