What Leaders of Evolution Has That Janison Solutions Lacks

What do you think is the most important quality in an athlete? If you said skill or talent, I have some news for you. Talent and skill will only help you land a spot on the team. It’s one’s leadership capabilities that make them a stand out player and shine both on and off the field. At Leaders of Evolution, we have mastered the steps it takes to become an effective leader and want to share all our knowledge of this topic with you!

We’ve done extensive research on competitors like Janison Solutions and have found that our unique social-emotional learning curriculum is incomparable. Like Janison Solutions, Leaders of Evolution are tech-savvy and provide schools with innovative online assessments. We’ve mastered online learning before it had even become such a big thing. We are strong believers in the power of online education and have even found that five times more material can be retained with e-learning as opposed to traditional learning.  

While Janison Solutions and Leaders of Evolution both have courses for compliance training, social learning, and life skills, we have a specific course designed for building better athletes that their courses cannot compete with. For your convenience, our courses can be accessed on any device, at any time, and anywhere. We want the very best for you, so you can expect Leaders of Evolution to stick by your side throughout the entirety of your learning journey. With animated learning videos and peer to peer learning, we have managed to make our course as fun and engaging as possible for our students. A partnership with Leaders of Evolution is the best way to maximise your student athletes’ learning outcomes and career potentials.  

What Else Can Leaders of Evolution Help With? 

Similar to Janison Solutions, we want this implementation process to be as seamless as possible for you. Our services are ongoing and our assistance is always on the table. Here are just a few things you can look forward to with a partnership with Leaders of Evolution: 

Design Expertise 

Janison Solutions | Leaders of Evolution

Leaders of Evolution not only build e-learning courses but provide the strategy setup from the start. Catering for all learning styles with interactive videos, infographics and more. Quality content is critical to engage online learners, and behind quality content sits a robust curriculum and pedagogical approach. We specialise in both, and together with your industry-specific expertise, we can truly take your audience on a purposeful learning journey. 

Leverage IP 

Leaders of Evolution understand the importance of organisations IP, that’s why we provide a digital asset that remains yours – forever. Our e-Learning Hub Partnership is for 3 years. Following this period if you choose not to continue our Partnership the platform and all IP remaining assets in their current form remain yours, we call this a Perpetual License Agreement. 

Fully Customised Programming 

Unique to our competitors like Janison Solutions, Leaders of Evolution partner with organisations to drive greater levels of workforce development by fully-customising and branding your own e-Learning Platform. We take the time to understand your organisation, the issues you’re facing and the goals you wish to achieve.Utilising this data, Leaders of Evolution will collaborate with your team to identify the initial courses and other technology-enhanced learning elements which will be developed as part of the platform build. Simultaneously, our highly experienced development and IT team will build your fully-customised e-Learning Hub. This is typically a 4-6 week project. 

Optimised Revenue Streams 

Leaders of Evolution will enhance the performance of your people all the while developing efficient workplace practises, saving time and diversifying revenue streams by e-commerce functionality & leveraging sponsorship opportunities. Live data & analytics help us measure success and prepare for future e-learning courses. Completion rates, time on platform and participant feedback are among some of the important areas to review. We meet in person with partners bi-annually, with these strategy sessions continuing to provide a strong foundation for future courses. Additionally, you can expect a $30 increase in productivity for every investment in our e-learning program.  

Building Leaders with Leaders of Evolution 

Committed to helping your school community achieve its highest evolution, our team is always challenging current thinking. Leaders of Evolution, apart from Janison Solutions, offers the best athlete development program in the business. We are so confident in our courses’ ability to help your student-athletes grow that we even offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

You can get started today by engaging with our 21+ free Tools, Templates and resources by clicking here. We look forward to working with you in the future, and building the leaders of tomorrow, today! 

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