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Sporting events in Australia and around the world have been postponed, cancelled or adjusted to meet safety requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic. As safety should be the number one priority, there are a few organizations that have always aided students and athletes. They are worth looking into and knowing about now that sporting adjustments must be made. As an Institute of Sport, at Leaders of Evolution, we’ll take you through our e-learning courses for growth and development in student-athletes, then highlight other organizations and information we have found useful in uplifting the Australian athletic community.

Leaders of Evolution Student-Athlete Sports Development Courses

As an Institute of Sport, Leaders of Evolution has a number of e-learning courses specifically designed for young leaders in sport, in need of career development and more. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic placed many events, work and schooling online, non-traditional learning methods were emerging as proactive solutions for children’s’ needs. With online learning, a new necessity, Leaders of Evolution’s e-learning hub and sports development courses showcase the opportunity for student-athletes to build on essential skills that will benefit them on and off of the field. 

Our Sports Development Courses at Our Institute of Sport 

Leaders of Evolution is dedicated to providing students and teachers the right practice and curriculum through our sports development courses, to become the future leaders of the workforce. As an Institute of Sport, we are dedicated to advancing the necessary skillsets for student-athletes to not only be effective in leading their teammates but in also knowing themselves better. Let’s go through the Emerging Leaders in Sport course, and learn about how our sports development courses and a number of other resources at our Institute of Sport can benefit as an additional non-traditional learning tool for young leaders. 

The Emerging Leaders in Sport course is just one of many sports development courses offered at the Leaders of Evolution, Institute of Sport. The lessons in the course has topics taken from each lesson of the on-field and off-field sports development courses specifically designed so students can cultivate the necessary skills in various situations. For instructors and teachers interested in helping students get the most out of the sports development courses, there is a Leadership Guidebook a modified Lesson Plans included in the e-learning hub free tester course. 

4 C’s of Leadership: Competence, Confidence, Character and Connectedness

All of our sports development courses and lessons are guided by the 4 C’s of leadership. As an institute of sport, we believe these 4 C’s are useful during competition and training but extend beyond athletics. These 4 C’s include Competence, Confidence, Character and Connectedness. They are designed to help students understand what they are learning, why it is important and how they have progressed through each lesson with a purposeful goal in mind.

Self-awareness of these 4 C’s and how you relate to them as a student is fundamentally important in the sports development courses. Additionally, self-awareness and intuitiveness are important practices in all of our courses at Leaders of Evolution, not just the lessons for student-athletes. 

After students self-analyze themselves on the basis of the 4 C’s of leadership, the sports development courses take students through specific leadership traits and characteristics they will be working on in future lessons, goal setting models and examples of strong leadership in sport.

Overall, Leaders of Evolution’s Institute of Sport provides students and teachers with a holistic approach to leadership education and strives to continue to release more lessons and courses to improve the skillset of future leaders. See how your students can practice strengthening their leadership skills through remote learning and our sports development courses. 

Australian Sports Foundation

Institute Of Sport | Leaders of Evolution

The Australian Sports Foundation institute of sport was founded over 30 years ago with a mission to aid in raising sports funds. Various sports in Australia struggle to garner the funds needed to carry out important and life-changing sporting events and communities. Over the last few decades, the Australian Sports Foundation and its partners have raised over $400 million dollars for sporting organizations. 

Deeper into the Fundraising Institute of Sport Organization

Organizations are able to partner with the Sports Foundation to raise funds for:

  • Sporting equipment, apparel and facilities
  • Facilities and major grounds upgrades
  • Development pathways and programs
  • Training and coaching costs
  • Injury or other medical costs
  • Team or individual travel costs

Fundraising with this institute of sport is made easy. Partnering with the Sports Foundation will allow your organization to:

  • Take your fundraising digital with a page on their website, making donations and transactions easy and simple for online donors
  • Access fundraising resources, ideas and templates to kickstart the fundraising 
  • Interact and consult with Sports Partnership Managers to discuss the fundraising ideas and goals for your organization

Overall, utilizing this institute of sport to help with any fundraising can amplify your organization and any of the organization needs, especially at a time when adjustments need to be made in Australian athletics. 

Australian Government Department of Health: How to Stay Active

While social distancing is pertinent in preventing the spread of COVID-19, exercising during these unfamiliar times and changes is important for your physical, emotional and mental health. The Australian Government Department of Health says that regular exercise has benefits that include:

  • Reducing the risk of health conditions like stroke and heart disease
  • Controlling weight
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Improving sleep

The Australian Government Department of Health has also outlined how much physical activity is recommended each day. 

Physical Activity During COVID-19

Right now, many places in Australia do not allow you to go to gyms or fitness centres, swim freely in public pools, attend indoor yoga or dance classes or exercise in large groups of people. There are other ways to maintain physical activity, however, and as an Institute of Sport, we recognize the importance of maintaining active in creative ways. Outside you can go for a walk or jog, ride a bike, scooter or rollerblades and practice sport technique alone. At home, try weight training, yoga, pilates, dancing, virtual fitness classes and bodyweight training on a yoga mat. 

The Australian Government Department of Health has also provided resources for your mental health and nutrition during COVID-19. 

To learn more about our free resources, click here.

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