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Diversity and inclusion are massively important to a thriving and successful work environment. It is something that most organisations struggle with but ultimately holds the key to success in any industry. 

We learn at a very young age that all people are different. We look different, sound different, eat different foods, and have different behaviours. All of this makes sense because we are from different places. The world is massive – just think about how little of it you’ve seen (unless you’re an epic traveller who’s been everywhere, in which case, carry on).  

Indigenous Traineeships | Leaders of Evolution

Sometimes experiencing different cultures can be scary. I think that’s part of the reason programs like study abroad exist – to see the world in a more organized and comfortable way. On the other hand, something is exhilarating about jumping out of your comfort zone and trying new things. Travel and exposure to different cultures are what makes the world so unique. People are so different and that is so wonderful. Can you imagine how boring life would be if we were all the same?  

What Does Diversity Look Like?

The great thing about diversity is that you don’t have to travel across the globe to find it! Oftentimes, diversity is already at your doorstep, and you just have to open the door. Diversity might look like:  

  • your neighbours are from a different country 
  • your coworker speakers another language  
  • your friend is bisexual  
  • your cousin lives with a disability  

Diversity comes in many forms and is massively important for growth and inclusion. One place diversity has always been undervalued is in the workplace. Thankfully, this culture is changing for the better, and many organizations are realising the importance of holding a diverse workplace. It took companies far too long to realize that diversity is a strength.  

Diversity is a Strength 

It is an absolute privilege to learn from others. I believe storytelling and life experiences are some of our strongest assets as human beings. All you have to do is lend an ear and listen in order to see something from a new point of view. Workplaces can also benefit from new perspectives and opportunities from their employees.  

Creating Opportunities for Diversity Through Indigenous Traineeships  

One of the groups working to promote diversity in the workplace is the Australian government. They have created a pathway for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to start their Australian Public Service career (APS). The government presents opportunities across the Australian Public Service Commission for indigenous careers. They offer many indigenous traineeships and apprenticeships that provide the necessary skills, knowledge and a pathway to a future career. Upon completing said program or apprenticeship, the trainee will receive a nationally recognised Certificate-level qualification, a permanent position, and a pay raise.  

How do Indigenous Traineeships Work? 

The indigenous traineeships, specifically the Indigenous Apprenticeships Program (IAP), plays a pivotal role in increasing Indigenous employment opportunities across the Australian Public Service. Each indigenous traineeship offers various departments and agencies to work in, such as:  

  • administration 
  • policy and program development  
  • service delivery 
  • finance  
  • human resources 
  • information technology 

Since 2015, these indigenous traineeships have employed over 1,200 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with diverse backgrounds, those leaving school, finishing school, or searching for a new career. It’s important for individuals entering the workforce to have a transferable skill set to thrive in any job type.  

Leaders of Evolution and Indigenous Traineeships 

There are a lot of benefits to taking e-learning courses through Leaders of Evolution. We enhance the leadership capacity of students while saving them time by utilising LoE resources. We have a strategic vision which is achieved through our proven student leadership framework. Not to mention, students can learn these necessary skills in a fun, tech-savvy way that is aligned with the Australian Curriculum. The best part is that you can start your journey today! It’s as easy as five simple steps: 

1.    Choose your course – select which courses work for you 

2.    Plan and prepare – our framework, along with goal setting and self-reflection, will keep you on track 

3.    Implement – courses can be individualized so that students can self-regulate their learning journey 

4.    Validate – we use termly check-in and online reports to stay on top of your studies 

5.    Reward and recognize – we believe in celebrating success!  

Leaders of Evolution wants to assist in making these indigenous traineeships as successful as possible. Let’s work together to ensure our young leaders are equipped with the leadership and life skills to carry them into the future.

Visit Leaders of Evolution for more information or contact us with questions! 

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