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Leaders of Evolution believes that students can practice their leadership skills at a young age and build the confidence needed to be successful in all aspects of life. Our Online Student Leadership Programs can ignite leadership skills in primary school students through engaging, fun and efficient online leadership courses for students. Although primary school children are too young to begin thinking about their future careers, they can still develop the essential skills that can translate across various industries and career paths. 

According to the World Economic Forum, 65% of children entering primary school will end up in jobs that do not exist yet. Primary school students and educators can prepare for the future with ease knowing that the workforce is changing with Leaders of Evolution’s online leadership courses for students including the Young Leaders in Schools Program. Let’s dive deeper into this e-learning program and how these leadership courses for students lead to an enhanced skill set of leadership skills. 

Ignite Students’ Leadership Abilities with the Young Leaders in Schools Advanced Course

At Leaders of Evolution, we want young students to become self-aware at a young age, so they get to know their strengths, leadership styles and overall the possibilities that come when they work creatively and hard. Our online leadership courses for students are shaped by our 4 C’s Framework.

The 4 C’s stand for Competence, Confidence Character and Connectedness. These have been developed to help students understand what they are learning and why it is important. Becoming self-aware on the basis of these 4 C’s and other leadership traits can ignite positive self-assessment for young students and allow them to develop meaningful and purposeful goals throughout their lessons. There are various areas of self-awareness, which is why throughout our online leadership courses for students we quiz students on these areas, so they can reflect on this development. 

Awareness of Stakeholders

Another important area of awareness for young leaders is the stakeholders in their lives. Stakeholders in the school include students, staff and parents. Outside of the school, stakeholders include council, businesses and guests that come from outside of the school. Developing an early understanding of stakeholders and forming positive relationships with them can ignite strong interpersonal skills with young leaders. At Leaders of Evolution, we believe communication, interpersonal skills and traits similar to these as part of the Australian Curriculum are essential in being an effective student leader. 

Taking the Next Steps

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At Leaders of Evolution, we encourage educators and students to work together and learn how to build meaningful and purposeful goals before beginning with our lessons. Asking questions like “what are we trying to achieve” and “why are we doing this” can ignite a sense of responsibility and purpose in your young leaders that make our lessons even more effective and powerful. These are the first steps in taking young students’ leadership skills to the next level for not just success in school but in the rest of their lives. 

Learn more with Leaders of Evolution and our online e-learning program for students in a call with Jon Shephard. Click here to schedule a 15-minute call.

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