High Performing Teams Start with Strong Leadership

Have you ever wondered what makes high performing teams stand out on the field? While both teams spend hours practising physical courses on the field, it’s always the leading team that recognises the equal importance of off-field leadership exercises and programs. Leadership is an essential criterion in becoming a high performing team. At Leaders of Evolution, we have put together a variety of courses aimed to improve practical skills for both the athletes and coaches involved. 

Our Emerging Leaders in Sport E-learning Courses have been designed to provide aspiring athletes with the knowledge and tools to be effective leaders on and off the field of competition. Athletes will investigate areas such as self-awareness, high performing teams, culture, communication and more as they strive to add skills to their leadership toolkit and become a more effective leader in their school, club and representative teams. We know that being an athlete is so much more than winning or losing. The skills one develops through sports will hold value in every aspect of their life. That is why we have put together courses and programs that showcase what it really means to be a leading team. 

Why high performing teams always leading teams

The author of Leading Teams: Setting the Stage for Great Performances, Richard Hackman, argues that “teams perform at their best when leaders create conditions that allow them to manage themselves effectively.” Successfully leading teams requires much more than just athletic skills. To be a high performing team, strong leadership skills are an absolute necessity. These are the teams who make an effort to learn from every game, win or lose. These are the teams who have their fellow athletes back both on and off the field. Leading teams are those that stress the importance of good sportsmanship within their team and in regards to opposing teams. Each of these factors shows visible results in the success of young athletes. To be a high performing team is to be a leading team.

What To Expect From Our Courses

Within each of our courses, athletes will learn the importance of the 4 C’s — Competence, Confidence, Character & Connectedness — both on and off the field. Every one of these traits coincides with what it means to be a true leader. These are characteristics of all high performing teams. Gaining a concrete understanding of the 4 C’s will have long-lasting effects for every athlete on these leading teams. At Leaders of Evolution, we have come up with three different courses that guarantee added value and long-term positive change to your athlete development program. Each course is equipped with instructional videos and the resources necessary to enhance the leadership learning experience of students and the facilitation experience for educators.

Emerging Leaders in Sport – Teacher & Coach Intro

This course is designed to assist all teachers who oversee the Emerging Leaders in Sport e-learning course to plan and deliver an effective and engaging program in their schools. The program places emphasis on the skills that will help your athletes on and off the field. By the end of this short course, you will be feeling empowered to deliver an engaging program with your students and will have access to all of the tools necessary to achieve success in your high performing teams.

High performing teams

Emerging Leaders in Sport – On-field

This program has been designed specifically for young athletes with the aim of inspiring improved leadership and skills on the field of play in their chosen sport. The course will raise young athletes’ awareness of themselves and their leadership capacity, whilst challenging them to put theoretical concepts into action within their sporting environments. Students will learn the traits and values of high performing teams while working to become one. Alongside their coaches and teachers, members of these leading teams will be encouraged to reflect upon their performance, celebrate their successes and identify areas and skills that they wish to improve.

Emerging Leaders in Sport – Off-field

This course will prepare teachers to deliver an engaging in-class experience. Our leading teams program provides students with numerous opportunities to apply their newfound skills and reflect on these experiences. At Leaders of Evolution, we have taken a holistic approach to the development of high performing teams that in empowering young athletes. With this course, students will be provided with the skills and resources to be successful in not only their sporting endeavours but in life itself as well. 

What Does It Really Mean To Be a Leading Team?

Leading teams show courage. Leading teams show responsibility. Leading teams show resilience and dedication. Leading teams show good sportsmanship and fairness. Leading teams show resilience. Leading teams show passion and drive. Leading teams are always high performing teams. Leading teams have the skills it takes to shatter glass ceilings.

With the help of our leadership courses and programs, we can assure a brighter future for your athletic department. We are so confident in the strength of our courses that we even offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee! So, what are you waiting for? Try one of our Leading Teams Programs today to begin your journey to becoming the next generation of glass-shattering athletes!

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