Helping Young Entrepreneurs with Leaders of Evolution’s E-Learning Programs

The Relevancy of Entrepreneurship

At Leaders of Evolution, we believe in supporting young leaders and helping young entrepreneurs garner the skillsets necessary to succeed in their professional careers and in day-to-day extracurricular activities. But if not everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, can these skills still be useful? We believe so. 

Helping Young Entrepreneurs | Leaders of Evolution

Helping Young Entrepreneurs with e-Learning Programs

Within the last few years, there has been a buzz in the media around entrepreneurship and the increase and now plateau that entrepreneurship had on the U.S. economy. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on many small businesses and start-ups, it has also showcased the necessary pivoting strategy many entrepreneurs and successful leaders have. According to the World Economic Forum, “many entrepreneurial businesses have pivoted to meet new needs for goods or services bourne out of the crisis.”

This need to pivot and think on your feet can go beyond just entrepreneurship, but success in every aspect of your career. At Leaders of Evolution, we believe that helping young entrepreneurship through our online e-learning programs means building on two important skillsets: autonomy and grit. Let’s discuss these two skills by discussing the online e-learning programs like Future Skills of the Workforce: Building the Mindset for Workplace Excellence.

Future Skills of the Workforce

Helping young entrepreneurs and the future leaders of tomorrow means empowering students with important “career ready” skills that will be useful in 2030. Regardless of the career path young students decide to take, in helping young entrepreneurs Leaders of Evolution is introducing the New Work Smarts. Research shows that our online e-learning programs will be useful in helping young entrepreneurs the most if they focus on people and problems, instead of routine, manual tasks. This better aligns with what future industries will demand from their employees. In helping young entrepreneurs, we are building them to be:

  • Smart Learners: those that can learn quickly at work and are enthusiastic about learning 
  • Smart Thinker: those that think creatively, have strong interpersonal skills and love to solve problems efficiently
  • Smart Doer: an autonomous worker, or someone who can get on with the task with minimal instruction

Our online learning programs, specifically Building the Mindset for Workplace Excellence, works on building Smart Doers, by focusing on autonomy and grit

Building Autonomy and Helping Young Entrepreneurs

Because of automation, it is likely there will be less direct management in the way we see the workforce set up today. That means, as a young leader and potential entrepreneur, it is important to gain autonomy in your work and be an independent professional. Although every student is different, and some prefer direct instructions for tasks, developing the skills to be independent is made easier through our online e-learning programs. Why else is it important to utilize the online e-learning programs to build independence and autonomy as a future professional? 

  • Your future workplace could be working across multiple projects and maybe even with multiple organizations. 
  • You may not have a direct manager or boss.
  • The ability to be autonomous and self-driven will make you more desirable for future jobs when building your career.

Keep in mind, being autonomous does not mean that you need to know everything already. However, being autonomous does mean taking the extra mile to learn what you might not know, and ask the right questions when you cannot figure something out on your own. Additionally, someone who is autonomous will have skills and behaviours such as effective time management, confidence, problem-solving skills and ambition. 

Through our online e-learning programs, we ask students to reflect on their current autonomy and independence through a series of short quizzes. This self-reflection and self-awareness is the first step in helping young entrepreneurs become the future leaders of tomorrow. “When you’re in the workforce, it’s more about output,” explains one of our students Asanga, from Leaders of Evolution. 

At Leaders of Evolution, we believe that building this skillset of autonomy and helping young entrepreneurs starts with finding a purpose. That is why self-reflection and knowing yourself as a leader now is important before really implementing your learning to the real-world. Purpose is all about knowing yourself, the organization you work for, and what you are trying to achieve. It is the “vision” and “values” that many organizations speak of. This purpose will then drive autonomy, as young leaders become self-driven and are more willing to help the organization achieve its goals. Once you practice autonomy, then with time, you can get to mastery. Mastery is all about getting better and learning on the job because you want to as a Smart Learner and curious professional. 

Grit in the Workplace

Another focus of our online e-learning programs is grit. Grit is a concept that Angela Duckworth discovered to find out how people are successful in different aspects of their lives. Grit is made up of passion and perseverance and is a trait that takes experience and practice in cultivating. 

  • Passion: If we truly care about something, we are more likely to put in the effort to achieve our goals, even when there are obstacles in the way and difficulties that try to hold you back. 
  • Perseverance: What moments in life did you continue to work to reach your goals despite the obstacles that were in the way? When we persevere we push through any difficulties in order to reach purposeful goals.

The Grit Formula:

Talent x effort = skill

Skill x effort = achievement

These two parts of the equation showcase that effort is twice as important and effort is something that can be developed through our online e-learning programs

In our online e-learning programs, Leaders of Evolution has implemented quizzes that allow for self-assessment and reflection. One of those tests is called the “Grit Scale,” as developed by Duckworth. The test is designed for people to find their “Grit Score” and further understand how much progress should be made on this skill. 

Leaders of Evolution and Helping Young Entrepreneurs

The online e-learning programs at Leaders of Evolution can teach the essential skills that allow future leaders to be problem solvers and independent professionals with perseverance and passion. As the landscape of future work continues to shift, these skills will become more essential by 2030. 

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