The Importance of Team Sportsmanship for Championship-Level Teams

In all different types and competition levels of sport, it is extremely important to incorporate team sportsmanship. The foundation of sports is based on principles and values such as competition, rule-following, and respect. Each of these is a part of team sportsmanship and can be seen in a variety of ways. 

Sportsmanship doesn’t need to come directly from the players of said sport. In fact, all participants and spectators should be continuously thinking about team sportsmanship. Referees and coaches must have a level-headed approach to their role and must act responsibly to all parties involved. In addition, fans and spectators should also be respectful of participants and demonstrate sportsmanship. 

Importance of Team Sportsmanship | Leaders of Evolution

Importance of Team Sportsmanship 

In fact, there is no one correct way that team sportsmanship is exhibited. There are a variety of practices and actions that represent good sportsmanship, including shaking hands, apologizing, positive language, and following all the rules of the game. Leaders of Evolution embraces the idea of team sportsmanship and includes tips and tricks in each of our online courses. As an organization dedicated to helping students ages, 10 to 18, including student-athletes, Leaders of Evolution strives to create the leaders of tomorrow by educating them about sportsmanship.  

Besides the obvious answer of success and victories, there are plenty of other reasons that demonstrating team sportsmanship is extremely important. At the end of the day, we are all people trying to find our way in life. For athletes, sports encompasses a big part of our daily lives and teaches us many life lessons. And those life lessons can then be applied off the field or court and into our daily lives. 

Examples of Team Sportsmanship

For example, one aspect of team sportsmanship is showing respect through spoken words and actions. When an athlete doesn’t agree with a referee’s call, the respectful thing to do is accept it and work towards being better. This same characteristic can be applied to an employee in the workforce. An employee might not agree with their boss or manager’s decisions, but the respectful thing to do would be to follow orders or to politely discuss the disagreement.  

Sportsmanship is also about taking responsibility for all of your actions, whether the consequence is good or bad. Understanding that everybody makes mistakes is a part of the learning process. How can you improve on a skill when you’ve never messed it up? No athlete is perfect, and everyone has good and bad days. The same applies to when you have a career in the professional workforce. By having effective team sportsmanship on the field, you can ensure that you will be a better person off the field too.   

Importance of Team Sportsmanship | Leaders of Evolution

Leaders of Evolution 

Between online learning courses and our e-learning hub partnerships, Leaders of Evolution has reached thousands of students and schools worldwide. We hope that by the year 2025, we can reach over 100,000 students and equip them with team sportsmanship and leadership skills. By doing so, we are actively building the students of today and professional leaders of tomorrow.

We are confident in our learning approach and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with any of our online courses. So if your school or classroom isn’t satisfied with our e-learning courses after just 30 days, we will refund your money and work to improve our partnerships for the future.  

One of our most popular and successful courses is the “Emerging Leaders in Sport” course which is specifically designed for students in years 9 and 10. Between the “On-Field” and “Off-Field” modules, student-athletes can learn leadership capacity and life skills, as well as how to apply them to sports and the real world. Our fun, engaging, and tech-savvy approach is guaranteed to maximise student learning opportunities. Starting a partnership with Leaders of Evolution is as easy as 5 steps! 

Step 1: Choose Your Course 

Selecting either the “On-Field”, “Off-Field”, or both courses is the first step in the partnership. Each comes with a step-by-step guide that prepares teachers for smooth delivery. 

Step 2: Plan & Prepare 

We will work with your school or classroom to develop an implementation plan. This includes providing handy tips, breaking down the 12-month timeline, and setting goals and frameworks.  

Step 3: Implement 

Next, students will be given access to our online courses and e-learning hub. We provide lesson plans, assessment matrixes, and learning tools, so students have everything they need to succeed! 

Step 4: Validate 

Because we understand education is an on-going process, we continue to check in on their progress and ensure they stay on track to finish.  

Step 5: Reward & Recognise 

Finally, we celebrate their success and accomplishment by rewarding any student who passed the course with a personalized 4 C’s Certificate at the end of the journey.  

Interested in learning more about team sportsmanship or Leaders of Evolutions programs and online courses?

Visit our website today or schedule a 15-minute phone call with our Co-founder Jon Shepherd to find out more! 

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