The Benefits of Remote Online e-Learning Courses

Leaders of Evolution has been leading non-traditional e-Learning in Australia prior to quarantine and widespread remote learning. But since COVID-19, Leaders of Evolution has continued to innovate new online e-learning courses and benefited a number of institutions and athletic programs through our e-learning Hub Partnership

With COVID-19 moving many events and daily activities like learning online, the question is raised: are there benefits to online learning? And if so, what programs bring those positives to life? First, we’ll discuss what some of the research shows in regards to online learning, then go through different programs like Janison Elearning and Leaders of Evolution’s online e-learning courses, and what programs we have to offer. 

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The Effects of Remote Education

Forbes followed three stories on how remote learning has worked for both students and educators. Although some of the remote learning schools have transitioned to is flawed, especially within institutions that are under-resourced, the benefits highlighted include better classroom management, mutual understanding of student comprehension (or lack-of), and an improved curriculum. High-achieving students are able to focus more through virtual lessons because there are fewer class disruptions. Educators make work more collaborative to maintain engagement from students having a hard time learning remotely. 

Kyair Butts, a 6th-grade teacher in the Baltimore City public schools in the United States, says it’s helpful when parents can discuss with their kids on what they are learning and flesh out basic topics. In contrast, he makes note of a burden for some educators to build an online curriculum themselves.

According to the U.S. Department of Education’s National Forum on Education Statistics, “virtual education is now part of the planning agenda of most organizations concerned with education and training.” But aside from remote learning at the traditional educational level, that is, in-person classes transformed to virtual, what other online e-learning courses are out there? We’ll highlight Janison Elearning and their learning management system, and how at Leaders of Evolution, we can provide similar educational programming through our e-learning partnership hub.

Janison Elearning

Janison Elearning offers solution-based online assessments and learning management systems for governments, educators and corporations. Janison Elearning’s learning management systems provide a cloud-based learner experience that makes training for students, educators and corporations more efficient. Customers can build their own online e-learning courses through their online course builder. Some of the top features highlighted include customisable learning pathways, personalised learning, social learning and compliance management. 

Leaders of Evolution’s Online e-Learning Course

At Leaders of Evolution, we provide personalised learning management systems to deliver real results and meet the goals of your educational institution, athletic department and corporation. Partnering with Leaders of Evolution means delivering innovative education and development programs into your organizations. Some of our partners include Snow Australia, Special Olympics Australia, Essendon Bombers and NSW Positive Rugby Foundation. 

Benefits of Online e-Learning Courses and Partnerships

Some of the benefits of partnering with Leaders of Evolution include:

  • Optimised commercial revenue streams
  • Leveraging organisational IP
  • Fully customised and branded content for your organisation
  • Future proof organisational learning and development
  • Saving time and increasing organisational efficiencies
  • Maximising athlete, coach and ambassador profiles online

How to Get Started with Leaders of Evolution

  1. Understand your organisation and its goals. Meet with Leaders of Evolution to establish the preliminary road map which will be implemented into your personalised learning management systems and coursework. 
  2. Utilising the data and your goals discussed in the consultation, Leaders of Evolution will work to create innovative learning strategies and your customised e-learning hub. 
  3. We engage your organisation through engaging video content and a robust curriculum. 
  4. Your personalised e-learning courses are typically launched within 3-6 months following our first consultation. 
  5. Leaders of Evolution utilises live data to measure your organisation’s progress. We meet in person with partners bi-annually to make shifts and check on the strategy of your courses. 

Learn more about remote learning with Leaders of Evolution and click here for access to 21+ free Tools, Templates and resources.

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