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For all levels of sport, whether that be high school sports programs to professional sports leagues, team sportsmanship is one of the most important factors. In fact, sport is built off the ideas of rule-following, high-level competition, and respect between all parties involved. Without meeting all three of these ideas, sports teams are unlikely to succeed and accomplish their goals. 

Importance of Team Sportsmanship | Leaders of Evolution

Leaders of Evolution realises the importance of team sportsmanship and expresses these values through each of our online leadership courses that we offer. All parties of sport, including athletes, coaches, referees, and spectators, should demonstrate a high level of sportsmanship at all times. While the dynamic of sportsmanship takes time to develop, it is probably the most critical type of sportsmanship that can be demonstrated. 

Importance of Team Sportsmanship

While there is no one right way to demonstrate sportsmanship, it can come in a variety of ways. Shaking hands, apologising, positive language, and following the rules are just some examples of good sportsmanship. When these qualities are met, individuals are more likely to perform at a higher level, and teams are more likely to win games. 

One aspect of every single sport is that there are two sides to the game, a winner and a loser. This uncertainty and competitive nature is part of what makes sport so exciting to participate in or watch! Both the winners and losers of sport are expected to show sportsmanship. Firstly, teams should show composure and integrity when they win a game. While a win is one step closer to accomplishing goals, it’s important to remember that there can always be improvements and things to work on for the next game. However, teams who lose a game should also show sportsmanship because it means accepting responsibility and working to overcoming failure.

Importance of Team Sportsmanship | Leaders of Evolution

Team sportsmanship is a combination of many positive characteristics, such as discipline, respect, responsibility, self-awareness, accountability, and gratitude. By showing healthy team sportsmanship, athletes are gaining essential qualities that will help them off of the field too. Athletes who have these qualities are not only more likely to win games and succeed in their respective sport, but also they are more likely to build strong relationships and accomplish their personal goals. 

My Own Experience with Sportsmanship

As a former high school athlete, I recognised the importance of team sportsmanship first hand. As the captain of my field hockey team, I needed to show sportsmanship to both the opposing team and my teammates. I had to take responsibility for my mistakes on the field, I had to have an awareness of my teammates, and I had to show gratitude towards my coaches and teammates for helping me accomplish my goals.

I also saw a positive impact on my personal life and outside of field hockey because of my sportsmanship. I developed deeper friendships and relationships based on cooperation, and I learned how to respect my co-workers and bosses. These impacts and many others have allowed me to become a better teammate and a better human being.

Leaders of Evolution

As a leader in online education and sports development, Leaders of Evolution also believes in the importance of team sportsmanship. For this reason, we believe that it’s important that students and student-athletes can develop their sportsmanship skills through our online courses. We are working towards building well-rounded and skillful student-athletes and also workforce ready professionals. Team sportsmanship characteristics are an indication of both.

We have created online courses for students ages 10-18 on a variety of different topics. Over 267 schools and thousands of students have benefited by partnering with Leaders of Evolution and enrolling in our online courses. Interested in joining these schools? Contact Leaders of Evolution today to discuss our programs and partnerships!

One of our most popular courses is the “Emerging Leaders in Sport” course, which is divided into the “On-Field” and “Off-Field” courses. Because sportsmanship is developed on and off the sports field, Leaders of Evolution recognises the benefit to provide both courses together. We guarantee that students who complete these courses will walk away with real skills and the confidence to demonstrate those skills in their future.

Try our free taster Course in “Emerging Leaders in Sport” today!

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