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E-Learning Organisations like Janison Solutions and Leaders of Evolution Teach from Home

I feel like a broken record repeating that in the era of COVID-19, times have changed. Not only does everything feel different, but lots of aspects of life are vastly different from the way they once were. One of those aspects that are exceedingly different is school. I would be mistaken if I didn’t acknowledge that every country has handled the coronavirus pandemic differently.

Australia is miles ahead of the United States in terms of reopening and transmission rates. Students in the U.S. are still debating whether or not it’s safe to go to school. The back and forth of the pros and cons have led many students to explore different routes of education. Hybrid learning has been on the rise for years but has especially taken off in the COVID-19 era. From a students perspective, it has been very convenient to turn in assignments, take exams, attend meetings, and be involved from home. 

Janison Solutions | Leaders of Evolution

The Benefits of Online Learning

Online learning has always been a great option for students who want to stay home or receive supplemental education. Let’s highlight some of the many benefits of online learning:

  • Added flexibility
  • Self-paced learning 
  • Better time management 
  • Demonstrated self-motivation
  • Improved virtual communication and collaboration 
  • A broader global perspective 
  • Refined critical thinking skills
  • New technical skills
  • Lots of courses to choose from
  • Customisable learning environment 
  • Better opportunities to concentrate 

There are several organisations that strive to educate students through those types of programs. Two of those organisations in Australia are Leaders of Evolution and Janison Solutions. They share a common goal of educating the youth of tomorrow, today through e-learning programs and courses. 

Janison Solutions

Janison solutions offer online assessments, learning opportunities, and content through their portal. While they were founded in Australia, Janison has partners in over 100 countries. Janison solutions are to help government agencies, educators, and other corporations with innovative programs. They actively partner with more than 70% of Australian schools and work to stay one step ahead of the digital curve.

Leaders of Evolution echoes the same sentiments in navigating through the digital age. Janison solutions use valued partnerships with companies in technology such as Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Leaders of Evolution also has partnerships with organisations in sport like S.E. Melbourne Phoenix and Gold Coast Suns. At LoE, we are an Amazon Web Services powered organisation. Both LoE and Janison solutions involve industry-changing software to re-shape learning across the globe. 

Start Your Journey With Leaders of Evolution Today!

Starting your e-learning education journey with Leaders of Evolution is as easy as 1,2,3! Well, I suppose it’s as easy as five simple steps! Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Consult and Collaborate 

The first step to success is understanding your organisation, the issues you’re facing and the goals you wish to achieve. This session(s) will establish the preliminary road map, which will be implemented to inspire positive change and development within your organisation.

Step 2: Customise and Engage 

Utilising the data generated in Step 1, Leaders of Evolution will collaborate with your team to identify the initial courses and other technology-enhanced learning elements developed as part of the platform build. Simultaneously, our highly experienced development and IT team will build your fully-customised e-Learning Hub. This is typically a 4-6 week project.

Step 3: Design and Develop

Quality content is critical to engage online learners, and behind quality content sits a robust curriculum and pedagogical approach. We specialise in both, and together with your industry-specific expertise, we can truly take your audience on a purposeful learning journey.

Step 4: Deliver and Educate

We typically launch your first course within 3-6 months following our first consultation (Step 1). The deployment of your first e-learning courses is an exciting achievement in maximising our 3-year e-Learning Hub Partnership. Organisations typically launch between 2 – 4 courses every year

Step 5: Review and Scale 

Live data & analytics help us measure success and prepare for future e-learning courses. Completion rates, time on platform and participant feedback are among some of the important areas to review. We meet in person with partners bi-annually, with these strategy sessions continuing to provide a strong foundation for future courses

Visit the Leaders of Evolution website today for more information. Please contact us if you have any questions and read about how our e-learning courses can help you!

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