Help Student-Athletes Develop the Necessary Leadership Skills with the NCAA Champs Life Skills Program

When a high school student decides to continue their athletic commitment and play a sport in college, they are making a very important decision. While high school sports are competitive and very common among high school students, only around 7% of those students will continue to play a sport in college. Specifically, there are around 1 million students who play varsity football in high school. However, only 8.4% of those students will play in college, which is a little higher than the overall average. Looking even further than that, only 2.5% of high school football players will play for an NCAA Division I school, 2.7 for Division II schools, and 2.3% for Division III. By committing to play a sport in college, this proves that students are willing to develop new skills in leadership to become a champ.

NCAA Champs Life Skills | NCAA Registration | Leaders of Evolution

Help Student-Athletes Develop the Necessary Leadership Skills with the NCAA Champs Life Skills Program

Across all sports, there are some qualities that students need to acquire to be an NCAA Champ. Here are seven life skills that when acquired, will build NCAA Champs. 

1. Composure

Whether it’s the first game of the season or the championship game, a skillful player must have composure. NCAA Champs don’t let the pressure of the game affect the way they play. Instead, having poise and staying calm is one of the essential life skills. Your team may be down by 20 points and there is only 5 minutes left in the last quarter, but by having composure and a confident attitude, you can control what happens in those last 5 minutes. 

2. Self-confidence

Never losing confidence in yourself is also one of the important life skills that can be utilized on and off the field. Knowing that you can do anything you set your mind to will lead you in the right direction to win games and become an NCAA Champ. As a high school varsity athlete, you have already overcome many obstacles and milestones. There will be more challenges ahead, but believing in yourself will help you become a champ.

3. Self-Awareness

Having self-awareness can come in many forms, all of which are important life skills in becoming a champ in your sport. Self-awareness entails knowing how hard to push your body before it’s too much, learning how to recover after a tough loss, understanding the motives behind every action you make on the field, and handling your emotions during an important match. The process of building self-awareness can be challenging but is key in becoming an NCAA Champ. 

4. Adaptability

While it is important to have self-confidence, it is also important to know when you’ve made a mistake or can improve. Realizing the issue and making adjustments to adapt is one of the life skills that can be applied to any situation. For team sports, listening to your coaches and other teammates is a clear indicator of a champ. After all, coaches have experience in their prospective sport and only want the best for you and the team. 

5. Determination

In order to become an NCAA Champ, it takes a lot more than adoration for the game and practice. Being a champ means you are the first person at practice and the last one to leave. It means using all your strength and effort for every single game. It means playing every game as if it were your last and having the determination to beat any team on any given day. It’s one of the life skills that is necessary for all players, coaches and teams in order to succeed. 

6. Responsibility

No student-athlete is perfect and everyone is guaranteed to make a few mistakes along the way to improvement. Learning to take responsibility for your mistakes is a prime example of a champ. This life skill, in particular, can be difficult to achieve as sometimes it’s hard to take the blame. However, this skill will improve your ability and make you a better player in the future. 

7. Passion

Whether you’ve dreamt of being a professional athlete since you were young or you just learned the sport a few years ago, student-athlete all have passion. Passion is one of the life skills that drives the actions of athletes. Sports have a way of moving people that no other industry possesses. However, only the students who truly have a passion for the sport they play and prove it day in and day out will become a champ.

NCAA Registration

NCAA Champs Life Skills | NCAA Registration | Leaders of Evolution

The first step in becoming an NCAA Champ is completing the registration for login. Before student-athletes can commit to playing a sport at Division I or II schools, they need to login and register for a Certification Account through the NCAA Eligibility Center. By providing basic personal information, academic history, sports participation proof and payment, students can log in and register as eligible for an NCAA program at DivisionII1 or II schools. 

Only after students log in through the NCAA Eligibility Center can students take official visits to schools or sign letters of intent. The process of registering for eligibility ensures that students have completed the login and are qualified to continue their athletic career at a higher level.

For student-athletes who want to pursue sports at a Division 3 school, they also have to register and login through the NCAA Eligibility Center. However, instead of receiving a Certification Account, students interested in Division 3 schools just need to login by creating a profile page. Then, using that login, students can reach out to potential NCAA athletic departments.

Leaders of Evolution

NCAA Champs Life Skills | NCAA Registration | Leaders of Evolution

At Leaders of Evolution, student-athletes can utilize our athletic leadership and development programs to start building some of these life skills. Our courses are designed to help turn NCAA athletes into champs and give them the life skills they need to succeed. To start your journey of becoming a champ or learn more about the life skills of a leader, check our NCAA e-learning hub partnerships now!

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